Now is a Good Era, the Era Our God Reigns

Main reference: Rv 19

What kind of era is today, the era when our God reigns (Rv 19:6)? This era is the favorable season of ringing out the old year and ringing in the new. It is the era that all creation has been longing for, where people no longer grow old or die but remain young. It is the era of eternal life that God and Jesus mentioned in John chapter 8. People blinded by the reality of their circumstances cannot believe, but God spoke the truth.

When a person transforms through the Word (yeast) and is reborn into a new creation by God’s seed (Mt 13:33, Lk 8:11) he becomes connected to God and lives eternally, like a flame that never dies out. Isn’t this the basics of creation? The Bible shows this. Do you believe? Or will you disagree, be complacent, and persecute?

As recorded in the Scriptures, the bodies of Enoch, Elijah, Moses, and Jesus do not exist on earth. Why? It is because Father God took them. Is there a proof? Yes. What is that proof? In Matthew chapter 17 of the New Testament, God, Jesus, Elijah and Moses appear in the clouds on the Mount of Transfiguration. Weren’t they alive? Why did they outlive others? They were reborn, and according to John chapter 17:17-19, they became holy like God.

Why won’t you believe? Why do you go to church and carry a Bible if you do not believe in God and the promises of the Bible? Who do you believe? Is it your pastor? Commentaries? Are you learning and believing in the things of heaven or the things of the earth? You may have a lot of knowledge of the things of the earth, but don’t you lack in the knowledge in the things of heaven? Isn’t heaven the root of our faith? We are also a part of the heavens and the earth. The things we receive and learn are from heaven. We have life because of the elements in heaven, like the light, rain, and air. And we are the living creations that have lived to this day because we have been receiving grace from the heavens. This love is far greater than the skies. In the same way, we must love others and cherish each other’s lives.

This is the will of our Father God who created us, and it is our hope. The United Nations (UN) sent me to Syria. If God sends me to Syria I will go, just like the time I went to Mindanao with my Father. There is a reason I went, and it was for the life of mankind. This is our Father’s will and what He has been working for. Destruction of mankind can really happen as a result of the civil war (religious conflict) in Syria. The two opposing organizations of Syria must meet me so that all of Syria can live and so that mankind can live.

I was sent to the world to do the work of my God. The true God placed two paths before the world: one is destruction and the other is eternal life. Which path will you choose? If mankind continues to disobey the will of heaven, war will not cease, mankind will be destroyed, peace and life will disappear forever, the earth will become a mere star in the sky, the precious creation on earth will disappear completely, and only the spirits will exist. This is the destruction of mankind and of creation. Then the 6,000 years of our God’s hard work, effort, and history will disappear and come to nothing.

Hardships and difficulties come from a sinful heart. God takes hold of man’s hearts but on earth Satan can do the same. Because people struggle with this, God gave them the Word. Do you realize this?

In the Bible, God says the heart of man is more corrupt and disgraceful than creation. It is true. In order to correct it, He gave us the holy Word. Therefore, we sinners must first contain God’s holy Word in our hearts. The prophecies of Revelation of the Christian Bible are God’s last warnings and the last work of salvation for mankind. However, people are self-righteous and mistakenly accept the teachings from arbitrary religions and think that the teachings of different spirits are from the true God. People discredit God’s promises and distort them. Where will the man with a sinful heart end up?

After giving perceptions and teachings, fulfilling the promises, and showing them to us, God says to believe. The prophecy of the New Testament, Revelation, will fulfill in this era. You must believe it. I am here to proclaim that this work will fulfill.

Whether in the past or present, the prophets’ words were not their own, but God worked through them as it is written in Malachi 2 and as Jesus said in John chapter 5 and 14. It is the same situation today. Therefore, those who want to receive salvation must meet God’s promised pastor, receive God’s word of revelation through him, and be reborn to receive salvation as God’s children.

Within the 6,000 years of history, today is the most valuable yet dangerous era for mankind. Those who perceive receive eternal life and the kingdom of heaven, and those who do not perceive receive eternal judgment. Which one will you choose? First, let us look from the perspective of the Word and decide.