God’s Identity and Satan’s Identity

Main reference: Jn 1:1-4, Jn 8:42-47 (Mt 7:15-20, 1 Jn 4)

How is God’s identity different from Satan’s identity?

God is the Lord who created the heavens and the earth. Satan was a creation of God but became Satan when he was thrown out from wanting to be God, due to his pride and greed. Satan speaks lies, and this is the difference between God and Satan.

The snake (Satan) that deceived Eve told her a lie—she will not die but will be like God if she eats from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Gn 3:5). The fruit of good and evil does not only have what is good, but it is mixed with both good and evil. This fruit can be compared to a person who speaks words that are good and also does good deeds, but the same person may also speak evil words (lies) and commits actions that are evil. Such a person will also betray, turning from good to evil. Because lies are found within the person’s words, his words are words of deception.

What we must learn from this is that life and good deeds die as a result of betrayal. God is life, good, love, and truth. Thus, life of a person leaves him when he betrays. This is how life is stopped within the person, and how his good deeds also die and disappear through his actions of betrayal. God, who is love, departs from the person; Satan, who is evil, takes His place instead. When a person breaks the covenant and commits sin by speaking lies, the truth also departs from him and lies take its place instead. As a result, he becomes deteriorated from God’s image and likeness into Satan’s heart, image, and actions. This is how such a person becomes one with Satan’s words, power, instructions, and doctrines.

Everyone knows that murder is an act of demons, the devil, and Satan. God is the creator and He is our parent. Therefore, He loves us (people) with the heart of a parent. As we were born with life, this is giving birth to life. The devil murders, while God gives life. Although everyone knows this, good deeds cannot exist under Satan’s scope of influence because Satan will hinder one’s intention of doing good deeds and drag him to evil. When a person persecutes, curses, lies, and commits evil actions, it is because Satan’s spirit (god) is with him.

One who acts according to God’s will and commands belongs to God, and one who does not act according to God’s will belongs to Satan. The standard of whether we are acting in accordance with God’s will must be based on the Bible. There are those who act according to the Word, and there are those who act according to their own will, not having anything to do with the Word. Which are the people who act according to God’s will? Satan’s identity is that he goes outside God’s words of promise, and God’s identity is that He works according to His words of promise. One who believes in the New Testament, which is a promise, is the one who belongs to God.