Those who Believe and Those who do not Believe

Main references: Jn 16:8-11 (Lk 18:8, Rv 21:8)

Jesus spoke of those who believe and those who do not believe. What kind of people are they? “Those who believe” believe in God’s word of promise and keep it, but “those who do not believe” do not believe in the promise and do not keep it.

Although Adam and Eve heard of God’s promise, they betrayed Him because they did not keep it. As a result, they were destroyed and thrown into the fires of hell. The people of Israel came out of Egypt and were close to entering Canaan, but they did not have faith or obey God’s Word, so they were destroyed and perished in the desert. In the same way, Physical Israel did not believe the words of the Old Testament prophets. They did not obey it, so they did not receive salvation at the time of Jesus’ First Coming and had the kingdom of heaven taken away from them (Mt 21:33-46).

If it is important to keep promises made with man, then how much more important is it to keep the promises made with God? If someone does not keep his promise with God, how can he call himself a believer of God? Anyone who believes in the promise and keep it will receive heaven and eternal life, but anyone who does not believe in the promise will receive the eternal punishment in hell. These are the outcomes for keeping or not keeping God’s promise.

What we have to believe in is the prophecy of the New Testament. Having a true faith is to see this prophecy being fulfilled, believe in it, and act accordingly. Someone may think that he is carrying out a life of faith, but if he does not know the meaning behind the promises of the New Testament and does not know what content is in it, then how can he perceive and believe when the promises fulfill? The Bible, especially the New Testament, speaks of the true God and the false god who is the devil and Satan. Contents on God’s Word and Satan’s word are also written in there. There are also events that must take place in the future. The Bible also shows that the result for those who believe and those who do not believe is either heaven or hell, eternal life or eternal punishment. Therefore, not everyone who says, “Lord, Lord” will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of God (Mt 7:21).

The Bible is not a book from the world but a book from God. The things of the world are not written in it but the things about heaven and hell. Those who understand the Word of God and keep it will receive heaven and eternal life, but those who do not know, who do not understand, and who do not act according to the words of the promise will go to hell.

God made the promises (prophecies) of the Old Testament and came with Jesus, the promised pastor, according to those promises to His people and nation. However, the people did not accept Jesus but persecuted him and became his greatest enemy (Jn 1:11-14). This is the result of not knowing the words of promise. That is why God promised that, regardless of physical lineage, anyone who believes in Jesus (the name of Jesus), in other words, anyone who is reborn of God will become a child of God (Jn 3:5, 1Pt 1:23). The seed that allows someone to be reborn is the seed of God (Lk 8:11), and those who are reborn of God’s seed will become the children of the true God and live with Him as His family in heaven.

In earlier days, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and all the nations of the world were sinners born of the gene of Adam, the sinner, and they were people with whom the spirit of Satan dwelled (snake). However, after Jesus, regardless of the physical lineage, anyone who is born of God will become His child and receive salvation.

Thus, the fruits (Rv 14:14-16) of the seed sown by Jesus (Mt 13:24, 37) are harvested and sealed (Rv 7) at the Second Coming (today), creating a new kingdom and people of God as promised. This is the new heaven and the new earth of Rv 21. The previous pastors and church members of the traditional churches come to an end (Rv 21:1). Those who believe in this will know whether they must belong to the previous or the latter to receive salvation, heaven, and eternal life. Those who believe will know.

The reason people did not believe at the time of the Old Testament’s fulfillment, the New Testament’s fulfillment, at the time of Noah and Lot, is that they were born in the line of sinners. They were not reborn. As a result, they were not able to fully believe, and they remained outside the Bible. They were outside the Word, superficially saying that they believe.

A true believer does not believe in the Christian Council of Korea (CCK) of this world, but they believe in the true God and His word of promise. The CCK is a church of Korea not a church of heaven. Like the Tower of Babel, which crumbled in confusion, various denominations may have come together to form one group, the CCK, but they are internally divided in their doctrines and laws. A pastor of one denomination is not allowed to stand at the pulpit of another denomination and preach. This is because each denomination has its own doctrines and laws.

Just as Physical Israel did not believe in Jesus at his first coming, the CCK of the corrupt Spiritual Israel definitely does not believe in the one who overcomes, the promised pastor of Rv chapter 2 and 3 (refer to Lk 18:8). At the First Coming, the Old Testament fulfilled, and at the Second Coming the New Testament fulfills. Just as Physical Israel did not believe in the fulfillment of the Old Testament, the CCK of Spiritual Israel does not believe in the fulfillment of the New Testament. If they do not believe, they will become the greatest enemies like those at the First Coming.

The CCK has not separated only into two, but it has already divided into several different parties. Today, the religious world (Christianity) is being divided into two parts. One is the new kingdom and new people of God and the other is the traditional denomination of the previous generation. As shown in the New Testament, this is an unchangeable fact that is bound to happen, which no man can change or avoid. Only those who are born of God’s seed, harvested, sealed, have not added or taken away from the book of Revelation, who belong to the twelve tribes of God’s new kingdom, and have their names written in the book of life will receive salvation. These are the people who believe in the New Testament and act according to it.

It is written in Jn 16:8-11 that it is a sin to not believe in Jesus (the one sent by Jesus). He said that those who do not believe will be sent to the fiery lake in hell. What we must believe in today is the physical reality of Revelation that fulfilled.