Shincheonji James Tribe Pocheon church Volunteer Activities

Let’s keep it clean, the Hanaecheon River that flows from the south to the north


There was a news about bass fish being caught in this area between Pocheon and Hanea River. This is an unusual situation in Pochen River, known as clear-crystal River, which mean that Pochen River ecosystem is being no longer safe zone.

Hanae River has faced severe contamination problem due to the near factories waste products. So, Shincheonji Church of Jesus Volunteers have been continuously involved in improving the quality of the Hanae River, known as “Save the Hanae River Project.”


Although it was a bit cold and windy weather, the volunteers have stepped up to do clean up. As they were doing clean up work around the River, they were so surprised how much trashes every where.


Town people who happened to pass by the area expressed warm appreciation to those volunteers who cleaning up the trash in the water.


Volunteers felt worthwhile doing the cleaning up the River knowing that it will benefit the people and nature.

Their work may go unnoticed but I am sure their work will make people happy and I wish more people will get involve in volunteering.


Thank you, volunteers for all your hard work. Let us continue to make the better environment, so that the town people can enjoy the area for many more years to come!


I believe if we continue to volunteers like we do now, the clean Hanae River will flow to the North Korea, carrying the wishes of many people wishing for the unification of Korea.

I ask that you will continue to cheer up the Shincheonji Church of Jesus Volunteers.