The Blind False Pastors Acting in Hypocrisy

Main references: Mt 23 (Mt 15:14)

Who are the blind false pastors acting in hypocrisy? They are hypocrites and liars, those who see but do not understand. They are neither chosen nor sent by God, but are merely anointed by man. They are self-appointed pastors.

Jesus called the pastors of Jerusalem blind guides (Mt 15:14) and hypocrites, though they were the only people in the entire world chosen by God (Ex 19:5-6). He also described in Mt 24 the events that will take place in the world. He said that many false prophets and christs will appear, and these things will happen when the New Testament fulfills.

According to a religious scripture (the Bible) there are two types of spirits, two gods in the religious world. There also are two types of pastors and two types of congregation members, as well as two types of teachings. There are also cases when God’s chosen people betray God and become His enemies. It is a world that is formless (chaotic), empty, and dark. It is a world of disorder.

If, at this time, we do not have the revelation from the true God, how difficult it will be to judge for ourselves what is right! This is the time we need the true God and the revelation from the true God. Let us be in God, in His word, and listen to Him. Let us hear about what had occurred in the past and what will occur in the future.

Let us first turn to the Bible to understand what God said regarding the things that will occur in the future and how they will occur.

God fulfilled the promises He had made with Abraham through Moses, and He fulfilled the promises He had made with the Old Testament prophets through Jesus. Who, then, will come to fulfill the promises in the New Testament? Through whom will they fulfill?

The Bible answers this question. However, in these last days, those who say that they practice a religion do not carry on their lives of faith according to their scriptures. They trust in man’s words more than in God’s words. It is as if God’s book, the Bible, has become useless, because the people’s minds are stained with their own thoughts and judgment. Nevertheless, God fulfills His promises as recorded in the scriptures.

Man’s thoughts and commentaries are the fruits of good and evil, the false teachings that kill a person’s spirit when he eats it. Yet people continue to regard these commentaries higher than the Bible. They teach and learn from these doctrines made from man’s will. The same thing happened during Jesus’ first coming, and the Second Coming is no different. The only difference is that today God is victorious and the dragon is captured and locked away.

Out of the nations in the entire world, the religious community in Korea is especially immoral. This is to fulfill the words written in the past, but when the word fulfills, God’s victory and reign also come true. Spiritual Israel (the tabernacle of the seven golden lampstands in Revelation 1:20 = the Tabernacle Temple) received letters seven times to repent, but they did not believe. Like Physical Israel they were blind and full of hypocrisy, and extremely corrupt. This is how they ended, like how the sun, moon, and stars in the heavens became dark and fell. This immoral era of religion no longer has God’s Word or revelation, compassion or love. They must have believed that power, fame, and money would reign forever as king. However, today’s era is different. There will be a time of judgment. It will be given by the one receives the white stone (Rv 2:17), which is the authority to judge. Everyone who sins will have their sins recorded on their bodies, so they cannot give excuses.

Outwardly, the hypocritical and blind pastors act holy. But in the inside, they are controlled by Satan. If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit (Mt 15:14). If one knew that he was blind, he would repent and purchase salve from the Lord to see (Rv 3:18). These pastors say, “We are already saved, we received the Holy Spirit, we are the orthodox, we are God’s pastors, we will enter heaven, we are based on a trusted tradition, and all other churches are heretical.” They act as if they are the most holy and righteous. Both pastors and their congregation members all became blind that there is no one who can receive salvation but only the judgment of hell.

In the times of Noah, Lot, and Jesus’ first coming, the truth was proclaimed countless times, but no one paid any attention. Rather, the people who proclaimed the truth were called heretics. Jesus said, “No prophet is accepted in his hometown” (Lk 4:24).

People from diverse religious backgrounds, politicians, judges, and numerous organizations from around the world are believing in Shincheonji and gathering in crowds. However, religions in Korea, especially the Protestant and Catholic Church, do not believe even though they have the same Bible. They do not care to know the deep meanings in the Bible. They are more corrupt than any other religions on earth. If they at least had decent hearts of human, they would at least try to have a conversation. As written in Revelation 17 and 18, all nations from their wine of adulteries, and they even married Satan, the devil. How can such people listen to God’s Word? They do not listen.

However, we still put in our utmost effort until the end. We have proclaimed peace, but they have proclaimed war. They insist on holding on to their traditional doctrines. However, this tradition ends in Revelation, and God creates a new kingdom (Rv 21). This new kingdom is the eternal kingdom of heaven.