Revelation, the Last War between God and Satan

Main reference: Rv 1 ~ 22

Revelation chapter 1, from verses 1 to 8, is a summary and conclusion of the whole book of Revelation; and the events of Revelation, which John saw and heard, begins from Revelation chapter 1 verse 9. The events of Rv 1, 2, 3 had, however, already been prior to John seeing.

It says that the appearance of the seven stars (messengers) in revelation 1 and 2 is a mystery (Rv 1:20), so we need not necessarily inquire about every detail of it. But it is true that Jesus appointed and worked through them, as we can see that these seven stars are in Jesus’ hand. Jesus chose John, made known to him the mystery of seven stars and tabernacle of the seven golden lampstands, commanded him to send letters that urges repentance to the seven stars; and as directed John sent letters.

Let us take a look at the contents of the letters and characters who appear. What he saw first was Jesus, next he saw the seven stars, then Satan’s Nicolatians, and finally, the congregation members of the church (tabernacle of the seven golden lampstands).

The content of the letters is to repent, to fight and overcome Satan, the Nicolaitans, and if you fight and overcome, you will receive the blessings that are promised in chapter 2 and 3. If you look into the situation of Revelation 2 and 3, there is an event in which Satan’s Nicolaitans invaded the tabernacle of the seven stars that Jesus established, and causes them commit sexual immortality by eating food sacrificed to idols and receiving Satan’s teachings. Seeing that the seven stars were accepting this, Jesus commanded John to send letters which made known the truth to them.

The problem is seven stars should fight and overcome Satan’s Nicolaitians. Who are the Nicolaitans and with what should they fight, and how are they to overcome? It has been about 2000 years since what was seen and heard has been recorded. (The date that I am writing this now, is 2015. Oct. 12th)

According to Jesus’ command, John, who sent the letters to the seven messengers and the seven churches, was called from heaven, ascended to heaven (spiritual world), and saw the following events (Rv 4 ~ 5).

John saw the image of God’s Throne in heaven and the book sealed with seven seals in the right hand of God. No one was able to open the book or look inside it. However, Jesus has overcome and is able to open its seven seals, so he took the book from God’s hand. With his blood we are purchased to be a kingdom and priests.

The seven seals of this book are opened, beginning in Revelation 6. Whenever one of the seals of this book is opened, one of the four living creatures appears. The horses and its riders take away peace from the chosen people in the tabernacle who betrayed. They kill one fourth of the congregation using a bow, sword, a pair of scales, and the wild beasts of the earth (First to Fourth Seal). The souls of those who had been martyred are also seen pleading for the vengeance of their blood (Fifth Seal). When he opened the sixth seal, the sun, moon, and stars are darkened and fall, and the heaven and the earth pass away. This is judgment from Jesus upon the sun, moon, and stars while opening seals. It is due to the events of Revelation 2 and 3.

After this, the judgement from the four living creatures is put to a stop; and in Revelation 7 the sealing of 144,000, the twelve tribes, through the seal of God begins. After the sealing, a great multitude comes out from every nation, tribe, language, and people. They wash their robes and make them white (received atonement of sin) in the blood of the Lamb.

The last, the seventh seal is opened in Revelation 8. The seven angels were given seven trumpets and sounded their trumpets. At the sound of each trumpet, those who are expelled in Revelation 6 are killed a third at a time.

In Revelation chapter 9, the enemies who were like locusts came out of the abyss and as a result the people suffered. They wanted to die, but death simply eluded them. This is the cost of their sin. As the four angels, who were bound in the river Euphrates, were released, its mounted troops were twice ten thousand times ten thousand, and they kill a third of man-kind. These horses had their head on their tails, and out of their mouths came fire, smoke, and sulfur, which was used to kill man-kind. However, the saints of the tabernacle did not repent for their sins even after receiving such a punishment. These are the events shown in Revelation.

The last of the seals, from the sealed book that Jesus held, was removed in Revelation chapter 8. Therefore, the book was now opened. Jesus ordered the angel to pass the book on to John. John received and ate this opened book. He then sets out to prophesy about these things to many peoples, nations, languages, and kings. In Revelation chapter 9, the sixth trumpet is blown, therefore, there is one last trumpet remaining. Jesus lets John know that the sound from the seventh trumpet is a mystery (Rv 10:7).

In Revelation chapter 11, the two witnesses are killed by the beasts that came out of the abyss. But in three and a half days, they come back to life after receiving the breath of life from God. And it is from this point in time that the seventh trumpet is blown. From this moment, the kingdom of the world becomes the kingdom of God. A true moment of victory. Salvation started from the moment the seventh trumpet was blown. This is the true entity of the secret of the sound of the seventh trumpet (Trumpet of salvation).

In Revelation chapter 13, the entity of the dragon comes out of the sea to fight the saints of the tabernacle of heaven. This entity defeats the saints and marks their hands and foreheads with the mark of the beast. After this, the saints worship the beasts; this action is the act of betrayal.

However, in Revelation chapter 12, the dragon’s beast, with 7 heads and 10 horns that invaded the tabernacle of heaven, was defeated by the ‘child’ and his brothers. The dragon was exiled; and from this moment on, salvation and the kingdom of God arrived.

Those who are victorious will receive the promised blessings in Revelation 2 and 3. They will receive the authority of judgment (as a bowl filled with the wrath of God) in Revelation 15 and judge the betrayers and destroyers in Revelation 16. At the time of this judgment, the dragon, the beast, and the false prophets go to the kings of the whole world and gather a military-like force to fight against the army of God. But instead, Babylon becomes split into three parts as a result of the seventh bowl.

In Revelation 17, the reality of Satan’s prostitute and the beast is revealed. The prostitute is a bride of the devil, and the dragon’s beast, with the seven heads and ten horns, are the children (pastors) of the prostitute born through receiving the seed from the devil. The wine of adultery they feed people is the teaching of the devil; it is the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, which is the same fruit he fed to Adam and Eve. The beast with ten horns is the eighth king; it is a different person other than the seven heads. At one time he belonged to the seven heads, and their relationship was like that of one between the iron and clay in Daniel 7 and 2. The eight beast, along with the ten horns, judged the prostitute, and as a result took over and possessed the kingdom of the prostitute, which is Babylon.

Babylon is a nation which conquered Jerusalem (the kingdom of God) during the time of the Old Testament; it is a nation of demons. As you can see in Revelation 18, Babylon causes all nations to fall through the wine of adultery, and makes all the people of the fallen nations marry the spirit of the dragon. The goods and cargoes they trade are the teaching of commentaries they have enjoyed in luxury. These are their doctrines. They use them as weapons of authority to condemn as a heresy any who do not belong to them. This work has continued for 6,000 years, and now is ultimately put to an end.

After God judged Babylon, the nation of demons in Revelation 18, He prepared a wedding banquet for the Lamb in the chapter 19, with His own oxen and fattened beast (refer to Mt 22:4), which are captured in Revelation 16, 17, and 18.

The wedding ceremony of the young Lamb is given to us. During this time, the martyred spirits come as guests, as well as the ones who have been evangelized, to feast on the captured beasts. In the end God achieves victory through all of the events of the Revelation.

In Revelation chapter 20, the dragon is captured and locked into the abyss and the 1000-year period begins. In Revelation chapter 21, the final destination of faith is at hand, which has been shaped through the 6,000-year period of time after the world of Adam has passed, and 2,000 years after the First coming of Jesus. As we face the final destination, we see that Spiritual Israel is facing its end, and we see that the ‘true orthodoxy’ is not the traditional Spiritual Israel, but a world with a new generation, consisting of a new pastor and new saints. There was the creation of the heavens and the earth (Gn 1), and now there is a ‘recreation’ of the heavens and the earth, and it’s done on earth as it was done in heaven. To put this more clearly, the world which had become corrupted with sin for 6,000 years has been put to an end. After this, an entirely new world is “re-created”. The generation of the first heaven and the first earth comes to an end, and then the generation of the new heaven and new earth is created.

Subsequently, many people will receive this eternal gospel and will try to enter the sacred city, as the tree of life is found here. This has been said in Revelation chapter 22. The dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters, and everyone who practices false-hood are kept outside of the city. But those who truly desire it will receive the water of life without cost. Amen!

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