The Covenant Between the True God, the Creator, and a True Pastor

Main reference : Mal 2

What is the covenant between the true God, the Creator, and the true pastor in the Bible?

There is God, the creator of the heavens and the earth, and there is a false god (Ez 28). There is also a true pastor who made a covenant with the true God, but there are also pastors who betray, like Adam and Eve, who are the pastors of Satan, a false god.

In Malachi 1 ~ 4, God uses the prophet Malachi to write a message of warning to the Israelites. However, these words are also applicable to all pastors and congregation members around the world who believe in God, and we must accept these words and correct our actions accordingly.

If the physical Israelites and the Jews were aware of their sins and their ignorance of the Bible during the First Coming, they would have repented. And if they realized how far they had deviated from God’s word, acknowledged that they failed to keep the covenant, and recognized Jesus as the promised pastor, they would have repented and believed. They would have communicated and reasoned using the Bible.

In the same way, if the spiritual Israelites of the traditional churches today, at the time of the Second Coming, recognize their ignorance, oblivion, and sin and perceive the promises of the New Testament, they would first repent of their sins. But they are wicked and arrogant, claiming that they are the best and believing that they will go to heaven. They denounce anyone who is not part of their denomination as a cult, treating them like sinners who are worse than animals. This is not love, forgiveness, blessing, or the command of God. They believe that truth and orthodoxy lie in insults, curses, persecution, contempt, and scorn (refer to Jn 16:1-3). This is not God’s teaching or truth but the teaching of Satan’s pastors (Rv 2) and actions of rebellion, the actions of betrayers.

The following is the covenant between a priest and God. A priest (pastor) must walk with God, and truth must be on his lips so that the people may seek him to receive truth. A priest is God’s messenger who guides many to the correct destination. However, if the priests abandon the correct path, lead others off this path, feed them lies, and govern in a biased manner, they are breaking the covenant they had made with God.

Anyone born as a descendant of Adam is inevitably a sinner. He can only become a person without sin by being born again as one who truly forgives, loves, and blesses others.

We must ask ourselves, “Am I a pastor who belongs to the true God? Am I a congregation member who belongs to the true God? Or do I belong to a false god or a false pastor?” We must confirm‎ all these through the Bible.

If a person does not care whether he goes to heaven or hell and is satisfied as long as he has money, social recognition, and authority, will he survive the day of judgment?

God already explained in the Bible the kind of person who will enter heaven and the kind of person who will enter hell. He also recorded the types of religions and signs that will appear in the end times for the churches. He described the process of Jesus’s second coming, the form Jesus will return in, and whom he will come upon. God even detailed the qualifications of those who will meet the Lord as well as the kind of people who betray the Lord and are unable to meet him.

I advise you to think about the time of Noah and remember the words of the apostles (1 Jn 4). If someone is unable to understand because he is blind and deaf, how can we help that person understand? What will the conclusion be for those who do evil by not believing in God and His words but insist on believing that their denomination and pastors are true?

The qualifications of those who enter heaven are as follows. Compare and reflect on yourself.

1. Must be born again with God’s seed and spirit.
2. Must be harvested.
3. Must be sealed.
4. Must belong to the promised 12 Tribes.
5. Must keep the words in the book of Revelation without adding or taking anything away.
6. Must be recorded in the Book of Life.

This is someone who has prepared their lamp and oil. Are you prepared?

Not everyone who cries out, “Lord, Lord” will enter the kingdom of heaven. Only those who keep the words of promise (new covenant) will be able to enter (Mt 7:21).

Is the pastor I am following a pastor chosen by God? Is he a pastor of Satan or a pastor who betrayed? Who am I according to the Bible?

At the end of the churches, there is no other savior than the promised pastor who is written in the Bible. It was the same at the First Coming.

A true believer is one who believes in the true God and Jesus and their words without adding or taking anything away. This is the answer to salvation.