Shincheonji True light Church Volunteer Activity

“Beautiful Cosmos of the Autumn”

Hello~ ^-^
Are you too busy and missing out the experience of beautiful autumn weather?
How about taking a moment of your day and enjoy the scenery of beautiful fall sky, smell the cosmos on the side of the street?

Shincheonji volunteers of the True Light Church went out to volunteer on the beautiful day of September, 2015~
There are two places that the volunteers go twice a month, and they offer hair cut services to elderly.

First place the volunteers have visited was the nursing home.
There were elderly with respiratory difficulty, communication difficulty, and physically disabled.
All the volunteers wished them fast recovery and spent time with them.

The volunteers gave them hair cut carefully. Although they could not hold the communication long with them,  they treat them with sincerity as if they were their own parents.
봉사1_1 봉사1_2 봉사1_3 봉사2_1

Then, the volunteers visited the Organization for Blind on the 22 of September.
This was their 9th visit there.
They got to know each other well^^

봉사2_2 봉사2_3

They also received eye brow trim service!


Shincheonji the True Church volunteers volunteer regularly. They actively communicate and involve in their community by doing volunteer activities such as hair cut, wall painting, and wheels on meal.

Volunteers will continue to do so for many years to come~~~~~^^