The Reason Religions of Tradition Unite with World’s Politics

Main reference: The four Gospels, Isa 1, Mt 24

God fulfilled His promises in each era, but the churches of tradition followed their traditions and did not believe in God’s promises, the prophecies. Why? They believed only in their traditions and had no idea that they betrayed the covenant of God. This was the same sin that Adam and Israel committed.

This serves as evidence that God ends a chosen nation and establishes a new one when the nation betrays Him to worship other gods. However, He did not punish the chosen nation immediately when they broke the covenant. He told in advance the punishment they will receive and prophesied about a new work of establishing a new nation. He made theses promises known to the world before He fulfilled them. Those who believe in the promises of the Bible (Jn 19:30) will believe these very words. Believing in traditions only and betraying the covenant is corruption and depravity characteristic of the traditional denominations today.

The Jews hated Jesus because he and his disciples did not belong to the world (Jn 15:18-24). Apostle Paul said that the sinful mind is hostile to God (Rm 8:5-7). Why did Jesus and Paul say this? In Genesis 6, there are a kingdom and people that belong to God and a kingdom and people that belong to the world. Why does God describe the kingdom of the world as hostile? Although God created the world, it became Satan’s possession when it fell away from heaven. They returned to flesh and became enemies of God. This is why the world hates the people of God. At the First Coming, Jesus and his disciples did not belong to the world but to God. They were the people of God and not of the world.

This is the difference between the world of God and the world of the devil. Why do people who fall from heaven unite with worldly politicians?

They unite because they share the same spirit, the same will, the same words, and the same flesh. The world’s politicians accept and acknowledge them. In fact, some false pastors who fell from heaven and united with Satan’s spirit hold more power than the politicians (refer to Gn 6) and influence the world of politics. As elders or congregation members of a church, politicians hold their pastors in high esteem and listen to them. Because the church has a long history and attracts many members, politicians have been taking advantage of the church by gathering more votes during elections. This is how religion and the worldly politicians have become one.

Worldly politics should handle the affairs of the world, and religion should handle the affairs of heaven. Religious education and governance should be separate. If religious people want to become politicians, they must leave their religious positions. If they do not, their governance will become subjective and biased. That nation will become divided and eventually fall due to conflicting religious ideologies. If religions divide, conflicts and religious wars will arise, and the country will be torn. Thus, religion must stay within the boundaries of religion, and worldly politics must stay within the boundaries of worldly politics.

There are laws in heaven and laws in the world. The heaven’s law governs the world of religion, and the world’s law governs the secular world. But as long as we are on this earth, we and the affairs of religion must abide by the laws of the world. In the same way, the affairs of the world must agree to abide by the laws of heaven. The agreement of both sides is the road to maintaining peace. However, the rulers of heaven and of the world are different and stand as enemies.

God’s will is to reclaim the world He lost to Satan and restore it to its original state, into the image and likeness of God (Rv 21:1-7). This will fulfill at the time of Revelation’s fulfillment.

We are not in our original form, but in a tainted form. When we are born again and changed into a new creation, we can receive salvation, become the people of heaven, and live eternally with God in heaven. This applies to those who perceive, believe, and obey these words.

In every era, God promised what will happen in the future, and He always fulfilled it. God is able to fulfill His will because He is omniscient and omnipotent. Believing in this is faith. God, with His ability to create the heavens and the earth, is an absolute being. This is not a lie. The era when God fulfills His promise is the era of Revelation.

After receiving the commands of heaven, I came to this world to testify to what I have seen and heard. God’s heavenly family is reborn through God’s seed and spirit. Heaven is not a place anyone can go to.

The Book of Revelation was prophesied to fulfill in a certain order, and it has fulfilled in that order today. Those who are born with God’s seed will believe. They are able to believe because they have been born with God’s seed and spirit.

Let us examine religion through the scriptures and the history of the world.

As recorded, there are religions of a false god, state religions, cultural religions, heretical religions, and the religion of the true God in heaven. A religion established arbitrarily by a false god and false prophet is called a pseudo religion or a false religion.

Religion is not defined by the size of the congregation. It must come from heaven through a revelation. Why must a true religion begin through a revelation? God left the earth and remained apart from it because a spirit and the first man whom He created betrayed. Since then, He has been giving His Word from heaven, and this word is the revelation from heaven. Therefore, the true religion is where the words of revelation are spoken.

Just as God chose Moses and revealed to Moses the events that happened before his time, I too wish to explain the things that God has revealed to me.

The true God created the heavens and the earth. Together with the spirits in heaven, whom he called “us,” He created man in His image and likeness. These spirits referred to as “us” are the angels of the Old Testament and the New Testament, and they are the four cherubs (archangel) or the four living creatures (Rv 4). One of the four was the wisest and soundly sealed, but he became greedy and desired to become like God. He betrayed the true God (Ez 28) and deceived Adam and Eve, whom God created, with lies. All of creation that Adam and Eve had received as an inheritance from God became Satan’s possession.

Just as God told Moses to record only the summary of the events of the creation of heaven and earth (Gn 2), I do not have enough time to explain everything that God revealed to me so clearly (Jn 16:25).

In the history of the true religion, the religion of God, Adam was created from dust as the first man on earth. He was deceived by the serpent, the cherub (archangel), and like the cherub, he betrayed God. Adam’s world became tainted and became the world governed by the cherub. His spirit died when he ate the fruit of the serpent, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, so he returned to dust. The descendants of Adam became sinners like him, houses for the spirit of the serpent. God has worked for the past 6,000 years to restore mankind. This is the history of the true religion that has unfolded from the very beginning; it has a definite genealogy that dates back to this time. Other religions have extended the length of their history to exaggerate the greatness of their religion, but they do not have any genealogy or history to prove it. Therefore, they are false.

Before putting an end to the world of Adam that sinned, God appointed Noah, Adam’s 9th descendent. Before ending Canaan the world of Noah, He chose Abraham, Noah’s 10th descendent, and prophesied about future events. Jacob’s descendants (Israel) entered Egypt, and after four generations, God fulfilled the promise He had made with Abraham. When King Solomon of Israel, Abraham’s descendant, betrayed again and worshipped other gods, God worked through many prophets to make known what He will fulfill in the future and the promise to send a pastor—the promised pastor. He fulfilled this promise 600-700 years later, and the one who came according to this promise was Jesus. Fourteen generations passed from the time of Abraham to David, fourteen generations from the time of David to the exile in Babylon, and fourteen generations from the time of exile in Babylon to Christ. This is the number of generations calculated until Joseph.

God worked through Jesus and fulfilled the Old Testament (Jn 19:30), so that the people would believe in the prophecies. However, fulfilling the Old Testament through Jesus was not the entirety of God’s will. Just as the Law of Moses was not the conclusion, what He gave to Jesus and fulfilled through Jesus was not the conclusion of God’s will. He fulfilled a new work, which was the planting of the seed of the secrets of heaven and the establishment of the new covenant. This was promised 2,600 years ago through Jeremiah (Jer 31:27, Mt 13:24, Lk 22:20).

God worked through Moses, the Old Testament prophets, and Jesus. The conclusion of God’s work is the Book of Revelation in the New Testament, which was promised through Jesus. In the Book of Revelation, the war between the true God and the dragon, the serpent, ends and it concludes with God’s victory.

The secret of heaven, God’s seed, allows people to be reborn as a new creation, created in God’s image and likeness as man was in the beginning. This is complete restoration.

Anyone born with the serpent’s seed cannot be born in God’s image and likeness or become God’s son, regardless of his kind deeds. Inside him is the image of the serpent, and the spirit of Satan reigns over his heart. Since Adam, God chose people born of Adam’s seed, but they all betrayed like Adam and the cherub because of that seed.

God’s seed, the secret of heaven which God planted through Jesus, struggled to grow for 2,000 years amidst the storms of the world. Enduring wounds, it grew, flowers blossomed, and fruits were born. Today, the firstfruits are harvested and sealed in God’s and Jesus’ name, and the kingdom of God is established through this process (Jer 31:27, Mt 13:24-30).

People learn about religion and claim to know it, but the truth is that man will never be higher than the spirit. Therefore, we must listen to the words of the true God and believe. The true God is the one who desires to save us from the spirit of deception.

Two thousand years ago, the demons said to Jesus, “Our time has not yet come, do not order us to go into the Abyss but let us go into the herd of pigs,” (Lk 8:26-33), and Jesus did so. Even the demons, the evil spirits, knew that they would be thrown into the Abyss at the time of Revelation (Rv 20). However, no man knew this, because their minds were clouded and their spiritual eyes were darkened. But today is the era when everything is revealed to us clearly as written in John 16:25.

There are two roads that we can walk on. One is the road to hell that the devil treads on, and the other road, although narrow and difficult, is the road to eternal life and heaven. This road is the words of revelation that is promised in the Bible.

At the First Coming, the devil knew that God would appear in the land of Israel, so he gathered all his demons there. Today, 2,000 years later, the devil knows that God has appeared in Korea, so he is gathering all his demons here again. Look at Revelation 16. We must know it. At this time, God will free us from sin through the blood His son Jesus shed 2,000 years ago. God will create the 12 tribes with the people whose sins have been forgiven. They are God’s kingdom and priests, the kingdom of God and the family of heaven.

Like the meaning of “Shalom” (peace: life and love), God has returned to this earth after 6,000 years by establishing a world of peace. This is the reunion of heaven and earth, the reunion of the Father and son. A grand celebration of peace will be held on earth.

Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on a colt as promised in Isaiah 52:7 and Zechariah 9:9-10, and as written in Luke 19: 36-42, he proclaimed peace and God’s reign. In the same way, I too have come to proclaim peace (Shalom) to the entire world and that the true God will reign.

This is the era when heaven and earth unite, when the Father reunites with the son. The world will belong to those born with God’s seed, and people will neither grow old nor die—an eternal youth. It is a good era when the things of the old era pass away and when we welcome the new era (송구영신호시절 불로불사인영춘 (送舊迎新好時節 不老不死人永春) [1]. It is an era when the true God the Creator reigns (Rv 19:6).

I testify this to the entire world. It is currently 2:45 AM. It will be a new day soon.

Alpha and Omega. Amen. Hallelujah!

[1] It is a good era when the things of the old era pass away and when we welcome the new era–the era in which people no longer grow old or die, but will remain young in their youth.