The Reason Why the Betrayer and the Destroyer Do the Work of Betrayal and Destruction

Main references: Rv 13 (2 Thes 2:1-12, Rv 2, Gn 3:1-7)

What is the reason for the betrayer and the destroyer respectively doing the work of betrayal and destruction? In 2 Thessalonians chapter 2, Apostle Paul said that when a prophecy is fulfilled, there will be the work of betrayal and the work of destruction; afterwards, there will be the work of salvation.

There are two reasons why [betrayers] have no choice but to betray. One reason is due to deception. The betrayal of Adam and Eve was due to deception. Another reason is due to power. The events of Revelation 13 and 18 were both the result of betrayal due to power. No matter how [the betrayers] came to belong to the enemy, whether it was due to deception or because they had been seized and came to belong to the enemy due to power, being under the ruling power of the enemy means they have been taken into captivity, and the one who is defeated becomes the slave of the one who overcame (refer to Dt 28).

If someone becomes a captive of the enemy, then as the time goes by, their words, writings, actions, and thoughts become one with the enemy. If the person who is deceived or invaded knew God, the kingdom of God, and the meaning of the Word, then they would not be under the ruling power of the enemy. The reason for this is since the owner, nation, doctrine, and purpose are different, a person can know the differences by distinguishing them. In addition, because the people know that if they are under the ruling power of the enemy, then the result will be that they will become soldiers of Satan and go to hell. Rather, if they fight and become martyrs, then their spirits will go to the kingdom of heaven. However, if a person does not know the meaning or have knowledge of the Bible, then they do not know God’s will, hope and its result. They think of God’s kingdom as just a general nation in the world, and they do not know the result of the deception or invasion or of the enemy’s nation and its beings. Furthermore, they think of God’s kingdom as a trivial thing and only think about living affluently in the world. So for these reasons, they do not hold the kingdom of God to be of great account.

Today, at the Second Coming where the world of Christianity has come to an end, and at a time when the chosen people became one with the enemy due to deception and invasion, a savior comes to save the chosen people that have been invaded. If the chosen people that had become captives through the invasion believed and realized the Word of promise, and knew that the promised savior would come to save them as stated in 2 Thessalonians, then they could have accepted the savior, the promised pastor. However, if they do not know the Bible, the will of God, or their situation, then they will not only not accept the savior, but rather attack the savior with the enemy. The betrayers in Revelation 13 also did this.

At the First Coming, the chosen people of Jerusalem were, in fact, in a situation where they became captives since they had been invaded by Satan’s pastor even though they did not realize this. Rather, they persecuted Jesus who came to save them and even killed him. What did God say it would be like at the time of Revelation’s fulfillment? Satan’s pastor would come into the tabernacle of the chosen people and make [the chosen people] eat food sacrificed to idols and accept the teachings of Satan. Also, they would seduce [God’s] servants into committing sexual immorality with the god of Satan. Therefore, Jesus chose the promised pastor and made him the messenger who speaks on behalf of Jesus, and made him send a letter to the seven messengers urging for their repentance (Rv 2, 3).

In John 1:1, it is recorded that the Word in the beginning was God. Also, God is spirit, and as it is written in John 10:35, those to whom the Word of God came are called ‘gods’. Therefore, if one believes and accepts the word of Satan, then the spirit of Satan enters into that person. And if one believes and accepts the Word of God, then the holy [or sacred] spirit of God enters into that person. Like it is stated in 1 Corinthians 3:16, a person is the house [temple] of God.

This is the reason why the betrayer and the destroyer respectively do the work of betrayal and destruction. The chosen people, believing and accepting the word of Satan’s pastor just like Eve, perform an act of betrayal to God, and to them, the spirit of Satan has already come inside them and governs their minds. So, the chosen people who betrayed become Satan’s soldiers and become one with Satan. Therefore, God did not allow Adam and Eve, who listened and believed the word of the serpent, to reach out their hands to eat the fruit from the tree of life and live forever. So God banished them from the Garden of Eden and placed a flaming sword and cherubim to guard [the way to the tree of life] (Gn 3:22-24).

Not believing is sin (Mk 16:15-16, Jn 16:9), and by believing, one gets to belong to a side. If a betrayer knew the true meaning of the Bible, would he betray? He would not betray. So, this is why God said my people are destroyed from their lack of knowledge in Hosea 4:6.

Now, the time has come for the world of faith to end since there is no Word in any part of the world like it says in Amos 8:11-13. The only place that has the Word is Shincheonji, where there is the pastor who received and ate the opened, revealed scroll (Rv 10). In order for the congregation members in the last days to receive salvation, they must come to a place where there is the food of eternal life, that is, the Word of life. However, since the spirit of Satan is holding people’s minds due to the corruption of the world, they have no power to come. If an iron object and a magnet stick together, then they can be taken apart only if a force stronger than the magnet detaches one from the other. Likewise, a person whose mind is driven by the spirit of Satan can come to God only if a power stronger than the spirit of Satan detaches it from that person. And that power is in the true Word of God.

The reason why betrayers and destroyers cannot go to the kingdom of heaven and instead go to hell is because they respectively did the work of betrayal and destruction. Also, they disturbed the work of salvation.

The promised nation, Shincheonji, is the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony testifying to the work of salvation. The door is always open to anyone. Those who come, listen, and believe will receive salvation.