The Promise Made for the First Coming and the Second Coming

At the First Coming, Jesus came to the temple of John the Baptist, who was the Elijah promised in Malachi 3 to come as a messenger who prepares the way before the Lord (Lk 1:17, Mt 11:13-14). God who was to come came through Jesus according to the prophecy in Isiah 7:14.

Jesus, the promised pastor from the Old Testament, came according to the prophecies of the Old Testament (Is 7:14, Mi 5:2, Hos 11:1, Mal 3:1(Is 40:3), Zec 9:9-10) and fulfilled those promises. [Mt 1:18-25, Mt 2:1-6, Mt 2:13-15, Mt 3:1-3, 13-17 (Jn 1:29-34), Lk 19:33-42].

At the time of the Second Coming in the New Testament, Matthew chapter 24 tells that when the abomination stands in the holy place, the sun, moon and stars will be darkened and fall. After this, Jesus will come with his angels and harvest his elect from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other (Mt 24:29-31). At this time, those who are harvested will be saved, and those who are not harvested and become one with the destroyers will be destroyed.

The messenger who prepares the way before the Lord at the First Coming was John the Baptist, and the messengers who prepare the way at the Second Coming are the seven stars (messengers). It is said that these seven stars are a mystery (Rv 1:20). Do you know about them? Jesus, who is to come again, comes to the promised pastor who is in the position of Apostle John in spirit and gives commands to him, just like God came to Jesus in spirit at the First Coming.

◆ Revelation 2 ~ 3

In these chapters Jesus shows the reality of the church of the seven stars to the promised pastor he chose, commands him to send letters to the seven stars, telling them to repent and to overcome Satan, the Nicolaitans, who is the enemy. Then, Jesus says that he will give what is promised to him if he overcomes.

At the time of the fulfillment of Revelation, Jesus will first send the seven stars who prepare the way. Satan’s pastor, the Nicolaitans, invades the tabernacle of the seven stars and makes the congregation members eat food sacrificed to idols, hold to the teaching of Satan, and commit sexual immorality with Satan. That is why the promised pastor sends the letters of repentance to the seven stars as Jesus commands.

There are three key points regarding this event: the tabernacle (church) of the seven stars; the invasion of Satan, the Nicolaitans; and the letters sent by Jesus’ promised pastor. There is a promise in the content of the letters.

What is the promise? The promise is that the blessings written in the Bible will be given to the one who fights and overcomes Satan, the Nicolaitan. The blessing are the fruit of tree of life, the crown of life, not being hurt by the second death, the pillar in the temple of God, writing the name of God, the name of the city of God, the New Jerusalem, which is coming down out of heaven from God, and Jesus’ name on him, and the right to sit with Jesus on his throne. These are the blessings the one who overcomes will receive.

◆ Revelation 4 ~ 5

After the event of Rv 4:1, which is the sending of letters, God calls the chosen pastor (the pastor who sent the letters) up to heaven and shows him His throne and the structure around it. Then, Jesus takes the scroll sealed with seven seals in God’s right hand and opens its seals (Rv 5). Because of this, God’s kingdom and priests are created, and this is to create God’s kingdom and priests that were purchased by the blood that Jesus shed 2,000 years ago (Rv 5:9-10). The blood shed 2,000 years ago was necessary to create the kingdom and priests in Revelation. The one who sees and hears is the promised pastor at this time.

◆ The Difference between Revelation 6 and 7

Chapter 6: After overcoming the world, Jesus takes the sealed scroll and begins to open the seals starting in chapter 6. Every time he breaks a seal, a horse and its rider appear and cast judgment.

Who are those who will be judged? The horses will bring beasts to kill them. The sun, moon and stars which are judged, will be darkened and fall, the sky and the earth disappear and all the people will hide. Who are the sun, moon and stars and the sky and the earth? The sun, moon and stars are the chosen people that become corrupt. The sky is the tabernacle of the first heaven, and the earth is the congregation members of the first heaven. Therefore, it shows the end of corrupted Spiritual Israel.

Chapter 7: After this (the event of Rv 6), the judgment of chapter 6 is paused, and sealing with the seal of God takes place. Who are sealed? Being sealed is to write God and the Word of God on the hearts of believers (refer to Jn 3:31-34).

After the event of chapter 6, the wheat, who are born of God’s seed, are gathered from the four winds and are sealed to become the 144,000 people belonging to the 12 tribes. They are a kingdom and priests of God (Rv 7:1-8). After this, those who repent from every nation will come in crowds (Rv 7:9-14). The event of Rev 6 is the end of the first heaven, and chapter 7 pertains to the recreation of a new heaven.

◆ The Events of Revelation 8 and 9

Chapter 8 regards the events that take place when the seventh seal, which is the last one, is opened. In chapter 8, those who are judged, kicked out and plunged into the world in chapter 6 are invaded by the star that falls from the sky (the being who betrays the tabernacle of the chosen people and becomes one with destroyers) and their spirits are killed by a third at a time.

Also, in chapter 9, those who come from the Abyss (Satan’s organization) torture the betrayers in chapter 6, and those who are bound at the Euphrates are released and kill a third of the people’s spirits with smoke and sulfur.

Even if they are killed, they still do not repent. They are told to repent in chapters 2 and 3. But would those who become one with Satan ever repent?

◆ Revelation 10 ~ 11

Jesus opens the seventh seal in chapter 8, and the sealed book is now completely opened. He gives the open scroll to the New John, the chosen pastor through the angel and has him prophesy again to many people, nations, languages and kings (Rv 10).

The two witnesses with the Lord in chapter 11 preach the word of the book they receive in chapter 10 and the events that are fulfilled, and the beast that comes up from the Abyss in chapter 9 kills them (Rv 11:7). After three and a half days, the breath of life from God enters them and they stand on their feet (Rv 11:11). At this time, the seventh and last trumpet in chapter 10 (verse 7) is blown and the kingdom of the world becomes the kingdom of the Lord and the people are saved (Rv 11:15).

◆ The Events of Chapter 12 ~ 13

In chapter 13, the pastor of the dragon, the beast with seven heads and ten horns, enters God’s tabernacle, fights and overcomes the congregation members, and marks them on their foreheads and right hands. The congregation members who receive marks worship the beast, and this is an act of betrayal and they end up being destroyed.

In chapter 12, the son of the woman clothed with the sun, moon and stars and his brothers fight against the group of the dragon and overcome them, after which the salvation and the power and the kingdom of God come (Rv 12:10-11). Then, the group of the dragon that invades the tabernacle is kicked out (Rv 12:12-3).

◆ The Events of Revelation Chapter 14

The 12 tribes, the 144,000 who are harvested and sealed in Rv 14, are the firstfruits and they are the only people who learn the new song of God (the revealed word). These are the people who are sealed by God in Rv 7 and the people of the tabernacle of heaven in Rv 13 are those who receive the mark of the beast and worship him (the beast with seven heads and ten horns). The beast is the pastors of Babylon, the home of demons. The pastors of the home of demons and those who receive their mark are judged outside of the temple.

Do you know the sealed firstfruits of Mt. Zion?

◆ Revelation 15

In Revelation chapter 15, people who are victorious over the beast in Rev 12 gather at the sea of glass before the throne of God. They are the ones who overcome the group of the dragon in Rv 13, that is, the beast with seven heads and ten horns in Rv 12. Those who overcome receive the blessings promised in Rv 2 and 3. Because they overcome, at this time, the kingdom of God and salvation also come. (Rv 12:10-11).

Do you know about this time and these people?

The words of the Old Testament and New Testament come out from this place where the ones who overcome gather before God’s throne and this place is where all nations come and worship (Rv 15:2-5). These people who overcome were at the scene of Rv 13 and 12 and they are the living witnesses who have seen the physical realities of the event. Because they testify about these things, this place is called the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony and these witnesses are the bowls of God’s wrath. (Rv 15:7-8, 16:1).

Inside of the seven bowls that the angels receive contains the wrath of God. Where is the place that this wrath is poured out? Upon whom is it poured out? It is poured upon the destroyers and those who betray and receive the mark of the beast (betrayers) in Rv 13. Do you know what kind of plagues will be poured out?

◆ Revelation 16

In Rv 16, the wrath of God is poured out upon the betrayers who receive the mark from the beast, the pastors of Satan and the kingdom and pastors of the beast, Satan (destroyers), from Rv 13. The bowls of wrath (seven bowls) are the people who come out after defeating the dragon in Rv 12 (Rv 15:2). Angels put God’s wrath into the hearts of the people who overcome it (Rv 15:5- and 16). Do you know those people (seven bowls of the wrath), the betrayers, and the beast, the destroyers?

The judgment of God’s wrath is the judgment that repays them (the betrayers and destroyers) as they did to the chosen people in Rv 8 and 9. The bowls are poured out upon the land, the sea, the sun and the river Euphrates.

Like in the time of Moses, when the Israelites came out of Egypt, the river turns into blood (refer to Ex 7:14-25), the sun, that is the king, becomes furious (Rv 16:8-9), the river dries up to prepare the way like the water of the Red Sea (refer to Ex 13:15-16, Joshua 2:10, Ps 106:9-11), and a way is prepared for the kings who are captive (Rv 16:12). Do you know about this place and these people?

The group of kings (pastors of the beast) gets angry because they are judged, and gathers the pastors (kings) of the whole world which belong to them to fight against the ones who overcome and become the bowls of the wrath (Rv 16:13-16).

When the seventh bowl is poured out into the air, that is the media and the press, Babylon, the dragon’s seven heads and ten horns, splits into three parts, and the cities of the nations, every island and the mountains which are the churches of the world, collapse (Rv 16:17-20). From the sky, huge hailstones of about a hundred pounds (1 Talent), fall to the earth (Rv 16:21). This is the wrath the destroyers and betrayers receive. Have you seen this? Do you know this? Why do you not believe this?

◆ Three Secrets in Revelation

Once you come to understand Revelation, you can see that it is easy to understand. There are three mysteries in Revelation which are the betrayer, destroyer, and savior. Betrayers will do the work of betrayal, destroyers will do the work of destruction and savior will do the work of salvation as written in the Bible. Therefore, we can distinguish these three entities according to their actions. However, anyone who adds to or takes words from Revelation will not know of these three entities.

The order in which these three entities appear is first, the seven churches and seven stars (messengers) which prepare the way and represent the traditional churches (the former world) at the end of the world, then come the destroyers, and then the savior. These are the three entities of the event of the end recorded through the prophecy. If one does not know these three entities and the work that they do, then they cannot know where they belong.

◆ Conclusion

At the time of harvest, the end of time (Mt 13:39), all the prophecies recorded in the New Testament will be fulfilled. That’s why Jesus told us before it happens, so that when it does happen, we will believe. At the harvest time, for people to receive salvation, they must follow the pastor promised in the New Testament, not the pastors of the world they belong to.

There is no salvation in the previous, traditional churches, for they will come to an end as written in Rv 6 and Rv 21:1. People can obtain salvation only when they belong to the 12 tribes, the new tabernacle promised in Revelation (refer to Rv 7, 14:1-5, 15:4-5, 21:2-7).