The Promised Pastor and Faith

Main reference: Rv 22:16 (Rv 1, 2, 3)

What kind of entity is a promised pastor and what is faith?

God has work that he desires to fulfill and when this work is fulfilled, there is a pastor prophesied in advance who sees and testifies about the fulfillment. This is the promised pastor.

God made known to Adam and Eve if they ate the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil they would die; and if they ate the fruit from the tree of life they would live forever (Gn 2:17, 3:22). Although Adam and Eve knew this, they did not keep the word they received. Instead, they believed in the words of the serpent and ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They betrayed God and believed in the serpent, and as a result, Adam and Eve entered into the serpent and the serpent entered into Adam and Eve. Also, the sons of God and the daughters of men became one and became the same flesh (Gn 6). When God saw the world was full of evil, He appointed Noah and destroyed everything He had created through the flood. Although Noah built the ark and made known to the rebellious world of Adam about the destruction, the rebellious people did not listen.

However, sin entered the world of Noah, which had escaped destruction, through Noah’s second son and as a result, they were cursed. This was why God went to Abraham, Noah’s tenth generation descendant and made known to him that his descendants will enter into a gentile land and after four generations, they will come out and destroy Noah’s world, Canaan. According to the promise, Jacob’s family went to Egypt and after four generations the Israelites came out through Moses. They entered Canaan through Joshua, conquered Canaan and lived there.

The people of the rebellious world of Adam did not believe in Noah’s testimony during the time of Noah. Even at the time of Moses, Noah’s descendants did not believe in Moses’ testimony. Those who did not believe were all destroyed and those who believed survived (Heb 3).

After this, during the time of Solomon, who was Israel’s king, the Israelites again worshipped gentile gods. Eleven tribes of Israel became the possession of the gentiles (1 Kgs 11), and although there was one tribe Judah and Jerusalem remaining (Isa 1), even this one tribe betrayed God and became gentile.

In every generation, God gave a pastor and the word, but the rebellious people did not listen or believe. God also promised things about the future through many Old Testament prophets and He also made known in advance about a pastor who would see the fulfillment and testify. The reason why He did this was so that people would believe in God’s promised work and the promised pastor. When He fulfills a promise, He fulfills what was prophesied (Jn 19:30), and He testifies about what was fulfilled through the promised pastor.

God sent the promised pastor to rebellious Israel (Ez 3, Mt 15:24). However, the pastors of Israel did not believe in God, God’s word, the promised pastor, nor the prophecy and fulfillment. Instead, they referred to Jesus as a cult and the devil. From the time of Adam, every time a generation became corrupt because of sin, God brought that generation to an end and began a new generation. This was because that generation did not repent and did not welcome God and the promised pastor.

Jesus came according to the promises of the Bible, and he fulfilled what was promised in the Bible. Why couldn’t the people believe? God and heaven came to Jesus according to the promise. Jesus also had the food that led to eternal life (Rv 2). Then why couldn’t the people believe? The pastors of Jerusalem said Jesus was a cult and the devil and Jesus referred to them as the serpent (Mt 23).

Who is the cult and who is the devil? We, the believers of today, have seen for the past 6,000 years God’s work and Satan’s acts, which are sham. However, the reason why people were not able to distinguish between the two was because of people’s ignorance regarding the Bible. That is, people did not know God’s will and the prophecy inside the Bible. Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament and promised in the New Testament (Mt 13:30; Rv 14:14-16) that he would come in the future to harvest the fruit of the seed, which he had sown according to promise (Jer 31:27; Mt 13:24).

Just as those, who did not know about what was promised in the Old Testament and about the promised pastor, who was Jesus, persecuted and were not able to receive salvation, those who do not know about what is promised in the New Testament and the promised pastor (Jn 14:16-17, 26; Mt 24:45-47; Rv 2, 3, 12:7-11, 15:2-4; Rv 7, 14:1-5, 22:16), also persecute and will not be able to receive salvation. This is because they were not able to be born of God’s seed and spirit. Anyone who does not have the spirit of Christ is not a Christian and the person whom God’s spirit is not with is someone who was not able to be born of God’s seed. Therefore, he is not able to receive salvation or believe (Rom 8:9-11).

What do we believe today? What are we waiting for? It is the New Testament. What has the New Testament promised? If we know the New Testament, we will know the promise recorded in the New Testament. The world of religion today has become corrupt just like the world of Adam, the world of Noah, and the world of physical Israel. This is why they are not able to know God’s promise in the New Testament. This is like the situation where the book is sealed in Isaiah 29 and like the situation of Rv 5, where the book is sealed and no one is able to know what the book says. If the world of faith is in this kind of state, will it be able to believe when what is promised inside the sealed book is fulfilled? Would it be able to understand and recognize it?

At a time like this, there is a promised pastor who is sent to the churches in Rv 22:16. He is a messenger who sees how all the prophecies of Revelation have been fulfilled and testifies to the churches. He is the child who was victorious in Rv 12. He is the promised one who overcomes of Rv 1, 2, and 3. He is the one whom God, heaven, and Jesus are with. But will people believe in this messenger Jesus sent to the churches? Take a look at the churches this messenger went to. They all label him as a cult and the devil. Aren’t they gathering all sorts of curses and lies, persecuting and declaring war? Aren’t they like the thorny field and a den of crawling snakes?

The promised pastor holds a stone in one hand and the bread of eternal life in the other hand (Rv 2:17). The man chosen by heaven[i] possesses three things[ii]—fire, rain, and dew, which are God’s word and is making an effort to fulfill the phrase “the path of joy for the first time, death comes to an end and eternal life begins, new heaven new earth.”[iii] The person who knows that the promised one who overcomes, that is Jesus’ messenger, will be coming to the churches, will think deeply about this and will verify whether the person has come according to the Bible. The person who knows that the one who overcomes will bring the iron scepter, with which he will rule over the nations, dash the foolish vessels to pieces, and rule, will know (Rv 2:26-27). The person who believes in the promised pastor through the promised word and receives him will be blessed; but the person who rejects him will be destroyed as a result of the stone falling on him (refer to Mt 21:44). Do you think persecution is allowed at a time when the dragon is being captured? The one who understands and believes is blessed, but the one who is ignorant and does not believe will be cursed.

No one dares to attack because they cannot win. The army of angels of heaven is with us. This is God’s final work. Because it will be fulfilled here on earth, tradition will all come to an end and only the twelve tribes created in Revelation will exist eternally.