The Pastor of God, the Pastor of the Dragon, and the Pastor of Men

Shincheonji -Religion News-The Last Question-4

Main reference: Rv 1, Rv 13:1-2 (Is 29:11-13)

There is a pastor whom God has set as a promised pastor and a pastor whom the dragon, which is Satan, has set as a Satan’s pastor. God chooses a person who is honest and faithful and sets him as his own pastor. Satan also chooses a pastor who has betrayed and has a habit of doing lawless activities like Satan himself and sets him as his own pastor. A pastor of men is set by people gathering and electing a representative who governs them.

When God fulfilled the Old Testament, God chose Jesus (Lk 9:35) and made him God’s pastor. The dragon, that is, the serpent (Mt 23, Rv 13), chose people like himself and made them the dragon’s pastors. When God and God’s pastor appear, the dragon, being a mystical creature that has been ruling over all the world, chooses a powerful representative and gives him authority. This representative uses the authority to fight with God’s pastor. At Jesus’ first coming, Pharisees who governed Jerusalem were the serpents’ pastors. Should the pastor who has been chosen, baptized, and directed by Jesus in Revelation 1 be baptized by a pastor whose authority comes from men and registered for his denomination? Should the promised pastor be baptized by a pastor who is with the dragon and registered for his denomination?

God and the dragon know well about both pastors. Likewise, the two chosen pastors also know each other well. It is because they are enemies to each other. Also, their identity is revealed by their actions. (Mt 7:15-20). According to the Bible, there are actions and works of God’s pastor as well as actions and works of Satan’s pastor (Jn 15:18-19). Just as the works, voice, behavior, and appetite of an ox and a dog are different, the actions and works of the two pastors differ, which is why they can recognize each other well. A betrayer betrays, a destroyer deceives and destroys, and a savior saves – each work is recorded in the Bible. This is the difference between them. This is revealed to us through the Bible. By understanding the Bible, we can know and distinguish these two entities.

The Bible tells us that “God’s people are destroyed from lack of knowledge”(Hos 4:6). The Bible shows us who the Advocate sent by the true God is, who Satan and Satan’s pastors are. If a believer does not know the true meaning of the Bible, he will neither know God nor Satan and will become even more evil than a non-believer.
Religion is the writing of God and is teaching and learning the will of God. According to the Bible, saying, “I go to church and I give offerings and pray,” will neither make you a true believer nor be acknowledged by God. When one understands and believes the word of the promise and acts according to the word since it is inscribed within his heart, God—who is the origin of the word—will be with him and lead him. Such a man can be called a ‘god’ as well as a true believer (Jn 10:35). If the word is within someone, God is with him (Jn 1:1), but if the word is not within him, then God is not with him either.

The reason why there is no word in the church (the pastor) is because God, who is the word, is not there. Although they pretend to be distinguished, to be good believers, and to have great ecclesiastical authority, without the word, it is only a shell. The pastor of God is with God and the pastor of the devil is with the devil. Those without God or the devil are non-believers. The pastor with God goes to the kingdom of heaven and the pastor with the devil goes to hell. Where does the non-believer go? The non-believer is dust; therefore he will return to dust. However, since his spirit has been born of Adam’s genes, the spirit will go to hell because of sin.

The chairman of the Christian Council of Korea (CCK) is the face and the example of the faith our country leads as well as a guiding light and path. If the chairman is corrupt, then it means that the believers of this country are also all corrupt. It is because he is the face and the example of the faith our country leads. If someone gives and receives money to become the chairman of the CCK, and if the position is sold and bought, then the CCK must be a group that belongs to the devil. If a pastor who has bought his ordination rules and guides the congregation members, this world of faith must be even more severely evil than the world of Adam (refer to 2 Cor 6:14-18).

So if they call someone a heretic, does that make that person a heretic? Also, if they call someone orthodox, does that make that person orthodox? And if they are split into two or three groups and fight each other by criticizing and calling each other cults, then all these groups must be evildoers and not believers. If they are not called evildoers, who can be called evildoers? This cannot be God’s command; it is the face that shows the actions of the devil. How could this person be the representative religious face and example of Korea?

God created the heavens and the earth and all things in them. Therefore, the father of all creation is God, the Creator. So God loves all creation. All creation should love the true God. The pastor ordained by men is a pastor that neither God nor the devil is with – a self-made pastor. Therefore, the congregation members under this pastor must be just men (without any god) and nothing more.

God has given the people of today’s world a basis for belief. This basis is ‘the prophecy of the New Testament.” God and Jesus gave us what will be fulfilled today as the New Testament and therefore we should believe the New Testament. Jesus told us this so that when it does happen, we will believe (Jn 14:29). By believing this, we become believers who believe in the promise. This promise is the creation of the 144,000 (the priests) who have been sealed with God’s seal and the great multitude (the people) in white on earth after the events of betrayal and destruction. This is the kingdom of heaven God is with. Not believing in this is not believing (Jn 16:8-11). Will believers receive salvation or unbelievers?

Let us all believe in the New Testament and enter the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of heaven is in Rv 3:12. Let us make the word of promise our path and go to God.