God’s Love, Peace, Truth, and Life Satan’s Persecution, Curses, Lies, and Death

Main reference: 1 Jn 4, Mt 23

God is the Creator of the heaven and the earth. He gave His love, peace, and blessings to everything He had created. He also gave truth and life so that they can all live. On the other hand, the serpent is a creation (Gn 3:1) who once was an archangel, one of the four living creatures, but ultimately became Satan (devil) by leaving and betraying God. Greedy to become like God, he persecutes and curses God and all creations. Satan lies and kills anyone who does not belong to his army. We can distinguish whether a believer belongs to God or Satan by his actions.

Satan, the devil, and the pastors and congregation members who belong to Satan, devoured the entire earth after Adam’s fall. Whenever God sent His messengers to restore all creation, those belonging to Satan did not remain idle, but persecuted and killed God’s messengers (Mt 5:11-12, Acts 7:51-53). God’s messengers testified to what happened in the past, the reality of the present, and what is to come (prophecy) to the people. A promised pastor then came to fulfill that promise (prophecy) (Jn 19:30, Rv 21:6). Satan knows very well that when God’s prophecy fulfills, he will lose his place on earth and as a result, will be punished in the lake of burning sulfur forever and ever. Therefore, Satan curses and lies to prevent the prophecy from fulfilling. One would not be able to remain oblivious to the identity of Satan and those who belong to him when the evidences are so clear.

He who is sent by God speaks God’s word like God and testifies to what he has seen and heard in heaven (Jn 3:31-34). He is the one who proclaims love, peace, forgiveness, and blessings. However, Satan cannot do such things. Whenever God’s messenger comes and does the work that God promised, Satan uses his army, that is, the false pastors and their congregation members to wage war against God. They plant in thorns and thistles, which are like minefields, to rid of any place that God’s messenger can stand. With the intention to persecute, they hire watchers to stand in every corner to stalk others, capture photos, wiretap phones on anyone, anywhere. They observe the whereabouts of God’s people, formulate and spread lies, and slander to arouse suspicions among the crowd. Just like how the Jews labeled Jesus as a sect and handed him over to Pilate at the First Coming, those who belong to Satan today accuse and rally protests, as a group and in one-man strikes, against God’s messenger and his church. They kidnap and confine God’s people and force them into conversion education. They deny their freedom and make them into their slaves. They threaten and slander with all sorts of personal attacks and educate them with Satan’s teachings so that God’s people will no longer have any place to stand in society.

Because Satan will be cast away from this earth once God’s messenger testifies the fulfillment of God’s promise, those who belong to Satan do everything they can to attack, persecution upon persecution, lies upon lies. They entice and deceive those closest to their target—parents, husbands, and relatives—into forcefully handcuffing their own children and wives, putting them to sleep with sleep medication, and confining them without their consent. Not to mention, they blurt out slanderous words, and force their targets to sign the conversion education agreements, and educate them with false teachings, all to prevent them from believing God’s words of truth. This is how Satan works and how he wages war.

In the past six thousand years of history of the Bible, the prophets and the apostles faced persecutions and passed away in unimaginably excruciating pain. Most of the people who killed them were the pastors of traditional denominations who claimed to believe in God. These pastors, with their corrupt faith, became slaves to authority, fame, money, and ended up creating their own teachings. They accused anyone who did not follow their teachings and even murdered them.

In Hebrews chapter 11 verses 35-38, the agonizing lives of those who were excommunicated to foreign nations (Turkey, etc.) cannot be described with words. The pastors and elders of the chosen people of Jerusalem (Mt 23) persecuted and falsely accused Jesus and the apostles in many forms. They crucified Jesus and mocked him at the cross (Mt 27). They banned (excommunicated) the followers of Jesus out of Israel (Jn 16:2). Despite having been excommunicated to a foreign land with relentless persecution and pain, the apostles spread the gospel until they breathed their last breath.

Why do the pastors of the Christian Council of Korea (CCK) today, who are aware of all of these things that happened, persecute Shincheonji with their so-called traditional religious authority without verifying the facts once, without attempts to communicate or participate in an open discussion proposed by Shincheonji, or without attending the Bible seminars to hear the word?

We, Shincheonji, are the new heaven and new earth as the name states. We do not belong to any denomination of worldly churches. We are not the corrupt and obsolete traditional denomination. Rather, we are God’s new creations created as promised in Revelation. Any religious authority or teachings that are not promised and given by God but are created within the denomination is lawlessness. The coercive conversion education that violates the freedom of religion (refer to Jn 8:31-36) is lawlessness. It goes against the law. Between the CCK and Shincheonji, which one is the new creation that has been created according to the promise of the Bible? Determine for yourself.

Living according to the promised scripture is what it means to be a true believer. The laws made through the religious authority of the people who do not know the true meaning of the Bible are nothing more than self-made laws. They cannot be God’s free law. Persecuting, threatening, cursing, and lying against the true believers—those who live a life of faith according to the Bible—are the very actions of Satan, the devil.

Those who believe in God must live a life of faith according to God’s word, the Bible. The word in the beginning is God, and thus God’s word is God (Jn 1:1). Actions based on one’s own personal judgment apart from God’s word are lawlessness, and they cannot be anything but Satan’s actions.

God told us to love, forgive, and bless one another. Those who hate, threaten, curse, persecute, and lie are the ones who receive Satan’s spirit (refer to Jn 8:44, 2 Pt 2). To whom do you belong—God or Satan?

One receives judgment according to what he has done as recorded in the Bible. The result is heaven or hell (Rv 20:12-15, Jn 12:48).