Shincheonji Kwangju Church Volunteer Group

♥Shincheonji Kwangju Church Volunteer Group♥

One sunny morning at the Yongbong Street, Volunteers have come together to clean up the street.
Introducing Shincheonji Kwangju Church Volunteers, dressed up in yellow shirt, involved in an activity to make brighter and beautiful street of Yongbong area.^^


Many people are used to advertisement pamphlets and garbage on the street. Although there is a CCTV surveillance, people continue to dump trashes out on the street!!
신처지_광주교회_자원봉사_거리정화활동_(2) (1)

With Yongbong Town Hall request, Shincheonji Kwangju Church Volunteers gladly volunteers to clean up the street.
Residents looked at the clean street, and they have expressed appreciation. The residents were happy knowing that there won’t be any water back flow from the drain during the rainy season.
Volunteers were happy and it was rewarding experience.

Shincheonji Volunteers are committed, like the light, rain, and air of the heaven, to provide the services where ever is needed. It was Shincheonji Kwangju Church for our update on volunteer activity.^^