A general Pastor, a Pastor of Prophecy, and the Promised Pastor

Shincheonji Bible Study-03

Main reference: Rv 2 ~ 3

When an era became corrupt, God destroyed it and promised a new era. The world of Adam and the world of Noah, the world of Noah and the world of Moses, Physical Israel of the world of Moses and Spiritual Israel of the world of Jesus, and Spiritual Israel and New Spiritual Israel. This speaks of the destruction of the former-heaven and the creation of the latter-heaven which has occurred since the time of Adam’s world until the time of the Revelation in the New Testament.

Whenever an era ends, due to the corruption of that generation, a new era begins, it occurs in much the same way as in the days of Noah and Lot (refer to Mt 24:37-39, Lk 17:26-30), in that those who are destroyed are vast in number but those who receive salvation are few, only the seed is left (refer to Is 1:8-9).

When an era comes to an end, due to the corruption of that generation, God prophesied that a new era would come, and considerable time is needed to make known these prophecies. When God fulfills these prophecies, He comes to the promised pastor and fulfills everything through him.

How are a general pastor, a pastor of prophecy, and the promised pastor different? A general pastor is a pastor who preaches what is recorded in the Scripture, a pastor of prophecy is a pastor who makes known the prophecy that will be fulfilled in the future, and the promised pastor is a pastor who testifies to the fulfillment when the promised prophecy is fulfilled.

At the First Coming, Jesus was the pastor promised in the Old Testament. And God promised a pastor who would testify to the fulfillment of Revelation, when it is fulfilled at the Second Coming, as promised in Revelation 2 ~ 3. The promised pastor, the One Who Overcomes, is the one who comes according to the promise, fulfills the book of Revelation with Jesus, and testifies to what is fulfilled.

Thus, a new promised pastor appears whenever one era has passed away and a new era is created. The congregation members of the former era can only receive salvation when they belong to the pastor of the new era. The congregation members who lack in knowledge of the promised pastor living in the last days cannot be saved. This is the “knowledge” stated in Hosea 4:6.

Excluding the false pastors, a pastor of prophecy, who makes known the prophecy or the will of God, a general pastor, who preaches the prophecy recorded in the Scripture to the congregation members, and the promised pastor, who testifies to the fulfillment at the promised time when the prophecy is fulfilled, are all necessary and important. However, the promised pastor is the most important of the three as the new era begins through him and people can only receive salvation when they come to the promised pastor as all nations would have fallen. This is also the time when the pastor of prophecy, the general pastor, and the traditional churches come to an end.

Moses, Jesus, and the One Who Overcomes in Revelation are the true pastors who begin the new era. Our congregation members should know the promised pastor at the time of Revelation more than in any other era because this is the time when the book of Revelation that will come to us is being fulfilled.

The new era that God has promised will come like spring comes after winter is over. So man cannot prevent this from coming. Just like the corrupt era of Adam passed away and the era of Noah came, the era of Noah then passed away and the era of Moses came, and the era of Moses passed and the era of Jesus came, so the era of New Spiritual Israel has come as the era of Spiritual Israel of Jesus has come to an end. The reason people don’t believe this is they don’t believe the Bible.

The churches must have the Word of God. The reason the churches do not have the Word of God is because God does not dwell in those churches, and the reason the people (pastors) do not speak the Word of God is because God does not dwell in them (refer to 1Cor 3: 16-17). These people are not people of God but people of the world. A true church, a true pastor, and the true congregation members are the church, pastor, and congregation members that God or the Word is with.

Jesus said “Sanctify them by the truth” (Jn 17:17-19). The “truth” here is the Word of God. God was also with the Word (Jn 1:1). Therefore since they do not have the Word, they are not holy but sinners and since they are sinners, they have become slaves to sin so their mouths are full of persecution, lies, and curses.

Above all, congregation members must have the Word. And they must meet the true pastor who teaches the Word of God. They can be saved by keeping the Word of promise and once they are saved, they can enter the Kingdom of Heaven.