Those who Go to Heaven and Receive Eternal Life And Those who Go to Hell and Receive Eternal Punishment

Main reference: Rv 20 ~ 21

Who will go to heaven and receive eternal life? Who will go to hell and receive eternal punishment?

Heaven is the paradise where God dwells, and eternal life is to live eternally like God in this paradise. Hell is a place where Satan is at, and it is a prison where people will receive punishment forever for the sins they committed. The people who will enter these two places are different from one another. One is born of God’s seed and the other is born of Satan’s seed. God dwells with the people born of His seed, while Satan dwells with the people born of his seed.

God is the Creator who created the heavens and the earth. Satan, on the other hand, is a created being (refer to Ez 28) who deceived Adam and Eve and made them sin. God left the world and remained apart from it, and Satan has been ruling over that world ever since. Thus, the world became Satan’s world, a world without God, and all creation became tainted by Satan’s ideology and transformed into his image. That is why Adam’s world did not seek or call on the name of the LORD until Seth and Enosh were born (Gn 4:25-26). We can therefore understand that the corruption of Adam’s world was not God’s doing.

In each era, God found a capable person and through him, He tried to make Himself known to the people, but all efforts went to waste. God the Creator worked to make Himself known and restore the world back to its original form when it was first created. The most epochal method in the history of the work of restoration was the “new thing” (new work) (Jer 31), which God prophesied about through Prophet Jeremiah. God fulfilled this new work six hundred years later during Jesus’ first coming (Mt 1, Mt 13, Lk 22:14-20). The new covenant was also established by Jesus at that time. The result of the new covenant (New Testament) appears at the time of the Revelation.

This work was first fulfilled in heaven, and then it is fulfilled on earth as it is in heaven. God’s plan which He purposed never fails to fulfill. However, in order to bring this plan into fruition, a war must take place at the time of the fulfillment of Revelation. In heaven, Jesus defeats and subdues Satan, the ruler of the kingdom of the air. Jesus is also victorious on earth so Satan loses his foothold here on earth (refer to Rv 12:10-11). Because Satan the dragon is captured and locked into the Abyss (Rv 20: 1-3), his pastors lose their power and authority. Such family becomes divided and falls on its own; they eventually bring themselves to an end through quarrels and divisions.

Many years have passed, and today is the time of judgment for both the spirits and the flesh. At the First Coming, Jesus overcame and received from God the authority to judge (Jn 5:22-23), the food of eternal life (Jn 6), the iron scepter to rule over the nations (Rv 2:27), and the right to sit together on God’s throne (Rv 3:21). Likewise, the promised pastor (the one who overcomes) overcomes just as Jesus overcame and receives the blessings that Jesus promised to give (Rv 2 ~ 3). He receives the food of eternal life, the stone that judges, the iron scepter to rule over the nations, and the right to sit together on Jesus’ throne. Furthermore, God, heaven, and Jesus come down to him who overcomes. Therefore, for the believers who hope in heaven—coming to the place where the one who overcomes is at is like coming to heaven and coming to God and Jesus.

Who is qualified to go to heaven?
1. Must be born of God’s seed according to God’s will in the New Testament.

2. Must be harvested.
3. Must be sealed with the name of God and of Jesus.
4. Must not add to or take away from the book of Revelation that God has promised, and keep what is written in it.
5. Must belong to the twelve tribes and become the promised kingdom and priest as promised in the New Testament.
6. Must have one’s name recorded in the book of life to become a citizen of heaven.

The above criteria are the contents of the new covenant in the New Testament. The people who keep this new covenant are those who are freed from their sins by the blood of Jesus and have become God’s new promised kingdom and priests (Rv 1:5-6, 5:9-10). This is God’s will and purpose.

These people have no sin, for they have been born of God’s seed and have become God’s family. As God’s family, they live together with God in heaven, in God’s kingdom, the same way Adam’s family lived with God, before they sinned, and like Noah’s family whom God saved and like the family of Abraham, the father of faith. This is because they have been born of God’s seed.

What kind of people go to hell?

It is the people born of the seed of Satan, the devil (Mt 13:38-39). The seed of God is the word of God (Lk 8:11), and the seed of Satan is the word of Satan (Mt 13:37-40). What went inside Adam and Eve was the word and the spirit of the serpent, which was the seed of Satan.

There are two kinds of people because there are two kinds of spirits. One is a person of God, and the other is a person of Satan. At the time of judgment (Rv 20:12-15), the people will be separated into two groups: those who go to heaven and those who go to hell. The judgment takes place in front of God, Jesus, and the one who received the white stone as written in Rv 2.

How are the people who belong to God different from the people who belong to Satan? What separates them?

Those born of God’s seed keep God’s commandments, while those born of Satan’s seed do not keep God’s commandments. Like Satan who called himself God, the people born of Satan’s seed lie and stubbornly believe that they are right. They make up lies, persecute, and blame others for their own sins (Mt 5:11-12, Acts 7:51-53, Mt 23:29-36, Lk 20:9-16). In every era after Adam sinned, the pastors who called themselves believers of God persecuted and killed the messengers that God sent. The pastors of Jerusalem—the priests, the holy nation among all nations, the pastors of the chosen people—persecuted and killed Jesus and his disciples, the people whom God was with. Will God tolerate their sins? Jesus came to Jerusalem to proclaim peace (Lk 19:37-42), but the pastors of Jerusalem declared war and killed him.

What is the situation today?

The new heaven and earth (Shincheonji) proclaims world peace, but the Christian Council of Korea (CCK) declares war against the new heaven and earth. These people do not meet the six criteria to enter heaven. How are the deeds of the CCK any different from those of the pastors of Jerusalem 2,000 years ago?

(Rv 21:8)

But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.

Rv 20:12 states that people will be judged according to what they have done as recorded in the Bible. They will either go to heaven or go to hell. No matter how many times God counseled these people through His messengers, they refused to listen and believe. They continued to call others heresies and harbor evil in their hearts, like the people at the time of Noah and the first coming of Jesus. Because they do not have the word in them, God is not with them. They become blind who cannot tell the difference between north, south, east and west. Unaware of their own sins, they mistakenly believe that their evil actions are good and that they are the only ones who will receive salvation. They have added and taken away from the words of Revelation but do not admit that they lack knowledge of God’s word. They strive only for money, authority, power, and fame. They speak lies as if they are speaking the truth, and they do not repent though they worshiped other gods. Their worship of God is done only with their lips, in peace and safety, as if they are thinking, “It’s okay if I die.” How can God not take their sins into account?

This is a world that is going in any direction it wants, for it is beyond corrupt. It is truly the end of age. God’s family become the embodiment of the word, because they set God’s word as the standard for their life of faith, but those who side with the world are blinded by secular words and authority. The word of the LORD is offensive to them, and they find no pleasure in it (Jer 6:10). The people will be separated into heaven or hell. Therefore, let us recognize the era we are living in and keep God’s new covenant so that we may become the citizens of heaven.