The Tabernacle that Prepared the Way and the Seven Stars

As in the time of the First Coming, it can also be seen today at the time of the Second Coming (the time of the fulfillment of the Revelation) that the seven stars (messengers) who prepared the way were sent first to begin the work of fulfilling the New Testament.

It all started at Mt. Cheonggae in Gwacheon, South Korea, the nation situated at the very end, the land of the East. In this place, the Tabernacle Temple of the seven stars was built, and in the blink of an eye (in about 3-4 years), as many as 80 branch churches of the Tabernacle Temple were built all over the country. Here the seven stars cut their arteries and took an oath to God with that blood at Mt. Cheonggae, and set out on their way.

These pastors of the seven stars worked again and again without rest. Ardent believers who had heard the news about them gathered from all across the country. Due to the rapid growth of the Tabernacle Temple, the branch churches were established in every parts of the country. However, there was a commotion among the pastors of pre-existing churches who saw this phenomenon. In order to impede the growth of the Tabernacle Temple, they labeled it as a “cult”. Also a gentile pastor who disguised himself as a pastor of God like a serpent and even the organization of the gentile pastor invaded the Tabernacle Temple and took over the First Tabernacle with their ecclesiastical authority. The pastors of the seven stars abandoned their sheep and scattered, and their congregation members were destroyed. This event is like the time of the First Coming of Jesus where John the Baptist, the messenger who prepared the way, was banished from Jerusalem by the serpent, the Pharisees (refer to Mt 23). Even though the destroyers stood in the holy place, they did not know that this was the fulfillment of Jesus’ prophecy (Mt 24:15).

Because the Tabernacle Temple became under the control of the gentile pastor (beast), the congregation members of the Tabernacle Temple received the name of the beast (The mark of the beast) on their hands and foreheads, and worshipped the false god. This event is where Revelation chapter 13 and chapters 17-18 were fulfilled. Jesus let us know this through John 14:29.

At this time, Jesus chose one pastor to send the letters to the seven stars, the messengers which said to repent and overcome. Since they did not believe or repent even though they received the letter, God judged the tabernacle of the seven stars in the same way it is written in Revelation chapter 6, and the banished congregation members lost their lives through the gentiles in the same way it is written in Revelation chapters 8-9. Just as Adam was banished due to his sin and Adam’s world was destroyed by the flood, the tabernacle of the seven stars and its congregation members were also banished and destroyed due to their sin (betrayal). At this time, the child in Revelation chapter 12 and the brothers fought and overcame the group of the dragon (Satan), and the dragon was banished from the tabernacle of heaven. Since then, it is said that the kingdom of God, authority, and salvation have come (Rv 12:10-11).

Satan had overtaken God’s tabernacle that prepared the way (in the first war), and by overcoming Satan who took over the tabernacle (in the second war), God took back and saved His chosen people once again. So this is how the kingdom of the world became the kingdom of our Lord. Therefore, it is clear that the kingdom of God and salvation began at this time, the time since Satan was overcome. Also, this is the time where new kingdom of God, the 12 tribes, is established by sealing those people who are born of God’s seed gathered from the lands, from east and west, from north and south, after the work of betrayal and destruction. Also just as stated in 2 Thes 2:1-4, in the same way the 12 tribes were established in the First Coming, and like the world of Noah stood after the destruction of the world of Adam, the new promised kingdom stands today.

The blood that Jesus shed 2,000 years ago is an integral part of today’s new work. The dragon was defeated with the blood of the lamb and the word of the testimony, and Jesus purchased men with His blood to make them become a kingdom of God and priests as stated in Revelation chapter 5. This new kingdom is the new people sealed and harvested from the lands, from east and west, from north and south, after the betrayal and destruction of the chosen people according to the promise of the New Testament (2 Thes 2:1-4, Mt 24:29-31, Rv 7). The work of harvesting and sealing is to take the revealed Word, or the Word of the introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels in the Mission Center into our heart. Being sealed is to become a kingdom of God and to become His priests by taking and keeping the revealed Word in our heart (Rv 1:1-3).

This is the promise of the New Testament, the promise of revelation that we are told to believe. Let us realize with certainty and believe to enter into our hope, the kingdom of Heaven.