Six Thousand Years of God’s Work and Suffering

Main reference: Mt 5:11-12

How much persecution and suffering did God endure during the 6,000 years since He started His work?

God created the heavens and the earth, created all things, and gave us life through the light, rain, and air of heaven. But why do people, who live under such grace from God, persecute those who do God’s work? Is this not the same as persecuting God?

Throughout the 6,000 years that God worked, most of the persecutors were believers from the traditional church who claimed to believe in God. Many who were persecuted were even stoned to death. What kind of spirit is inside the persecutors and what kind of spirit is inside those who are persecuted that both sides would fight for 6,000 years? Believers must be the light and lead the nonbelievers. But why do believers lie to each other, hit, insult, curse, and fight with one another? The nonbelievers, those who do not practice any faith, know how to love, help, and trust. And they are friendly to others. Are the nonbelievers better or the believers? As seen in the 6,000 years of history in the Bible, God left the human world due to man’s sins, and the world became a world of sin. This is the kind of world that people live in today. It has become a formless world, empty with darkness over the surface of the deep. It is a world without the true light.

The Scripture speaks of two types of spirits—a holy spirit and an evil spirit. Of the two, with whose seed have I been born? Which spirit is with me? Which spirit is leading me? Who am I in the Bible? At the First Coming, Jesus said that you will know the tree by its fruit (Mt 7:15-20). One is the tree of life and the other is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. As a fruit, which tree do I belong to? A puppy born of a dog’s seed will behave like a dog, and a lamb born of a sheep’s seed will behave like a sheep.

Israel, the chosen people once known as the greatest in the world, became divided into North Israel and South Judah. God and His son, Jesus, came to the people of Jerusalem and Judah who were known as the holiest of the twelve tribes of Israel. But what did the chosen people do? They swore at Jesus, spat on him, and cursed him, saying that he was the devil. They even stoned and crucified him. These were the actions of God’s people who called themselves kingdom and priests and the holiest nation in the world (Jn 1).

God, who left long ago due to Adam’s sin of betrayal, spoke to the people of Israel through Moses, because when they heard God’s voice, they felt like they could not breathe. They said to Moses, “Speak to us yourself and we will listen. But do not have God speak to us or we will die,” (Ex 20:18-19). In the same way, sinners will die just by hearing the voice of God. At the time of Moses, a sinner died when he placed his hand on the ark of the covenant that Moses built, because God was with the ark of the covenant. This is why God left the world of sinners, and this is the reason God cannot live with sinners.

Thus, Jesus shed his blood on the cross for us, sinners, to forgive our sins and allow us to reunite with God. But if this is true, there should be no more sin in people. Because sin was forgiven, people should have reunited with God. However, there has been no reunification and sin has not disappeared. Sin has become worse. How did this happen? Let us find out the truth through the Word.

It has been about 2,000 years since Jesus bore the cross. However, there are endless conflicts and wars between nations, peoples, and religions in this generation. From the 6,000 years of God’s history, the world is at its worst and at risk of imminent destruction due to the development of advanced weapons of destruction. As written in Matthew 24, the world is at its worst, for the destroyer stands in the holy place and the sun, moon, and stars darken and fall. Is this truly a world that has received forgiveness, a world without sin? Both religion and the rest of the world are in the most corrupt era of all time.

The Scriptures prophesied that the end times will be like the time of Noah and Lot. Jesus said to believe this. At such a time, we are calling out to all mankind to repent. God is trying to end this wicked era. Thus, we can stop God’s hand of discipline only if we repent. The only solution is repentance from humanity. International laws on the cessation of war and achievement of world peace must be enacted, and all religion must repent and become one under God. God must reign over the world, for this is the only way for us to survive. People in society, politics, and religion must humble themselves and everyone must follow the Word of God. True refuge lies only in the Word and in God.

The new covenant that Jesus and God made with Jesus’ blood 2,000 years ago is the New Testament, and the prophecy that sums up the New Testament is the book of Revelation. In Revelation, it is recorded that one era (traditional religious world) will come to an end and a new era will come, and that no one must add or take words away from what is written in the book of Revelation (Rv 22:18-19). The words of promise tell us to believe the prophecy and its fulfillment (refer to Jn 14:29). In the book of Revelation, the betrayers, destroyers, and the savior appear and fulfill their roles according to what is written in the book respectively. Therefore, anyone who understands the meaning of this prophecy will recognize the betrayers, destroyers, and the savior.

During the great tribulation, the refuge is at a mountain like at the time of Noah and Lot, and this mountain is the place where God and Jesus dwell. Anyone who truly understands and believes the prophecy of Revelation will know this place of refuge. This is the time of the great tribulation, the time when the sun, moon, and stars darken and fall. The only place we can live at a time like this is at the promised mountain. God made known when and where we must live at such a time, just like in the days of Noah and Lot. Therefore, people who are born of God will know these things.

The location of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is where death resides, but the location of the tree of life is where life is found. Which will you choose (Dt 30:19-20)? Salvation is not gained through strategies and methods, nor is it obtained by money or power. One receives it only by obeying the Word. Will the blood that Jesus shed 2,000 years ago truly save us or will it not? Let’s listen once again to Jesus’ words of promise.

In Luke 22, Jesus gathered with his disciples on the night of Passover and made the new covenant. In John 6, he spoke about his flesh and blood. The blood of Jesus was poured out to forgive our sins, and Jesus made the new covenant with this very blood. This new covenant was promised in Jeremiah 31:31-32, and this prophecy was fulfilled approximately 600 years later.

Jesus also said that he is the true vine (Jn 15). On the night of Passover, Jesus said, “I will not drink of this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it anew in my Father’s kingdom” (Mt 26:29). Since Jesus is the grape vine, the fruit of the vine is Jesus’ flesh and blood. Where can we eat this fruit? We eat it in the Father’s kingdom. Where is the Father’s kingdom? It is recorded in Revelation 5:9-10. What was it created with? It is created with the blood of Jesus. When is this work fulfilled? It is fulfilled when Jesus returns.

Jesus said that those who eat his flesh and blood will have eternal life (Jn 6:51-57). Jesus’ blood takes effect at the Second Coming, and the second coming of Jesus is the time when Revelation is fulfilled. In Revelation 12, the group of the dragon was fought against and overcome with the blood of Jesus. In Revelation 5:9-10 and 1:5-6, [Jesus] freed us from our sins and made us to be a kingdom and priests with Jesus’ blood. In Revelation 7:14, the great multitude (people) dressed in white was created as they washed [their robes] with Jesus’ blood. In Exodus 19:5-6, God promised to make those who came out of Egypt a kingdom and priests, but because they did not keep God’s covenant, the covenant was broken. At the time of Revelation, the new covenant made with blood on the night of Passover will fulfill. This is the fulfillment of God’s hope as well as our own.

Today is the time when Revelation fulfills. It is written that if anyone adds or takes words away from Revelation, God will take away from his share in the kingdom of heaven [holy city] and add plagues (Rv 22:18-19). As seen in Revelation 16, many demons of the earth enter false pastors (like the pastors of Jerusalem) in the place where Revelation fulfills and make the congregation members who believe Revelation suffer. However, those who are faithful will not waver. In the war of Revelation 12, the dragon puts everything down after his defeat, and in Revelation 20, the dragon is seized and locked up in the Abyss. The 6,000-year reign of the serpent and dragon ends henceforth, and God the Creator reigns.

Today, there are the traditional Christian Council of Korea (CCK) and the twelve tribes of New Heaven and New Earth (Shincheonji), which God established. Since both the dragon and its group were defeated, they must leave after giving up everything. Will the CCK continue to deny even after seeing the fulfillment today? Today, the “Canaan” people are increasing (“Canaan” is pronounced “gah-nah-ahn” in Korean. When pronounced backwards, it sounds like “ahn-nah-gah,” which means “I won’t go [or attend church]”). People are leaving to go to the Catholic Church, New Heaven and New Earth (Shincheonji Church of Jesus), or to practice Buddhism, while the CCK is separating into two organizations (CCK and CCIK: Communion of Churches in Korea). The CCK is also joining hands with cults, appointing people as cult specialists of the Cult Countermeasure Committee, in order to persecute New Heaven and New Earth as heresy. But it is actually the traditional CCK that is coming to an end.

We, the New Heaven and New Earth, have overcome the world. We overcame with the Truth. We overcame with leadership and competitiveness. The evidence is the reality. Despite the oppression from the CCK, we grew rapidly in number while the number of church members in the CCK dropped drastically.

However, even the most blessed nation and people can receive either blessings or curses according to their deeds. At the time of Moses, the gentile nation of Egypt received curses while the chosen people of Israel received the land of Canaan. God and Jesus came to Israel, which became God’s kingdom and priests from among all nations in the world, but because they did not accept God and Jesus, they were cursed. Anyone whose spiritual eyes are open will know that Korea is the most blessed nation and people today, at the second coming of Jesus. However, if one follows or is supported by the CCK, he will end up in the same place that they are heading (hell). Politics must be separate from religion. If politics follow a traditional religion that is doomed to perish (Rv 21:1), it will end up like Egypt and Israel.

The world must know what era we are living in today (Mt 24:32-35) and meet the person promised by God. This is the way to live. Once this nation meets the person promised by God and the messenger who speaks on behalf of God, it will become the best nation in the world and be exalted above all nations. “How can people of the world recognize him?” He is the one who will appear with the abundance of three kinds of “grain” (fire, rain, and dew, meaning, the word of truth), and the one chosen by the heavens. He is the one who walks with God, has truth on his lips, and is the messenger who speaks on behalf of God. One must see and believe him for the very work he does. We have read Hebrews 11 and Romans 8.

We have suffered from death, hardships, and unwanted oppression. We sought to be freed from sin and fought for freedom (Jn 8:31-32). Like the morning light that shines in the darkness or the light of life that shines like true light, the light of life has come from afar over a long period of time. Freedom has finally come to us who were slaves to sin and suffering.

Persecution and suffering is not something only we undergo. Such trials have persisted among the apostles since the First Coming. But now the cold ice melts, buds sprout, and flowers bloom. A warm, fragrant spring sought after by birds and butterflies has arrived. This is the kingdom of heaven. This is paradise. This is home.

We will enjoy the glory that is incomparable to the suffering we have endured. Jesus, the disciples, and martyred spirits who shed their blood have persevered and waited for this day. If there was no such hope, how could they have endured their hardships? They persevered through bitter pain and suffering all to free us from sin and agony.

We are living witnesses of their efforts. The song of heavenly flowers of eternal life will bloom and rise from sorrow and pain to transform into the eternal gospel…Without their blood and pain, our dreams would have dissipated into sorrow and agony. We would have had no hope. However, the fact that our hope will fulfill creates in us songs of gratitude and joy, praises of thanks and glory.

I truly want to proclaim what I know and what I have seen to the people who do not know. But because they do not have ears to hear, I am afraid they will take these Words of life as a reproach or as a curse.

Nevertheless, the Word must be taught and preached. Whether they listen or not, I must tell them what I have seen and heard. As it is written, he who has an ear let him hear it over and over again (1 Jn 1 ~ 5). Those who belong to God and those with ears to hear will appear and fulfill according to what is written.

The world is streaming in with obedience. This proves that they are under God’s control. Thank you, Father God. I truly give thanks for guarding and protecting the family of Shincheonji. Thank you for your grace in always being with us and delivering us from evil. We are working toward the day of completion. We believe that people’s hearts and minds will be connected through your orchestration.

Please grant perception to the politicians and religious people in Korea. Because the Father God and Jesus are with us, we will absolutely overcome with leadership and competitiveness. Please turn their hearts [toward you] as soon as possible. The nation of Korea is divided into the North and South. Please grant a heart of unification to both North and South Korea. Though I am nothing, I wish to reveal your glory. Father God, please make all of this possible. Beloved Lord, please guide us. We believe in you. Because you said that anything is possible if we believe, we will believe and we will work. This article was written at an altitude of 38,000 feet.

October 1, 2015

Man Hee Lee the Peace Advocate