New Heaven and New Earth (Shincheonji)

Main reference verses: Rv 21, Rv 6~7
What is the meaning of new heaven and new earth? It makes known the end of the era of Christianity (Rv 6) and the re-creation of a new era (Rv 7). This is like the era of Adam and Noah, the era of Noah (Canaan) and Moses (Physical Israel), and the era of Physical Israel and Jesus’ first coming. In the same way today, the corrupt Spiritual Israel comes to an end (Rv 6) and New Spiritual Israel is created (Rv 7). Revelation 21 also states, “Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth for the old order of things has passed away and there was no longer any sea.” The Chinese characters for “new heaven new earth” can be shortened to Shincheonji.
As mentioned, this Shincheonji is the new heaven new earth that is re-created in Revelation 7 after the first heaven and first earth in Revelation 6 disappear. How would the world know this? This is the promise in Revelation that Jesus gave after he ascended to heaven 2,000 years ago through a vision to his disciple John.
First heaven and first earth passed away because of corruption and betrayal. Just as Revelation chapters 2, 3, and 13 state, they worshiped Satan’s beast-like pastors and received the mark on their hands and foreheads. How is this not betrayal? This is the same as how Adam and Eve betrayed by listening to the snake’s words. They are also no different from the pastors and the congregation members of the temple of Jerusalem during the First Coming. This is not a dream but today’s reality.
Do the congregation members on earth have the Word? If not, why? They do not have the Word because their pastors do not have the Word. Furthermore, the seminary schools do not have the Word to teach these pastors. Revelation 22:18-19 warns that anyone who adds or takes away from Revelation cannot enter heaven and will receive curses (plagues). Can there be salvation if no one cares to know or even truly understands Revelation? One must then learn the meaning and fulfillment of Revelation from the pastor who received the revelation as written in Revelation 10. Is this not true? If a person does not eat, his physical body will die. Likewise, if one’s spirit does not consume spiritual milk, it will die. Spiritual milk is the prophecy of Revelation and its physical fulfillment.
The one who overcomes (refer to Rv 2, 3), in other words, the promised pastor in Revelation, brings the food of eternal life that heals and resurrects the dry and shriveled spirits that died. Can you believe this? Yet, they call him a heresy. This food of eternal life is the hidden manna in Revelation 2:17. Finding and eating this hidden manna is finding and eating the food of eternal life.
God fulfilled the promises in Jeremiah 31 as He came to Jesus and planted the seed (Mt 13:24-25). Jesus then promised to return to harvest (Mt 13:30, 24:29-31). He came and harvested as promised, according to Revelation 14. He sealed those who were harvested as written in Revelation 7 and established God’s new nation and people. This nation is the promised new heaven new earth in Revelation 21. New heaven is a new tabernacle (Rv 15:5, Gn 37:9-11), and new earth is a new body, which is the new person. The old comes to an end (Rv 6:12-14), and the new begins.
Even if one has come to Shincheonji, has been sealed, and had his name recorded in the book of life, his name can also be blotted out from the book of life if he does not keep the word and his faith. Bear in mind that many who are first will become last and the last will become first (Lk 13:29-30). There is a day when a person, regardless of who he is, will be judged by God. At that time, each person will be judged by the books, in other words the Bible, according to what he has done and will go to either heaven or hell (Rv 20:12).
A church is a place to teach and learn the word of God. Therefore, those who teach the things of the world in the church are pastors of the world and cannot become God’s pastors. The pastor and church of the true God are the pastor and temple of Revelation chapters 10 and 15. This pastor is the one who receives and teaches the revelation from heaven, and the temple that testifies to this is the Temple of the Tabernacle of Testimony. It is the place before God’s throne is at and where those who fought and overcame the organization of the beast in Revelation 12 have gathered. This is where all people of the world come to worship (Rv 15:2-5). Why do they not believe? Why do they not know the word of promise? If they do not know nor believe, are they the orthodox? Can they enter heaven? Yet, if people teach that they will go to heaven, are not those teachers false pastors? No one can enter heaven if the promised Revelation of the New Testament is not fulfilled in his life. The Bible provides evidence for this.
The devil entered the pastors of the temple of Jerusalem at Jesus’ first coming. The congregation members believed in the words of the devil’s pastors and became false messengers that persecuted Jesus. Today, are not the pastors and believers of the nation in which Revelation fulfills committing the same actions? Can you not understand even after seeing such things? The tree is recognized by its fruit. They persecute because they believe in the person (pastor) more than the Word (God). They say that new heaven new earth is “a heresy and the devil.” In that case, they are calling God who promised new heaven new earth, Jesus, and Apostle John heresies and the devil. They say such things because new heaven new earth is a new thing not like their old, corrupt selves. God promised through Apostle Paul that those who flee and separate themselves from corruption are the children of God, and God will be with them (2 Cor 6:14-18). This word has fulfilled at Shincheonji. As for those do not believe in God, His word, and the new work, whose seed are they born from? They are born of the devil’s seed. We have been born of God’s seed because we believe.
God’s promise began from the era of the Old Testament prophets and continued until today’s fulfillment of Revelation. None of the corrupt will understand this work, but the one who is reborn and receives the revelation will know the fulfillment of this work. If they do not understand prophecies, how can they recognize the physical entities that appear as the fulfillment? Since we have been reborn, we understand. Jesus said, “I have told you now before it happens, so that when it does happen you will believe” (Jn 14:29). The blind and deaf will not understand.
Revelation is God’s last promise, and His ultimate purpose was new heaven new earth, Shincheonji. Can anyone enter heaven by slandering Shincheonji? Shincheonji harvests like a thief in the night at the field where the seed was planted (Mt 24, 1 Thes 5:2, Rv 17:14, 18:4), seals the 144,000, establishes the twelve tribes of God’s nation, and after that, creates the multitude in white that gathered from all nations (Rv 7, 14). This is the purpose of the Lord’s work.
Those who stand against this work persecute because they belong to the devil, but the devil will meet his end (refer to Rv 20:1-3). The era for God to reign will fulfill. Anyone who has seen the enactment of the international law and the world alliance of religions will know in what kind of era he is living. He will know that this is the era for God’s historical work and a time for His reign. Following the path laid out by the revealed word of the Bible is following and coming to heaven. This is salvation. This is the place where Revelation 3:12 fulfilled.