The Heart of the Promised Pastor

President Park Jung Hee’s motto was “for the country and its people,” and he and his wife eventually died for the cause. At the end of the Chosun Dynasty, King Gojong and Empress Myeongsong (his wife) also died for the country. King Gojong was poisoned by the Japanese army while assisting the independent fighters of Shanghai. Jesus and his disciples were also martyrs. I am fulfilling the duties entrusted to me only for God, His work, and the re-created kingdom and people of heaven

Will the heavens and earth understand my heavy heart? My hope is not in money, power, or fame. It is only in the creation and completion of God’s kingdom. The world has quietly fallen into a deep slumber. How and what can wake them up? The cessation of war and peace. Another way is to enhance our national prestige. I must make others recognize our country as the country of light. The enemy continues to interfere without rest. Let us love our enemies. Vengeance only leads to more enemies.

Shincheonji is the nation of light, which gives glory to heaven and enhances the national prestige of our country, South Korea. The whole world supports our country and has hope in Korea. Among all the nations, our country stands high. I can do this. I boast about our country. I boast about its politics, society, history, education, technology, products, land, and water.

The promised pastor of Shincheonji came in Jesus’ name, and came as a messenger (Rv 22:16), and was sent to the churches in order to testify the fulfillment of Revelation. He received the food of eternal life, the white stone of judgement, and the iron scepter to rule over the nations. He has also received the open book and testifies accordingly (Rv 2, 3, 10). Therefore, he knows the three secret entities of Revelation: the betrayer, the destroyer, and the savior. Furthermore, God, Jesus, and heaven are with him (refer to Rv 3:12). Where will salvation be?

In Luke chapter 18 verse 8 Jesus asked, “When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?” At the time of the First Coming, Jesus had eternal life, but they didn’t go to him to receive it (Jn 5:39~40). It is the same at the time of the Second Coming. This happens because all the believers have been deceived. Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament, but the people had no senses [they were blind and deaf]. In the same way, Revelation has been fulfilled and testified, but people have no senses to perceive this. Will they receive salvation?

Through the political leaders, religious representatives and leaders all over the world who have met the Peace Advocate, the people of this world and the believers believe in the Peace Advocate and his words. However, the Christians in Korea do not believe.

Which judgment do they want to face? The judgment of Noah’s era or the judgment of Lot’s era? (At the time of Noah, Adam’s whole world, in other words, all mankind, was judged, and at the time of Sodom and Gomorrah, that one region was judged). Can they avoid the judgment of hell?