Volunteerism and the Nation of Peace

Main reference: Is 52:7 (Lk 2:14, Lk 19:38-44, Rv 19:6)

As the largest volunteer organization in the world, we have always done the work of volunteerism. Our headquarters in South Korea and our many international branches are actively volunteering around the world. DVDs, video clips, booklets, and pictures of the work accomplished by each branch are sent to headquarters each month. This is volunteerism in its most eternal and unchanging form.

From whom did we learn this work of volunteerism? We learned it through the Bible, from Jesus, who was from Nazareth (commoner’s village), and his disciples. They volunteered 2,000 years ago by sacrificing their lives for the sake of all mankind. They did not work for power, money, honor, or their personal ambition. They were the light of the world. They passed away, offering all they had in order to shine the light to a world of darkness.

As light met another light and we all joined hands, a sprout emerged. This sprout became a large tree laden with fruit. The world now flourishes and produces this fruit of light every month and every year in abundance. This is the volunteer work of the eternal inheritance of light.

The true light that resulted from this work of volunteerism appeared as an inheritance of world peace, a fragrant flower that blossomed within the hearts of people. This fragrance travels through the winds and clouds until it reaches every nook and cranny — from the creeks that overflow with water and the chirping of birds, all the way to the depths of every ridge. This flower will blossom in the heart of the founder of this volunteer work and peace as well as the hearts of all people who inherit it.

We, the messengers of peace, have traveled the world 12 times with the inheritance of peace — volunteerism. I am writing this from Berlin, Europe.

Like Jesus, who was born from the seed of God the Most High, we have become messengers of peace. We walk on the path of volunteerism, the path of light, with peace overflowing in our hearts. This is the path where light meets another light. We walk this path together with our founder (Creator) — the founder of this volunteer work and peace (refer to Is 52:7, Lk 2:14; 19:38-44). This is volunteerism.

Every drop of Jesus’ blood that was shed on the hill of Golgotha is blossoming as a flower of peace. That was his work of volunteerism. We, like Jesus, have received the good seed of heaven and are sowing this seed in every corner of the earth make the flower of peace bloom. We will live eternally and peacefully in this place where the flower of peace has blossomed, serving our God the Father who will reign for eternity (Rv 19:6). This is paradise, a heaven created through the seed of peace.

Living in the new heaven are the people of heaven (천민, 天民), the 12 tribes who were harvested and sealed, and the great white multitude surrounding them like angels. This is the peace that flourishes like the clouds. You and I, hand in hand, in the world of peace filled with laughter is the flower born by Jesus (the messenger of peace). He gave up his life, longing for this kind of nation, and his fruit has blossomed as the flower of peace today.

To us, who have been working together longing for a certain day and time, He presented this flower of peace as the answer to our hope. We will live together with joy eternally in Shincheonji, the nation of eternal peace.