The Long Road to the Far Heaven: Where is Heaven?

Many believers are seeking after the kingdom of heaven, but they do not know which direction to take. They are blind and their eyes are closed yet they are diligently walking to somewhere–aimlessly.

Moses saw the kingdom of heaven and replicated it on earth (Ex 25). Also, Jesus said that God’s will shall be fulfilled on earth as it has fulfilled in heaven. A true pastor must first see heaven and teach about it (Jn 3:31-34).

He said that if a blind man follows a blind pastor, both will fall into the pit (Mt 15:14). Do you believe these words? Just as blind pastors of Mt 15:14 and blind hypocrites of Mt 23:16-28 existed at the First Coming, Revelation 3:17-18 states that when Jesus returns, there will be blind pastors and congregation also. Are you not blind as well?

Let us meet the true Lord so that we may purchase without cost gold refined with fire and white clothes and put salve on our eyes (Rv 3:18). I will explain what these are.

I am speaking to the believers who are seeking after the heaven they cannot see. Heaven is not a place man goes to. It is the heaven that comes; it is the place where God, Christ, and the angels come to. Where? They come to the place mentioned in Revelation 3:12. Here, one can meet God and heaven.

I (the writer) want to show you this place. Let us be there and purchase from Jesus the three things stated above–the gold, the white clothes, and eye salve–so that we may cure our blindness and be those who have proper actions (white clothes) and speak the truth (gold).

Moses’ Law was an elementary teaching, and Jesus’ parables were the secrets of the kingdom of heaven, the hidden things of old, that were partially revealed. However, today’s era of the Second Coming is not the time of parables but the time when the physical entities of those parables are proclaimed (Jn 16:25).
What kind of life of faith have I carried out so far? What kind of pearls am I currently holding? Let us examine them and then exchange them for far greater pearls.

The Bible, the pastor, and the church exist solely for the congregation members. Let us perceive the Word as we carry out a life of faith based on the absolute truth and the righteous way of justice. Let us be sanctified by the truth (Jn 17:17-19).

The words of promise must be fulfilled within me to qualify to enter heaven. Revelation is the compilation of the New Testament prophecies, and if anyone adds or takes away from this, he will not be able to enter heaven but will be cursed (Rv 22:18-19). One must know what they need to know for his faith to grow.

Let us examine the events in the past 6,000 years of history. Ever since God left the world, Satan took over and controlled the world. Although God sent messengers every generation to recover mankind, the world’s pastors grouped together to persecute and kill. This is Satan’s effort to keep to himself the world that he had taken over. Consequently, God the Lord, could not step foot in this world and give the Word.

How much trouble and chaos Satan must have caused through his pastors that the people whom God created turned against Him to unite with Satan! During the First Coming, God and Jesus came to the created Israel as they had promised. However, the people did not receive them and instead, cursed, blasphemed, persecuted, and killed (Jn 1:1-14) Jesus. This was the world that Satan was ruling over, and these were the pastors who had become the devil’s pastors.

In Matthew 21:41-45, Jesus, who died bearing the world’s sin, made known that “the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people who will produce its fruit.” After Christ ascended, he called Apostle John to heaven and showed him what will fulfill in the future – that is, Revelation. Revelation fulfills when the devil, or the dragon, is captured and thrown into the abyss (Rv 20:1-3). Hence, at the First Coming, the devil shouted, “Have you come to torture us before the appointed time?” And the demons begged Jesus, “If you drive us out, send us into the herd of pigs” (Mt 8:28-31). Like this, the Second Coming is the era when the dragon, or the devil, that has ruled the world for 6,000 years is captured and God’s reign begins. Even the devil knew this from the beginning. If God has fulfilled this in heaven, and He is now fulfilling it in the same way on earth, then this will surely fulfill.

Since the devil has acted this way in every era, how will the he act in the era of Revelation’s fulfillment? Whenever God’s messengers appeared on earth and carried out their work, Satan’s army, or pastors, relentlessly tortured and persecuted them to death. Then Satan cannot possibly remain still in the last era of Revelation’s fulfillment.

In the first war, the congregation of God’s tabernacle in Revelation 13 fought and lost to Satan’s army. Their foreheads and hands were marked with the mark of the beast, and they worshipped the beast. Afterwards, the dragon and its pastors fought and lost to God’s promised pastor in Revelation 12. Because they were defeated, they were kicked out of the tabernacle of heaven and fled in seven directions. The one who overcomes harvested and established the twelve tribes. This can be seen in the war and judgment of Revelation 16.

Those who overcame in Revelation 12 gathered at the sea of glass in Revelation 15. They were filled with God’s wrath (they became bowls of wrath), and this wrath was poured out onto the betrayers and Satan’s kingdom and throne, Satan’s pastors, of Revelation 16. What happened as a result?

It is said that the spirits of demons coming out from the mouth of the dragon, the beast, and false pastors that invaded the tabernacle of heaven in Revelation 13 will go out to the kings of the world, or pastors and gather them to the battlefield to fight against God’s pastor.

It is like the First Coming. Since these are the final events in the last era, Satan’s attacks will be the worst. Will today’s persecution be light? They will attack, even to the point of death. Is this not the reality?

Instead of using the Bible, people have created arbitrary commentaries according to the commands of the spirits that use them to speak. Therefore, these are Satan’s teachings and food from Satan’s spirit. Just as the pastors of Jerusalem at the First Coming were snakes and the temple of Jerusalem was a tomb, the group of the dragon that entered the tabernacle Revelation 13 are snakes, Satan’s pastors. We must know this.

The promised pastor sees and testifies to the events that fulfill according to Revelation, and he makes known God’s promise, the new covenant. However, failing to believe in the fulfillment of Revelation, which is the new covenant and the Word of God, is a sin. For both the First Coming and the Second Coming, receiving the white stone in Rv 2 is receiving the authority to judge. Although the rulers of the world use their worldly authority to judge the one with the white stone, in the end, they will receive judgment from the heaven’s judge (the white stone).

For those who have seen, heard, and perceived the events during Revelation’s fulfillment–perceiving in itself is believing in the New Testament. Such faith is the complete and perfect faith. The new kingdom created today is God’s eternal kingdom and proves that this is the era of God’s reign. This new kingdom is the very heaven that believers are hoping for and seeking after today.