Truth, Freedom, and Victory

Main reference : Jn 8:32

What do truth, freedom, and victory mean?

At the First Coming, Jesus told the Jews who believed in him, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (Jn 8:31-32). In Jn 17:16-17 he said, “They are not of the world, even as I am not of it. Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth.” Through the truth one can be freed and be victorious. Through the truth one becomes sanctified, and it is written that this truth is God’s Word.

Concerning the “Word” in the Bible, the Word is God, and heaven and earth were created through this Word. Nothing among creation was created without it, and it is life and light (Jn 1:1-4). The Word of God is the good seed, and through this good seed grows the tree of life. People are reborn through this Word and become the twelve crops of fruit that are born from the tree of life every month (refer to Lk 8:11, Mt 13:31-32, 37, Jn 14:6, Jn 15:1, Jn 3:5, Rv 22:1-2).

Since it is written that we overcome ourselves, the world, and the devil through God’s Word of life, which is the truth (refer to Mt 4:10-11, Jn 16:33, Eph 6:10-17, Rv 15:2-4), the Word of God is the road to hope and heaven for those who carry out a life of faith.

It is also written in Revelation chapters 2 and 3 that promises (or blessings) are given to the one who overcomes. If the one who receives the promises does not appear, then no one can be saved. In order to receive this promise, someone must fight and overcome Satan (the Nicolaitans, the beast with seven heads and ten horns, the dragon). With what can he be victorious? Revelation chapter 12 states that he overcomes by the blood of Jesus and the word of testimony. Therefore, this word is the truth, and with it, one can overcome.

The Word is Jesus (1 Jn 1:1), the flesh and blood of Jesus (Jn 6), and God (Jn 1:1). In Revelation chapter 10, the person who eats the revealed book (the Word) becomes the Word of truth, just as Jesus and God are. By testifying to this Word of truth, he fights and overcomes Satan and his Nicolaitans. Revelation chapter 15 states that those “standing beside the sea [of glass], those who had been victorious over the beast and his image and the number of his name, sing songs.”

Jesus overcame the world not with a sword but with the truth. If the Word of truth is within us, and we overcome ourselves, the world, and the devil, then the kingdom of God can be created on this earth.

I am writing this article right now at 3:50 AM in Romania.

I am thinking about the words the Lord spoke to the Jews 2,000 years ago. Even though we fought against the dragon’s beast with seven heads and ten horns that appeared today, and even though we overcame them by the truth (Rv 12, Rv 15), only a few in the world recognize us. The world is still in darkness. They recognize only the ecclesiastical authority given by men rather than the one from God. They have united with false teachings rather than the truth. This is because Satan has been reigning to this today (refer to Mt 4:8-9, Lk 4:5-6, Eph 2:2). They say that they believe in Jesus, but these are empty words because they think more highly of the authority of man than the truth. They acknowledge their false teachings more and, therefore, have no room in their heart for God’s truth.

We on the other hand have harvested, sealed, and established the promised kingdom of the twelve tribes according to God’s will. And we are diligently working and working to host WARP Summits so that God, our Father, can finally dwell with us.

“Father God, please help us. The demons are disrupting the work we are trying to do. Please mobilize and send your angels to aid us in every part of your work.

Because we have created the twelve tribes, we will host peaceful meetings in your name, Father. Please move their hearts. Please allow these meetings to fulfill victoriously. I know that the truth is the law and that it is the road to heaven that the congregation members must walk on and hold on to as a lifeline. Lord, please allow your great power to come. I am pleading with you, Lord.

Please allow everyone around the world to come out to you, Father of heaven, by understanding and believing in your prophecies and promises of peace, to which we testify. The truth is our food and treasure. We cannot exchange this even for the world because it is our life.”

I was born as the light of heaven. My grandfather named me “Light” before I was born. He gave me this name, because he saw a light shine down on my mother when she was pregnant.

I was very poor, however, and lived in hardships and sufferings. I frequently saw a star in the heavens (in the daytime). One day when I was older, a great star shined down on me for three nights straight, and by its guidance, I met a heavenly being.

After that I wrote a pledge with my blood to remain faithful. Since then I carried out my life of faith, guided by that star. Following the voice of heaven (commands), I went to the Tabernacle Temple in Cheonggyesan Mountain in Gwacheon and volunteered for three years.

Later, I returned to my hometown because of the corruption in the Tabernacle Temple. I volunteered for the New Community Movement (the Saemaeul Movement) for seven years. I was returning to my hometown from another district when the scenery around me suddenly changed to Gwacheon (Tabernacle Temple). I saw the Lord coming from the east and fell prostrate thinking, “This is God.” He stood me on my feet and appointed me. The place he led me to was none other than the Tabernacle Temple in Gwacheon where I once volunteered and left.

Because I threw everything away and chose to walk with God in this life of faith, I faced many adversities. During this time of hardship, I always thought about Jesus who was constantly persecuted. I risked my life and sent the letters to the seven angels, the pastors, to testify to the Tabernacle Temple’s betrayal which the Lord had shown me. This was the work that God had commanded me to do at the Tabernacle Temple.

I thought I was carrying out the best life of faith, because I had been faithful to the work that was given to me. I had cut ties with the world and had done much more. But when I ate the revealed book from heaven one day and read the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation, I began to perceive and understand it differently. I began to understand the deep things of the Bible and of God’s purpose. I realized what our hope is, the work I have to do, and the things I must know, and much more.

Everything I once knew, everything I was loyal to, my previous life of faith, and all the things of the world—I threw them all away. I knew that all my efforts before amounted to nothing at that moment. From then on, I knew what I had to do. I knew with certainty the importance of revelation, of God and Jesus’ promises and their fulfillment. I realized that the one purpose of God’s work in the history of 6,000 years was to fulfill Revelation. Furthermore, I began to see the stark reality of faith among the believers, the corruption in the world of faith today. I knew that if Revelation does not fulfill, there is no salvation for humanity. If the promises of Revelation chapters 2 and 3 do not fulfill, there is no salvation for anyone in the world of faith. Then, God’s promised purpose cannot be completed.

The people in this world of immature faith believe that they are going to heaven. But with such faith, they cannot. They do not qualify to enter heaven.

I know the truth that Jesus spoke. With this truth, we become the holy children of God who are reborn and created into new creations. With this truth, we gain the strength to overcome ourselves, the world, and the devil. We gain the strength to come out from death, the world of Satan, to a world of life and of God and become one family who live together in heaven.