God’s Kingdom and Priests Purchased with the Blood

Main references: Rv 5:9-10 (Rv 1:5-6, Ex 19:5-6, Rv 7:3)

What kind of kingdom and priests are those which are God’s kingdom and priests purchased with the blood, and what kind of blood is that blood?

The kingdom refers to the sealed 144,000 of the twelve tribes that are harvested at the time when Revelation is fulfilled. The priests refer to the pastors who lead the service or sacrifices offered to God. The blood refers to the blood of Jesus Christ.

As seen in Hebrews 10, offering sacrifices according to the Law of Moses or with the blood of oxen (bulls) and sheep (goats) can never take away sins so God prepared a body, which was Jesus Christ (Heb 10:1-5, Ps 40:6-8). This speaks of taking away sins with the blood of a sinless, righteous man instead of the blood of sheep (goats). The price of sin for that man was death, and only the blood of the righteous Jesus could take away those sins.

Due to the sin of man, Satan, the beginning of sin, held the people (sinners) so that they became possessions of Satan and death reigned [throughout the world]. It is said that men were “purchased” with the blood of Jesus because the blood of Jesus was the price for taking away sins. Therefore, if it were not for the blood of Jesus, no one could be freed from sin. In Luke 8:27-32, Jesus was met by a demon-possessed man, and Jesus commanded the evil spirit to come out of that man. The evil spirit (Satan) that came out of that man begged Jesus “not to order them to go into the Abyss, but to let them go into a large herd of pigs”, and he gave them permission. (The name of the evil spirit was ‘Legion’ for many demons had gone into the man.) Since it was not the right time for Satan to go into the Abyss, [Jesus let them] go into a large herd of pigs. However, today is different. Now, the right time has come to throw them into the Abyss (Rv 20:1-3).

When Jesus made the new covenant with his blood and said, “I will not drink again of the fruit of the vine until the kingdom of God comes (Lk 22:16-20).” This [fruit of the vine] was his own blood and flesh. And since he said that anyone who eats this blood and flesh has eternal life (Jn 6:51-57), this blood is the blood of the covenant.

This blood takes effect at the time of Revelation. In Revelation 5, Jesus purchases men with his blood to make them into a kingdom and priests, and in Rv 7:14, those who wash their robes with the blood of Jesus and receive forgiveness for their sins become the multitude (people) dressed in white. And in Revelation 12, [the brothers] fight against and overcome the group of the dragon through the blood of Jesus and the word of their testimony. Since it is said that the power and the salvation of God can come by overcoming, there will be no salvation, power, or kingdom of God until [we] overcome through the blood of Jesus.

Regardless of this fact that God has told us, immature believers say, “I received salvation and the Holy Spirit”. So what would God think about those immature believers who are ignorant of this promised Word? God would ask them why they do not believe in the promise. When God tells us to believe, He means to see and believe when the promise is fulfilled (Jn 14:29). To understand and believe the promise that has been fulfilled is to believe the one who made the promise.

God fulfilled what He had promised with Abraham at the time of Moses (Gn 15, Ex 12). He fulfilled everything that He had promised through the Old Testament prophets at the First Coming of Jesus (Jn 19:30), and He said that He would fulfill everything that Jesus had promised in the New Testament at the time of Revelation’s fulfillment (Rv 21:6).

At the time of the fulfillment of Revelation, the 144,000 priests and the great multitude dressed in white made through the blood of Jesus are not the pastors and the congregation members of former traditional churches, but are the new pastors and the new congregation members who have been harvested and sealed. They are the new people, the new nation, and the twelve tribes that God promised. Until now, the traditional churches have preached the gospel about the promise in the New Testament that will be fulfilled to the whole world (Mt 24:14). The appointed task of the traditional churches is to preach the New Testament, but when the New Testament is fulfilled, the traditional churches will come to an end and a new nation and new people will be created (Rv 6 ~ 7, 13 ~ 14).

This new nation and new people are the 144,000 priests and the great multitude dressed in white. It is this new nation and the new people that God, Jesus, and his disciples preached about in the New Testament. Today, the messenger who speaks on behalf of God (Jesus), sent by Jesus, has come to let us know about things (Rv 22:16) like how Jesus came in the name of God and the messenger who speaks on behalf of God (Jesus) is sent to the churches in the name of Jesus (Jn 14:26) at the time when Revelation is fulfilled. Not accepting him is the equivalent to not accepting Jesus. Whoever has read Ezekiel chapter 3 should understand what this means.

The blood that Jesus shed 2,000 years ago is for today’s kingdom of God and priests, and the great multitude dressed in white. So, the work of today has all been fulfilled through the blood of Jesus according to the promise. Yet, not a single person who does not believe in the promise of God and carries out a life of faith with the idea and thought of a man can be saved. Also, the one who does not believe in the word of the messenger who has been sent cannot be saved. Only the ones who believe in the promise of Revelation and who are sealed become the chosen people of the new kingdom that is being newly created.