Regarding Deception and Trial

Main reference: Mt 24, Gn 3

What is deception? What is a trial? Who deceives? Who is deceived? And why?

Jesus told us to be as shrewd as snakes (Mt 10:16). Why would he say this? What kind of entity is the snake? The snake is the dragon, the devil, and Satan (Rv 20:1-3).

The snake is one of the creations God made, and it received wisdom from God. This snake deceived man—Adam and Eve—and made them his possession since the beginning (Gn 3). As seen in 1 Kings 11, it also deceived Solomon who received wisdom from God and made him worship other gods. And in Revelation chapters 13 and 18, it made all nations fall by making them drink his maddening wine of adulteries. That is why Jesus warned us in Revelation and in Matthew 24 in regards to the events at the end of the age saying, “Watch out that no one deceives you.”

This is how the snake deceived the congregation members the past 6,000 years, and these events were also trials that the congregation members experienced. Can anyone be saved after falling into such deception and trial? That is why Jesus said in Revelation 1:3 to take to heart what is written in it because the time is near.

One must recall Revelation 6 and Matthew 24 where it says that the chosen people who are like the sun, moon, and stars that belonged to heaven (Gn 37:9-11) fall from God and return to flesh of the earth. We must ponder if we are any better than the people mentioned above.

Will the snakes passively watch when they see that their parents, siblings, or friends are no longer under the authority of Satan and are going to the place of God? Satan has been in control over God’s kingdom for 6,000 years. Taking Satan lightly is complacency and carelessness, and it shows that one does not care to know Satan’s identity.

This snake (Satan) was originally put in charge to protect the kingdom of heaven as one with wisdom. We can see this in Ezekiel 28. He was one of the four guardian cherubs (archangels), but he betrayed God and proclaimed himself to be God. He was full of wisdom, a model of perfection in the holy mount of God, and he walked among the fiery stones. On the day he was created, every precious stone adorned him. He was the guardian cherub that God raised.

Who wouldn’t listen to him? He deceived Eve, and Eve believed his words. It is because of this deception that the world has been becoming corrupt day by day for 6,000 years and changed into the world of Satan.

Therefore, the Bible is what God used to make this reality known. Anyone who perceived the words of God in the Bible should not be deceived by Satan ever again. However, people do not clearly understand the difference between salvation, deception, betrayal, and sin. They think that saying, “Lord, Lord,” is having faith and that it will lead them to heaven.

I warn those who do not understand the deep things of Satan. Hold on to the words of warning that are recorded in the Bible and do not become foolish believers who get deceived. The reason our Lord said, “The road leading to salvation is narrow” (Mt 7:13-14) is that these hardships do exist.

We see a reoccurring pattern in the Old and New Testaments, throughout the history of Adam’s world to Moses’ world and to Jesus’s world of Spiritual Israel. One side got devoured by Satan’s organization, but in another time it counterattacked and won. The final war between God and Satan happens today at the time of Revelation. The one who is victorious will reign over the earth but the one who is defeated will not. That is why we are living at a crucial and decisive period in the history of 6,000 years. What does Revelation in the New Testament say about the outcome of God’s final work?

Jesus was the true vine 2,000 years ago when he first came. This tree has been growing ever since, bearing many fruits. It is written in Revelation 6 that the fruits of this tree will fall like figs dropping from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wind. The sky will recede like a scroll, and the earth (mountains and islands) will be removed from its place. What is this strong wind that makes the sun, moon, and stars fall? Doesn’t this mean that the sun, moon, stars, the fruits of the trees, the sky, and the earth will be destroyed? Who can survive this?

In Revelation 13, the organization of the dragon enters heaven, the dwelling place of God, and makes God’s congregation receive the mark on their foreheads and their hands and worship the dragon. In Revelation 18, all nations have fallen from drinking the snake’s maddening wine and marrying the spirit of the dragon. Isn’t the era of Revelation’s fulfillment like the time of Noah and Lot? Isn’t this the destruction of humanity?

“Father, how could you allow such things to happen to man whose lives are like mere dewdrops that vanish at sunrise? The believers have been waiting for this dreadful day without fully understanding what kind of day it is. Now that the day has come, it is clearly the destruction of mankind.”

Will the first heaven and the first earth, Jesus’ vine that has been growing for 2,000 years (as the tree of tradition) crumble to dust? How can our Lord and his disciples passively watch as they fall like the fruits falling from a fig tree when shaken by the strong wind? Or like the sun, moon, and stars falling from the sky?

Isn’t it God’s will at the time of Revelation to create a new kingdom after the 2,000 year- long heaven’s farming ends? After the reapers gather the standing grain (weeds) (Isa 17:5-6), He creates the new kingdom through the gleanings, the remnant grains (refer to Isa 1:8-9, Mt 13:30). They will be gathered from the north, east, south, and west to be established as the new kingdom. This is the event of Revelation and salvation.

In the 6,000 years of God’s work, God has always created the latter era through the small remnant seed from the previous era that ended. The era of Revelation is the same and God has allowed us know it in advance through the Bible.

According to Revelation, what kind of place is the kingdom of God? The new heaven and earth that starts out new is not like the previous world. God always fulfills first in the spiritual realm and fulfills it on this earth. With Him nothing is impossible and there is no such thing as failure. The difference between this era and the previous eras in the past 6,000 years is that God reveals Satan’s secret, his identity, and locks him up in the Abyss so that he can no longer deceive anyone. This world will become heaven, a paradise, where there are no more deceptions, trial, suffering, or death. This is the type of world God and His people have been running for the past 6,000 years. The people in this kingdom are born with God’s seed. They are sealed and have been freed from their sins by the blood of Jesus. They are the new creation that will become the kingdom and priests, and they are the family of God that will live with God eternally. Therefore, let us recognize this era and the place we are at—heaven, the kingdom of a new era.

We have been running like a blind man, but we are now able to see and fix our eyes on heaven and salvation. If we look at it through the Word, we will understand.