Hee, Who Am I?

I was born from the light of heaven. Therefore, before I was born, my grandfather named me ‘light’ and once I was born, I was called ‘light’. I believed in God ever since I was young, and I believed that God was omnipotent. I learned how to pray from my grandfather. Once I grew older, I began to pray every morning and night on my own, and on Sundays, I went up to the mountains to pray. I had never gone to church.

My house (family) was very, very poor. We were poorer than the beggars. But one night, a bright star came to me from the sky, and it came for three straight days. By the guidance of the star, I met the person of heaven, swore with my blood that I would dedicate my life to God, and I was led to church. The church I finally found myself at was the Tabernacle Temple in Gwacheon, a place that many people called a heresy. I did not go there because of someone. I went through the command of heaven after a week of prayer. I left a few years later, and I went back to my rural hometown to take part in the New Community Movement.

Then, one day, I met the person of heaven, the Lord from heaven again, was anointed, and led to the Tabernacle Temple that I had left before. However, many of the members of the Tabernacle Temple refused to meet me. Afterwards, I followed the will of God and met each member one by one and for 3 years, we went from mountain to mountain in the wilderness and held meetings.

Afterwards, we started the church in the basement of Bisan-dong apartment in Anyang, moved up to the ground level, and eventually established a 78-pyeong church in Indukwon. Afterwards, we moved the church to Gwacheon.

This history has already been 30 years in the making. There are almost 144,000 members. It seems like just yesterday when I began my life of faith and left my hometown, but time flies like an arrow. Now the revelation of the kingdom of heaven, the eternal gospel is being preached all over the world.

My determination is based only on the Bible. Through adversities, my eyes for heaven and the Bible were opened. I learned about the fulfillment of the book of Revelation, the last part of God’s history. I saw and heard the physical fulfillment at the actual scene. What I saw and heard was the prophecy that was promised, and the fulfillment of the prophecies. This is the Bible that we must believe, and the works of Revelation that is the end of the Bible.

My duty, after knowing the fulfillment of the promise (the prophecy of Revelation) is not easy. It is the most precious duty like the duty of God and Jesus. The prophecy is important, the physical fulfillment is important and spreading the fulfillment to everyone is also important. My duty is to spread this message to the churches, harvesting and sealing in order to create the 144,000 priests and the multitude in white.

Will they listen to my words when they do not listen to God and Jesus? The believers of this generation do not know the words of the Bible, and they have no interest in it. Furthermore, there is not even one who knows Revelation in all the Earth. Satan has a hold of everyone and he disturbs them when they are learning the Bible. The people also accuse my works of being heresy.

God and Jesus have promised and testified the words of Revelation for ages, and they have let me know what no one else was allowed to know. It was so that I would testify and act according to it. But if I do not do this and give up, then Satan will dance and God and Jesus will be disappointed. Then what would make me different from Adam and Eve? I must be willing to give up my life to be faithful to God, like Jesus. Moses resented God because of his duty and the complaints of the people, and he even asked God to kill him (Nm 11:1~15). How torturous was it that he asked for death?

So who am I? Now is not the time of the Law of Moses, but it is the time of Revelation, the end of God’s history. The life of mankind depends on this. I have also proclaimed the cessation of war and world peace just as Jesus. To put this into effect, I have gone around the world over and over. I always wanted to speak about Revelation and the physical fulfillment. But it is night in the world. What kind of night is it? It is the night without the light, which is the Word. It says in the Bible that the light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it (Jn 1:5). Therefore, just as Jesus, I cried out for peace and the unity of religion. I believed in God, I believed in Jesus, and I believed in the promise of the Bible like Jesus so I cried out. I know the Bible’s history and its purpose better than anyone else. Even more, I know the physical fulfillments of Revelation which is the lifeline of mankind.

Look at the Christian Council of Korea (CCK)[1] who is working with the organization of the seven heads and ten horns of the dragon from Revelation chapter 13. They are collapsing day by day. What is the reason? Their gods cannot help them. The CCK is spiritual Babylon. The members are like people in a country without an owner. They continuously wander and talk nonsense. The night after the sunset is making them bewildered.

The authenticity of the CCK is a “money” basket, and the Bible says that they are the orthodox of Satan (Mt 5:11~12, Acts 7:51~53, Mt 23:29~30, Lk 20:9~16). Do they not act in the same manner of the teachers of the law and the Pharisees at the time of the first coming? They have declared war. We have declared peace.

Let me ask the CCK. Is the CCK being recognized all over the world? Whose money is each pastor using to sell and buy each position within the CCK?

Is this Christianity? Is this God’s righteousness? Is this the teachings of God? We wish to create peace without war and leave it as a legacy for the future generations.

Why is this wrong? It seems as though all the evil spirits of the world in Revelation 16 have come to the CCK and are working through it.

Who am I? I saw all the events of Revelation, which is the promise of God, being fulfilled at the scene, I ate the book sent from heaven and received the instructions from heaven, and I am the peace advocate sent to the churches like Jesus (Rv 22:16).

Jesus said to Philip, “Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or at least believe on the evidence of the evidence of the miracles themselves” (Jn 14:10~11). In the same way, I tell them to believe through my works that Jesus (God) is within me.

It is not easy to go around the world once with many people (the World Peace Delegation), and is it easy to meet the heads of state, chief justices, and judges of each nation? However, I met all of them successfully, and I believe that the reason why we could travel around the world multiple times is because heaven was with us.

The creation of God’s promised new Kingdom, the 12 tribes of 144,000 priests and the multitude of white is being fulfilled in Shincheonji just like the promise of Revelation. They have been harvested and sealed. This is the promise of God, the fulfillment, the harvest and the restoration.

Who am I? I do not exist. I am dead. I am living because Jesus lives in my physical body. If I were alive, I would die, but I will live if Jesus lives within me. Just like those who had Jesus within them could live (in spirit) at the first coming, those who have Jesus within them at the second coming will also not die. This is the new creation that has been reborn. Can there be a resurrection without change? We are no longer eggs, but chicks. This is the new being, and the image created as the words of Genesis 1:26~27.