The Identities of God and the Devil, the Work they Do, and the Reason Behind the Work They Do

Main reference: Dt 28 (Rv 2, 3, Rv 19:6-10)

What are the identities of God and the devil? What do they do? What is the reason behind the work they do?

◆ The identities of God and the devil

God is the one and only self-existent Creator (Gn 1:1, Ex 3:13-15). The devil, also called Satan, dragon, and the ancient serpent (Rv 12:9, Rv 20:2), is a created being; he is one of the wild animals that God had created (Gn 3:1). According to Ezekiel chapter 28, one of the four living creatures (man, eagle, ox, and lion; Rv 13:1-2 wild beast), the archangels, exalted himself to be like God and betrayed Him, becoming Satan.

◆ The work that God does and the work that the devil does

God keeps His people from committing the sin of worshipping other gods. He lets them know the difference between sin and righteousness and saves them by giving them a promise, the forgiveness of sin, and life. The devil deceives God’s people into committing the sin of betrayal. He exalts himself and acts like God. He destroys the things of God with his own teachings and makes the chosen people commit sexual immorality with his spirit. He takes what belongs to God and makes it his possession and destroys God’s chosen people.

◆ The reason behind what they do

God’s intention is to take back the entire world and His people whom He had lost due to Adam’s sin and govern over them. The devil’s intention is to become God and make the world believe him, so that it can become his which he can rule over.

The true God created the Bible to make known what happened in the past to those who are not aware of it and make known the true God and Satan, the devil. He let the people know the history of the religious world. Through the Word which is the truth, He spoke of the past, the present, and the future. History, moral instructions, prophecies, and fulfillment are written in the Bible. The prophecies are promises of events that will be fulfilled in the future (future events). There are prophecies that God’s people will betray, that Satan will interfere with God’s work, and that the true God will free His people who are held captive by Satan (refer to Rv 17:14, 18:4). This is the work of salvation, and these are the prophecies recorded in the Bible.

However, Jesus prophesied about the “hidden things from of old” (secrets of heaven) in parables according to God’s will (Ps 78:2). He spoke in parables so that Satan and his pastors will not know the secrets (Mt 13:10-15). Therefore, anyone who does not know such meanings of the Bible cannot know the true God, Satan, the betrayers, or the destroyers. That is why the Scripture says that if anyone adds to or takes away from Revelation, he will not enter the kingdom of heaven but will receive curses (plagues).

Carrying out a life of faith is not a joke. It is not a game. Faith is not to be used for national interest or as moral lessons for personal success in daily life. It is not used for politics of the world or to gain authority and money. Just as God prophesied and fulfilled it throughout the 4,000 years from Adam’s time to the First Coming, God will fulfill the prophecies He made in the New Testament. What is fulfilling is not the work done by the world. It is God’s work. God promised to create His kingdom. He promised to seize Satan the devil who has been ruling over the world for 6,000 years and to finally establish His kingdom where He can come and reign.

Jesus said that the time of Revelation’s fulfillment, the time of his second coming, will be like the days of Noah and Lot (Lk 17:26-30). During the time of Noah, only eight people received salvation and during the time of Lot, only three people received salvation (Gn 7:13, 1 Pt 3:20, Gn 19). The believers around the world today diligently attend churches, pray, faithfully serve, and give offerings and tithes, believing that they are saved and that they will enter heaven and live eternally. The reality of the situation today is different from what the Bible says about salvation. According to the New Testament, there is not even a single person among the believers in their current state who can receive salvation. They are far beyond corrupt and their wickedness is at its worst. There is not one person who lives a life of faith according to the Word of God. They are all close to destruction.

If judgment begins now, everyone will be judged according to his deeds as recorded in the Bible. Have you carried out a life of faith according to the Word? Can you answer this question with confidence? You probably cannot. We must all repent just as Jesus said to repent at the First Coming (Mt 3:2, Mt 4:17). However, we must know the Word first to repent. People do not realize what they lack in or what they did wrong. They do not know the name of the church (denomination) belonging to God, God’s will, their own identities, their own pastors and churches, and God’s organization and Satan’s organizations. Only those who are harvested, sealed, and born again will recognize these, and only those who recognize these can belong to God’s new kingdom the twelve tribes (Rv 21:1 new heaven new earth = Shincheonji). They will receive salvation by having their names written in the book of life (Rv 7, Rv 21:27). When people say that they are saved, that they received salvation even though these things did not happen to them, they speak out of arrogance (Jer 7:10).

Everyone must return and be in the Word. They must be born again. God and the messenger of God and Jesus (Rv 22:16) are crying out to all like Noah so that they may believe in the one who speaks these words of God.