The Beginning and the End of the War between God and Satan

Main reference: Rv 21 (Rv 19 ~ 20)

When did the war between God and Satan begin? When does it end? The war began in Genesis 3 and ends in Revelation at the second coming of the Lord (Rv 21:6).

The war between God and Satan is not a war between the nations of the world. It started when a guardian cherub betrayed God (Ez 28). The war began because this cherub that betrayed became Satan and deceived Eve.

Because Satan, Adam, and Eve betrayed and sinned, God had to hand over the world to Satan and leave. Satan began to rule over the world, and since then, the people have been changing into his image. God who left mankind (Gn 6) has been working for 6,000 years to restore the world.

God appointed Noah and destroyed with a flood the world of Adam that sinned. The world of Noah also sinned like the time of Adam. Sin entered the world again because, though God had destroyed the people, he did not destroy the spirit, Satan. That is why sin remained.

God appointed Moses and put an end to the world of Noah that sinned. He then established Physical Israel and had the people keep the law and offer the blood of the lamb as atonement for sin. However, this did not completely get rid of sin. At the time of King Solomon, they committed sin again like Adam and Eve by worshipping gentile gods (1 Kgs 11, Hos 6:7).

When someone sins, it shows that Satan has taken control. This sin can be resolved not by the blood of lambs but only by the blood of a righteous man who has no sin (Heb 10) and by capturing Satan. This is because Satan’s power begins from sin. So God promised through the Old Testament prophets what He will fulfill in the future. He sent Jesus, a righteous man, according to His promise.

▼ Satan’s misunderstanding:

Satan first tempted Jesus (Mt 4), but Jesus did not fall for the test. Also, Satan thought that God would have no place to set His foot in this world if he killed Jesus, the temple of God (refer to 1 Cor 3:9). And he thought that every person would follow Jesus if he is not killed, which means that Satan’s authority and influence in the world will decrease while Jesus’ authority and influence increase. That is why Satan killed Jesus. Little did he know that when Jesus bore the cross and shed his blood, he paid the price for man’s sin and made the atonement of sin possible. Satan did not know that all people of the world can receive salvation by believing in Jesus. That is why Jesus said, “But I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself” (Jn 12:32). Although Jesus had the power to judge mankind like the time of Noah and Lot, he did not bring judgment but bore the cross according to God’s will (refer to Mt 26:53-54).

When does the blood of righteousness that was shed on the cross take effect? Where does it take effect? How? It has been 2,000 years since Jesus bore the cross, but the world did not become more righteous. It became more confused and corrupt. Wickedness has been causing chaos. The place where sin and wickedness are found the most is none other than the world of religion. About 80% of the wars around the world are caused by religious conflicts. Are these the actions of love and good deeds that come from the righteous Way?

Let’s look into the Word of God and Jesus. What did God say about His will being done? And how and when will it be done? Jesus’ blood that was shed 2,000 years ago is needed to fight and overcome the group of the dragon at the time of Revelation (Rv 12). And it is needed to make the kingdom and priests of God (Rv 5). It is also needed to establish the twelve tribes and create the multitude (people) by washing their robes and making them white with the blood (receive forgiveness of sins) (Rv 7).

God has been waiting for this day, because the blood that Jesus shed at Golgotha 2,000 years ago takes effect at the time when Revelation’s prophecy fulfills. And the blood is needed to create God’s kingdom of priests and the multitude (people) in white.

Therefore, salvation through Jesus’ blood happens at the time of Revelation’s fulfillment. At this time, those who believe in the promise of Jesus receive salvation. We know well that the fulfillment of God’s will, salvation, and the creation of the new kingdom all happen at the time of Revelation’s fulfillment.

There is another important event at the time of Revelation. After Adam sinned, Satan the dragon has been ruling over the world for 6,000 years because he was not seized and locked up. So God appointed a new pastor in every era, but the world always returned to sin. However, today at the time of Revelation, the dragon has been seized and locked in the abyss, so the world is becoming a place where God reigns (Rv 20:1-3, 19:6). That is why, if we act according to the promise of God, every work we do will go well.

The war between God and Satan lasted for 6,000 years from the time of Adam to today. God can judge the dragon, because He has won the war by seizing the dragon and locking it in the abyss. The war has ceased, and love and peace have come—so this is the victory of the true God, the Creator. This is the beginning and the end of the war between God and Satan.

Anyone who knows the will of the Bible and the fulfillment of the New Testament will say the same thing. No one can know the will of God, the prophecy, or its fulfillment through the authority, honor, and doctrine taught by men. They will go against the will of God which will lead to judgment.

We truly want to let the people know the promise of God, its meaning, and fulfillment. We want to make known the way to cross over from death to life.