The Promise of the New Testament: the Word of Shincheonji Church of Jesus

Hebrews 6:1-3
“Therefore let us lea

ve the elementary teachings about Christ and go on to maturity, not laying again the foundation of repentance from acts that lead to death, and of faith in God, instruction about baptisms, the laying on of hands, the resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment.” (NIV)

The Book of Revelation is a comprehensive book of all the prophecies of the New Testament, and it is the completion of the 6,000 years of God’s work of re-creation. However, no one in heaven or on earth or under the earth was able to know it (Rv 5:1-3).

To know this is to have the best and highest knowledge man can ever have, and fulfilling this is truly the greatest power. At the time of Jesus’ first coming, the Jews did not understand the revealed word Jesus testified to (refer to Ez 3). The word of revelation in the New Testament that Jesus gives is a thousand times more valuable and precious than the revealed word at Jesus’ first coming. It is the highest teaching of the heavens.

Shincheonji’s complete understanding of Revelation is the greatest knowledge and power in the 6,000 years of human history. However, as it is written in Hebrews 6, how could a believer under elementary teachings about Christ acknowledge this? Like those at the time of Jesus’ first coming, the people who are ignorant today are unable to understand the fulfillment, and as a result they label Shincheonji as a heresy. We, the people of Shincheonji, who have mastered the Book of Revelation, are able to understand the reasons for their actions, because we know what sort of knowledge and state of mind the pastors of the denominations of the earth have. We know that they cannot enter the kingdom of heaven as a result, unless they are born again.

God’s purpose is to regain and recreate what He lost and to reign over this world. His plan, the prophecy of the New Testament, is recorded in the Book of Revelation. Thus, God promised to fulfill the prophecies as they are written without adding or taking away from them. If we do not know the meanings of the prophecies, then we will not be able to perceive or recognize the fulfillment of the prophecies when it happens, even if God is fulfilling them. Because one does not know the prophecies, he can neither understand nor believe in them. He cannot enter the kingdom of heaven or receive salvation. That is why Shincheonji, which has mastered the Book of Revelation, testifies to the prophecy and fulfillment of Revelation so that the world may know.

This is the time of the fulfillment of Revelation and the time to keep the promise. Those who do not know, understand, or believe this are considered as violators who do not keep the promise. What the congregation believes and aspires to see in the Bible are the physical entities of the things that are promised (prophecies). To not understand the promises or their physical entities means that one does not truly believe in them. People may say they believe, but in actuality, they do not.

Revelation is the New Testament, in other words, the new covenant. This new covenant was made with the blood of Jesus (Mt 26:26-29, Lk 22:14-20). If the people at the time of Adam and Moses did not receive salvation for not keeping the covenant, can the people who do not believe or keep the new covenant (fulfillment of Revelation) today receive salvation? No one should blame Adam and the physical Israelites for not keeping the covenant of God and violating it (Hos 6:7). They must examine themselves instead and realize that they did not keep the promise but have violated it also. Although God gave the command to not add or take away from the revelation, many have added and taken away from it. God commanded us to read and keep the words that are written in the Scriptures but many have not kept it. Thus, it is obvious that they have violated the new covenant.

Revelation is the new covenant that Jesus made with his blood. He said that he who reads the words of the prophecy and those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it are blessed (Rv 1:1-3), for they will be a kingdom and priests of God (Rv 1:5-6).

The pastors and congregation members of the traditional Christian Council of Korea (CCK) today have completely added and taken away from the Book of Revelation. The CCK stubbornly holds to the traditions which will disappear (refer to Rv 21:1). They persecute Shincheonji—those who keep the new covenant. The actions of the CCK are no different from those of the Pharisees who stubbornly held on to their traditions and persecuted Jesus who testified to the revealed word at the First Coming. If the pastors and congregation members of the CCK understood the meaning of the New Testament and Revelation, they would run to Shincheonji. Instead they have turned away from God and the Bible and have become one with the world. They are blinded and are being carried away by authority, fame, and money. If they knew what would happen to them at the end of the age, which the Bible explains, they would change their ways. The blind pastors and their congregation members see the promised word (Revelation) and its fulfillment but they do not understand. They are carrying out wicked actions after wicked actions because they are being controlled by Satan.

Eventually, they will pay the price at the hour of judgment for what they have done. The one who received the white stone (Rv 2:17) will judge them. We, Shincheonji, have testified to the fulfillment of Revelation on numerous occasions that people are without excuse (refer to Jn 15:22). Nevertheless, we, Shincheonji, pray fervently that they may understand and believe the Word, and receive salvation through the grace of God.