Man’s Flesh, Soul, and Spirit

Main reference: Gn 2, Ez 37

God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, created a man (Adam) from dust and breathed in the “breath of life.” The man became a living being who began to walk and talk as a person of God.

In Ezekiel chapter 37, the son of man testified the word of God to those who only had dry bones like dust. The bones moved and the flesh and tendons were formed, but they had no breath of life in them. Then God’s word was testified regarding the breath saying, “Prophesy to the breath; prophesy, son of man, and say to it, ‘This is what the Sovereign LORD says: Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe in to these slain, that they may live.” Through the breath of life that entered them, they came to life out from the grave. God poured down His spirit on them allowing them to live with the spirit of God.

Let us reorganize the content above. There are bones, the breath of life, and God. Even if there are bones, in other words flesh, there must be the breath of life. Even if one has the breath of life, he needs God’s spirit to guide his flesh. The one who has both the breath of life and God (spirit) is a living person who is one with God, but the one who does not have the breath of life and God (spirit) is dead and a mere flesh.

A person’s flesh (house) has the breath of life, a spirit, and a soul. The soul helps the flesh and the spirit helps the soul. The spirit can leave and enter the flesh. In other words, the spirit is not bound by the flesh and has no limits to where it goes. The soul stays together with the breath of life and the flesh but leaves when the flesh dies. The breath of life is neither the spirit nor the soul. It is the living strength that sustains the flesh. When the flesh (house) no longer has the breath of life it perishes, and the spirit and soul leave because they can no longer live within that person. When this happens, the spirit goes up to heaven, while the soul goes to the earth. Though the spirit and soul are immortal, the flesh perishes and returns to dust. There are two types of spirits and two types of souls because there are two types of seeds (God’s seed and the devil’s seed).

As long as the soul still remains with the person, the flesh will continue to live and breathe even when the spirit leaves the flesh temporarily in a dream. When this happens, the flesh will simply not talk. Just as it is written in Genesis chapter 1, “Let us make man in our image and in our likeness,” when the spirit within a person comes out, its appearance is the same as that of the flesh. It has the same form—it dresses the same, and sees the same world. However, it is not bound by time and distance like the flesh. Regardless, the flesh and its spirit are one. That is why, when a person who is asleep is shaken, his spirit immediately returns and the person wakes up from his dream. As such, the flesh and the spirit are not related in distance and time.

A person who woke up from his sleep still has memories of going to far distances. He remembers seeing many things, meeting many people, and experiencing many interesting events. The person never left his room or his bed, however. What went out to far distances and returned was his spirit. Even after it returned, the spirit remembers the time when it was far away from the flesh. It is not the flesh that remembers what it saw and heard, but it is the spirit that remembers. What left and saw things was not the flesh but the spirit.

At the time of Jesus’ first coming, Jerusalem’s breath of life from God was dead because Jerusalem was controlled by the serpents, the Pharisees, who were also the trees of the knowledge of good and evil. The dead was able to resurrect to life from the grave by coming to Jesus, the tree of life, and by receiving the breath of life (Jn 5:25-29). Because they received the breath of life, the spirit of God (holy Spirit) was granted to them also (Acts 2:1-4).

Even at the time of Revelation’s fulfillment, God’s final work, the people are destroyed and they receive judgment in Revelation chapter 6. According to chapters 8, 9, and 12, the people die 1/3 at a time. This is to what the destruction is referring. What kind of death was this? Their living spirits that they once received from God died and they became mere flesh. However, they live again by receiving the breath of life and the spirit of God, just as it is written in Ezekiel chapter 37 and John chapter 5.

God left Adam and Eve because they sinned, and their spirits died as a result. They returned to dust.

Even today at the time of Revelation, the people whose spirits had died can live again when they receive the breath of life (the revealed word) and when God’s spirit enters them. This breath of life is also the hidden manna in Revelation chapter 2 and the revealed word that can save all people in Revelation chapter 10.

The water of life, which the messenger chosen by the heavens brings (promised pastor), is the food all nations must eat to receive eternal life. Therefore, I pray that everyone may meet the promised pastor and receive the blessing of life that is greater than the entire universe.