The Identities of the One who Persecutes and the One Who Gets Persecuted

Main reference:
Mt 5:10-12 (Acts 7:51-53, Jn 15:18-24, Mt 23:29-36, Jn 16:1-4, Lk 20:9-16)

Who persecutes and who gets persecuted? Why would someone persecute and why would someone get persecuted? The answer is in John 15:18-24.

There have been two types of gods in the universe since the time of Adam: the one and only God the Creator and the other, a created being that became Satan.

Satan was originally one of God’s creation. When he was in Eden, he was an archangel, one of the four living creatures or cherubs. This cherub believed in his own wisdom and betrayed God so that he can become like God. He also masqueraded as God (refer to Ez 28, 2 Cor 11:13-15).

God dwells with people who are good, gentle, and holy, while Satan dwells with those who resemble him—those who leave the way of righteousness, betray, and commit sin and wickedness. These are the characteristics and actions of the two gods.

The Holy God cannot dwell with the wicked, and the evil spirit cannot dwell with the good and righteous. The congregation members belonging to the holy Spirit cannot dwell with the people belonging to the evil spirit (2 Cor 6:14-18). In the same way, the people of the evil spirit cannot dwell with the people of the holy Spirit. The people of the holy Spirit will speak the truth, which is the word of God, but the people of the evil spirit will speak false teachings, which are lies spoken from the god who betrayed. The people of the evil spirit will do whatever it takes to make others commit the sin of betrayal. Good and evil have been in opposition for 6,000 years.

Let us look at an example, at the forced conversion trainings by the Christian Council of Korea (CCK). The pastors of CCK deceive the parents who do not know the Bible, telling them that their children have fallen into a dangerous heresy. The pastors persuade the parents to force their children to take conversion trainings. The parents lie and deceive their children who are carrying out a life of faith. The parents lie and give a good excuse to meet their children at a certain location (Jn 8:44). Because the parents made this request, the children obey and meet them. When they arrive at the promised destination, a van awaits them. The parents greet them enthusiastically and have their children get in the van. Once they get in, the children realize that they are surrounded by five other people in the van.

The pastors of the forced conversion training instruct the parents to first feed sleeping pills to the child. Then steal the child’s cell phone and duct tape the child’s mouth. When all is finished, they chain the child’s hands and feet.

Once the child wakes up, he or she is in a one-room studio. The parents and another stranger threaten the child to sign the agreement to take the conversion training. The child tries to open the door to escape but the door is locked.

“The parents I believed in have changed. How could this happen? Why are my parents making me look like this in front of these strangers? My parents don’t even know the Bible, so how can they say what is right and wrong? These actions are evil. They are not righteous. Does this mean my parents are evil? Are they liars? My parents beat me and curse at me because I refuse to sign the agreement for the conversion training. My parents say they have already paid the fee for my conversion training and that this is for my sake. Are the actions of the conversion training pastors and of my parents evil or righteous?”

Many people had to temporarily withdraw from school and work to take this conversion training. If they did not choose to take the conversion training, they were looked upon as mentally disabled and placed into mental hospitals. When the children refused to take the conversion training, some parents beat them or shaved their heads. Some stripped their children of their clothes while others banished them from their homes. Then the parents said that the child ran away.

We can see that the parents have been deceived by the wicked men and the evil spirits have already entered them. How can you say that these actions are the actions of God who is righteous? I ask all the people in the world. Is this righteous or evil? If anyone has reason and discernment, would he allow himself to be converted by these wicked men?

Just as Jesus spoke in John chapter 16, some of our congregation members have been beaten to death by these wicked men. I believe that all of you have read about this incident in the newspapers. Because the children refused the conversion, the pastors had the parents hold a one-man protest in front of the churches of new heaven and earth (Shincheonji). The parents protested saying that the church ruined the families—that the church made their child run away from home and encouraged them to drop out of school or work and report their parents to the authorities. They are actually accusing Shincheonji for the actions they themselves have committed. Are such actions directed by God? This is a violation of human rights.

The current state of our country is that a religious leader is a politician and a politician is a religious leader. Many of these violations of human rights are not addressed but ignored by the political leaders. No one can deny the unfair and biased treatment of such matters. These actions cause disorder and break morals and truth. Now is the time that we need a proper religion. Religion will be upright when each pastor is tested for his knowledge of the Bible and when those who possess the skill and knowledge are made into pastors.

We must not say, “This is right and that is wrong,” when we do not know the righteous words of God. Scriptures say that those who get persecuted will receive blessings (Mt 5:7-12), whereas those who persecute will receive the judgment of hell (Mt 23:29-36).

Let us look at the people who got persecuted and those who persecuted in every generation. Jesus said, “Everyone who sins is a slave to sin” (Jn 8:34). The origin of sin is Satan the serpent, the spirit that betrayed.

God foretold through the Old Testament prophets of the work He would do (refer to Amos 3:7, Is 14:24). During that time, the pastors of Satan killed the prophets who proclaimed the works of God. The pastors of the temple of Jerusalem also called Jesus, who fulfilled the Old Testament, and his disciples heretics and killed them. Did the people who killed the disciples and prophets realize that they were the pastors of Satan? They believed that they were the only orthodoxy and the truth, the servants and the true pastors of God. They called everyone else who were apart from them as heretics and killed them. Do you think that they considered their actions as evil? If they had believed God and His Word and had the word of the truth and righteousness, would they have committed those murderous actions like Calvin?

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter, who acquit the guilty for a bribe but deny justice to the innocent (Is 5:20-23). Who are they? Aren’t they the pastors of the forced conversion training of CCK? Aren’t they doing the same murderous actions of Calvin?

The two largest religious organizations in the island of Mindanao, Philippines were at war for 40 years. The government forces (Catholics) and the rebel forces (Islam) have been clashing and were unable to solve this conflict because both leaders were citizens of Mindanao. Both were leaders of the two largest religious organizations and both wanted to become the higher leader. About 12,000 people lost their lives in this religious conflict.

As stated before, CCK stands for the Christian Council of Korea. They have great authority and have many members. The government and the political leaders cannot go against CCK because they receive much of CCK’s support during the elections. They cannot go against CCK or treat them carelessly. In fact, many members of CCK have become political leaders. That is why the government turns a blind eye to CCK’s wrongdoings. Even though new heaven and earth carry out righteous deeds, righteousness is not praised as written in Isaiah 5:20-23. If someone not affiliated with a religious organization were to use money to become a pastor in new heaven and earth, the same way CCK members bribe each other during the election to obtain the high positions in CCK, then he would have already been sent to jail by now.

But now, the situation is different. CCK is losing their church members rapidly and it is dividing amongst itself into two’s and three’s. On the other hand, the new heaven and earth is rapidly growing. Many religions, political leaders, and citizens around the world united with new heaven and earth. Who is greater? God does not look at the size of an organization, but He looks for people who act according to God’s will.

Those who believe in God’s promise and keep it are the true believers. God will not acknowledge those who carry out their life of faith for the purpose of gaining authority, title, and money. As seen in Revelation 20:12, everyone will be judged by the books, which is the Word, according to what they have done (Jn 12:48). The result of judgment is either heaven or hell. At the time of judgment, those who persecuted cannot deny their actions and those who got persecuted cannot deny it either. Each will be judged according to his actions.

Heaven is eternal life and paradise but hell is eternal punishment and suffering. The choice is yours, but I pray that you will receive salvation by believing and keeping the word of God.