The Reason that Satan Lies and Persecutes to Interfere with God’s Work

Main reference: Jn 8:31-44

Why does Satan lie and persecute to interfere with God’s work?

Satan creates lies through his pastor to persecute believers of God and to interfere with their work, because believers of God are able to reveal Satan’s identity and make known the true God.

After Adam’s sin, Satan masqueraded as God (refer to 2 Thes 2, Ez 28) to rule the earth for the past 6,000 years (refer to Mt 4:8-9, Lk 4:5-6, Eph 2:2), but no one knew this fact. However, because the Old Testament prophets, Jesus, and his disciples revealed the identities of Satan, his pastors, and their congregation members, Satan had to create lies to persecute and kill in order to stop their work.

Believers who are interested only in power, fame, and ecclesiastical authority and do not know God, Satan, and even themselves carry out ignorant and false lives of faith. God makes known to those people the true God and the work that Satan has done throughout history. Because of this, the identities of Satan and his false pastors are exposed, and Satan receives great damage as the truth that was covered by falsehood is revealed.

The pastors of Satan have been feeding their congregation members with commentaries that incorrectly interpret the Bible. In other words, they have been deceiving the people with Satan’s doctrines, which are the wine of adultery, a snake’s poison, and a viper’s venom. However, as God’s people expose Satan’s lies through the truth of the true God, Satan suffers greatly and ends up being kicked out, just as it is written in Rv 12.

The one who is not the true God had to create lies in order to masquerade as God. Two thousand years ago, the pastors of Satan, who were the pastors of Jerusalem, called Jesus the “devil” and a “heresy” as a way to make the people accept them as the true pastors. If Satan’s group does not interfere with the work of the true God and His true pastor, then people will believe the truth of the true God. Through the truth, Satan’s lies will be revealed. This is why Satan hinders God’s work. He fears that his identity will be exposed as Satan and as not the true God.

Satan’s pastors labeled the Old Testament prophets, Jesus, and his disciples as a heresy and the devil and killed them. Furthermore, they were the ones who created the lies and persecuted God’s people.

Today, who have declared war, and who have declared peace? Who have created lies, and whom did they persecute by calling them a heresy? Whom have they created lies about, persecuted, and cursed by labeling them as a heresy on internet cafés? Who have spoken the Word of Truth?

What content is written in anti-café websites such as, “Knowing about Shincheonji”? That website is overloaded with curses, swearing, and lies. On the contrary, a website called, “The Correct Understanding of the Bible and of Shincheonji” is full of explanations of the Bible and the Word of the Truth. Compare between the two, and determine clearly which is the work of salvation of God and which is a curse.

Satan and his pastors interfere with God’s work through lies and persecution in order to use it as a trick to hide their identities. They work even harder because they fear the moment when people all over the world will realize that the true God is the owner of the global community.

Jesus said to those who lied, “You speak lies just as your father does” (refer to Jn 8:44). Their father was the serpent who deceived Eve with lies in Gn 3.

Since a man is like the house of a spirit (1 Cor 3:9), he acts differently depending on what type of spirit dwells within him. The spirit of God is referred to as a holy spirit, and the spirit of Satan, the devil, as an evil spirit. Therefore, anyone who houses the holy spirit, God’s spirit, will do good while anyone who houses the evil spirit, Satan’s spirit, will do evil.

In the Bible, destroyers and a savior appear. The ones who destroy (Mt 24, Rv 13) are the pastors, whom Satan, the devil, is with. The one who does the work of salvation is God’s pastor, whom the holy spirit is with. This is why in Mt 7:15-20 Jesus said that one can recognize a tree by its fruit. Destroyers are called destroyers for they do the work of destruction. A savior is called a savior for he does the work of salvation, according to the Bible. Betrayers, too, are called betrayers for they do the work of betrayal. In other words, destroyers do the work of destruction according to Mt 24 and Rv 13. Betrayers do the work of betrayal according to Rv 13. A savior does the work of salvation according to Rv 1:5-6, Rv 7, Rv 14, Rv 17:14, and Rv 18:4.

The Christian Council of Korea (pastors of this organization) declared war against Shincheonji; they made up fourteen false statements concerning Shincheonji and submitted this information to MBC to be aired on the program called the “MBC PD Notebook” in order to make Shincheonji the scapegoat for the evil deeds that anti-Shincheonji educators committed during the coercive conversion education. In the end, however, the inspectors and judges revealed those fourteen statements to be complete lies. The just scale is the Bible and God. There is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed (Mt 10:16, Lk 12:2). Both Hades and lies will be exposed.

How can a person who knows neither God nor the meanings of the Bible call himself a believer or a pastor of God? The true believer who walks with the Word of truth and God is the messenger who speaks on God’s behalf. People of all nations must seek the truth from the mouth of this messenger. Disregarding God’s Word, placing commentaries that were arbitrarily made by men above the Bible, and teaching and learning those commentaries are the same as feeding and drinking the wine of adulteries and committing evil deeds. Everyone has to be reborn of the seed and spirit of truth to enter the kingdom of heaven (Jn 3:5, 1 Pt 1:23).

The family of Shincheonji are the new creation reborn of the seed and spirit of God. They are recreated citizens of heaven.