A True Believer and a False Believer

Main reference: Hos 4:6

How are a true believer and a false believer different?

A true believer is one who realizes the Word of promise and believes it, and a false believer is one who is ignorant of the Word and pretends to believe for money, honor, and authority regardless of the Word. False believers pretend to know even though they do not know the meaning of the Word of promise. They arbitrarily interpret the Word saying “It’s this, it’s that” and label others unconditionally as heresy using their own thoughts since they do not know the truth even if they hear it. These people use the number of people (their church members) as their power rather than the truth, and become arrogant. Not only this, they also label the traditional church as the true church and always label newly arising denominations as heresy since they do not know God’s Word of promise.

When we look at those who strongly persecute others, most of them do not know God’s Word of promise. How can those people who do not know the Word of the Bible judge others as heresy? On what basis can they call others heresy? Only the ones who have mastered the Bible can judge others as “heresy or orthodoxy.” The ones who do not know the true meaning of the Bible cannot judge others according to their own thoughts and judgment.

If a judge sentences an innocent person to death without knowing the compendium of laws; in other words, rules the death penalty according to his own thoughts because he does not know the law, then that judge would be a murderer. Likewise, to judge a person thoughtlessly without knowing the law of God, the law of heaven, that is, the Word of the Bible, how is it different from a judge who sentences someone to death without knowing the law?

Let me ask the 100 parents who drag their children to coercive conversion education. Have you mastered the Word of the Bible? Have you perceived it? If you do not know anything, then you are no different from a non-believer. Before you decide whether to forcibly take your children to conversion education or not, first you need to verify according to the Word and then see if it is right or wrong. The ones who truly need education are the parents and not their children.

The pastors who take other people’s children to coercive conversion education by force should also first be checked themselves to see if they know the meaning of the prophecies as well as the Word of promise or not, before they take them. Not only this, is there even a single person out of the 100 or even the 1,000 persecutors who know the Word? Is there anyone who has mastered the Bible and know the full meaning? No, there is not. This kind of person who judges others is like a lawless judge who makes a judgment without knowing the law. Even though the New Testament states that the ones who persecutes are Satan’s pastor (Mt 23:29-36, Jn 8:37-59, Acts 7:51-53), they still persecute.

In Revelation 22:18-19, it is recorded that if anyone adds anything to the book of Revelation then God will add to him the plagues, and if anyone takes words away from it, then God will take from him his share in the tree of life and in the holy city. In Revelation 1:3, it says, blessed are those who take to heart what is written in the book of Revelation. So are the ones who add to or take away from the book of Revelation and those who do not take to heart what is written in it have the qualifications to judge others?

However, those who persecute do not even think about their ignorance and lawlessness but continue to judge others. This proves that they are lawless and evil. They are not worth being spoken about or even receiving attention, they are just lawless, evil ones.

The ones who have mastered the Word of life and keep the commandments are the true believers, and the ones who persecute and judge others without knowing the Word and its meaning are the false believers. Whether one is old or young, has authority or not, or has a great number of people (church members) or not, only the one who realizes the true meaning of the Bible and carries out their faith according to its meaning is acknowledged as a believer.

To judge others as heresy by putting up their tradition which will pass away and end, is lawless itself. The Bible says that the traditional churches will end at the time of the Second Coming of the Lord (refer to Mt 13:39, 24:14). The Lord who will come again promised to establish a new kingdom and a new nation. The new kingdom and new nation (Rv 21:1) are today’s New Heaven and New Earth, Shincheonji (Shincheonji, Church of Jesus), and God has promised to come to Shincheonji, Church of Jesus (Rv 3:12, Rv 21).