The Owner of the World of Mankind

Main reference: Gn 1 (Rv 21)

The owner of the world of mankind is God, who created the world and all things in it including all mankind. Why would God create pain, birth, old age, sickness, and death in the world of mankind? God is not the one who created the pain and four phases of life.

Then who did that? It was done by the serpent, also known as the dragon, and by people. The archangel in the spiritual realm betrayed God and became the dragon, in other words, Satan (Is 14:12-15, Ez 28:1-19, Rv 12:9, Rv 20:2). Likewise, people did not keep God’s commands, but listened to the words of the dragon (serpent). Because of their betrayal, pain and death entered into the world (refer to Gn 3, Gn 6).

How can we believe this? It cannot be understood with any level of knowledge of the world, but only through revelation from the Creator, that is, the true religion. True religion is learning and teaching the things of heaven.

The true God left the world He had created due to men’s betrayal. As the spiritual dragon, who betrayed, has reigned over the world, people and all creation have degenerated for many years. In other words, people and all creation, which were originally created in God’s image and likeness, have become corrupt as the dragon has reigned over the world.

To restore the original state, we have to fight and defeat the dragon first, and then capture and kill it. We must also have the methods and materials necessary to restore the corrupted creation of heaven and earth. To accomplish His plan for the restoration of all things, God has prepared everything, sent His messengers, and spread His plan throughout the world. This is prophecy.

However, the dragon, who seizes power on earth, knows all this. That is why he has falsely accused and killed every messenger God has sent. He killed not only the prophets of the Old Testament, but also Jesus—the Son of God—and his disciples (Acts 7:51-53, Mt 5:10-12). This is proof that this world has become the world of the dragon, Satan.

Deuteronomy chapter 28 says the winner will gain everything and become the head, but the loser will lose everything and become the tail. Jesus at the First Coming overcame the world (Jn 16:33) and he overpowered the evil spirits that had ruled the spiritual world. Also at the time of Revelation, the time of the Second Coming, Jesus overcomes (refer to Rv 6:2, 17:14) again on the earth. As the group of God fights and overcomes the group of the dragon like Jesus did, the dragon and its group are driven out of heaven and the earth (Rv 12). Therefore, heaven and the earth return to God at the time of the fulfillment of Revelation, and God reigns and heals all things (Rv 19:6, 21:1-5, 22:1-2). For 6,000 years after Adam’s fall, the devil has corrupted things that belong to God according to Satan’s will, and has blamed the innocent even though he is in the wrong. That is why God restores them back into His image and likeness.

God, who is the owner of creation, is life and the tree of life. Satan the dragon, as the one who has the authority of death, has killed all creation, that is, everything. What kind of entity is the dragon—Satan, the snake, the devil (Rv 12:9, 20:2)? Why was he created and by whom? Originally, the snake was one of the creations God created (Gn 3:1). And the figurative snake is Satan.

The four living creatures, that is, the cherubim created by God, are archangels who rule over the heavenly host. One of the four cherubim (archangels) betrayed because of his greed: he sought equality with God. Ezekiel chapter 28 proves this.

The penalty for the betrayal of the one who is not the owner of the world of mankind was death and suffering. Satan, who betrayed and ruled over the world, blocked the passage of revelation between God and man. Because of that, men did not understand the Word and grew far from it, to the point where they did not understand God, the Creator and the deep meaning of His creation (the secrets of the kingdom of heaven). This is ignorance, and God’s people came to be destroyed because they lacked the knowledge of knowing God (Hosea 4:6).

Hence, God sent His messengers each era in advance and made this known to people. But Satan also knew this and killed every messenger. When Cain, the evil one (1Jn 3:12), killed Abel, God listened to the appeal of the blood of the righteous Abel, and God punished Cain. Likewise, it was the wrong judgment and a mistake when Satan the dragon killed the sinless and righteous man, Jesus. God’s kingdom is established (Rv 12:10-11) as those who belong to God overcome Satan the dragon by the blood of the righteous man (Jesus). The priests and the great multitude in white (people) are created by the blood of the righteous man (Rv 5:9-10, 7:9-14). And by fighting and overcoming Satan the dragon, the dragon ends up being captured and bound (Rv 20:1-3).

It is prophesized that when Jesus is lifted up from the earth, he will draw all men to himself (Jn 12:32-33). The fulfillment of this is found in the book of Revelation (Rv 15:4). When the promised book of Revelation is fulfilled, the purpose and hope are achieved, and God, the true owner of the world, comes to rule over all nations. Therefore, anyone who does not know Genesis and Revelation cannot be called a believer, and thus cannot enter the kingdom of heaven, where God is.

The re-creation in the book of Revelation is not the creation of the previous world, but the creation of God’s new world created at the time of Revelation. This new world is the kingdom of heaven—where God, the Creator, reigns—and the world of the people of heaven.