Corruption, Destruction, and Re-Creation

Main reference: Lam 1-5, Rv 21 (Rv 22)

Who became corrupt and destroyed? When did this happen? What is the world that is re-created?

God ended a corrupt era and then created a new era. This is the content of Genesis 1, which God spoke to Moses. Examine it carefully. God destroyed the corrupt world of Adam with a flood and established the world of Noah. Afterwards, God ended the corrupt world of Noah and established the nation of Israel through Moses. He then ended the corrupt world of King Solomon of Israel and established the world of Jesus (Spiritual Israel). Finally, God promised that He will end the corrupt Spiritual Israel and create New Spiritual Israel at the Second Coming when Revelation fulfills. This promise is being fulfilled today, and it is what Jesus had promised about in the New Testament.

Regardless of which era it was, God ended it when it became corrupt and created a new era. When Moses was unable to reach the final destination, God appointed Joshua instead to complete the purpose He had promised. Now that we know this, what should we do in this era? We have to eliminate corruption. Genesis chapter 6 clearly shows that God does not dwell with sin. Should we tolerate sin? If we d0, then this world will be filled with sin and humanity will be destroyed. How then should the people of the promised new era in Revelation be? We cannot permit sin. Those who sin are born not of God’s seed, but of the devil’s seed which caused them to sin in the first place. Those to whom the devil enters will carry out the actions of the devil, and as a result, everyone will become destroyed.

The promised pastor of the new era brings food that gives eternal life, a white stone for judgment, and an iron scepter to rule all nations (refer to Rv 2, 3). In Revelation 19:11-16, the rider on the white horse is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and out of his mouth comes a sharp sword. How can sin and the devil be tolerated? God does not tolerate sinners or the devil. He brings them to an end and recreates His people in the new era just as He did in Genesis 1:26-28. Prophet Jeremiah recorded in Lamentations and the 52 chapters of the Book of Jeremiah what he heard from God for 23 years (Jer 25:1-4). Read Lamentations chapters 1 through 5 to see the consequence for sinning. Chapter 2 states that God strung His bow against His own people and rulers and cut off every horn of His nation, His own tabernacle. Why would God destroy His own tabernacle, rulers, and people just as He would to His enemy? It is because of the sin that corrupted them.

We long for a new era, the new people, the new nation, and a new pastor as promised in the Bible. We are carrying out a life of faith with our hope in heaven, the nation of God, and eternal life. The only way to enter into this hope is to keep God’s commandments. One of the greatest commandment is to have the faith in keeping His promise. The end of age happens because of the corruption among the believers.

Those who killed the Old Testament prophets were the self-claimed orthodox pastors who said that they believed in God. Even those who killed Jesus and his disciples were the pastors of the temple of Jerusalem who prided themselves for being the orthodox. The Bible states that those who persecute the promised pastor when Revelation fulfills at the Second Coming are also pastors. Corruption began because they were complacent, prideful, and became slaves to fame, authority, and money. They once started in the spirit but returned to flesh and died. Noah’s family and Physical Israel saw the destruction of the world of Adam and the world of Canaan, but neither of those worlds protected faith but became corrupt. In the same way, Revelation clearly details the corruption of Spiritual Israel at the time of Jesus’ second coming.

The nation that is approaching us (believers) is the promised new nation, the heaven where God dwells. Does this world need another betrayal? Does it need to suffer another destruction? Do judgment and a savior have to come again? Therefore, the unclean, the unbelieving, and the corrupt will be excluded, eliminated, and blotted out from the book of life. They will not be able to enter heaven, because the Holy City, the new Jerusalem from heaven is a holy place. In the days of Moses, not everyone was able to enter the tabernacle, which contained the ark of the covenant. A sinner immediately died upon touching this mobile tabernacle, because the holy God made His dwelling there. When the Israelites heard the voice of God they froze in fear. They said to Moses, “Speak to us yourself and we will listen. But do not have God speak to us or we will die” (Ex 20:18-19). This is the reason why sinners cannot enter heaven where God dwells. Should we still sin even after knowing this? Heaven is not a place for the unclean.

Therefore, God plants His seed and harvests only those who have been born of His seed. He then seals them and has them wash their robes with the water of life so that they can be reborn as God’s people of heaven. Today, the believers of the new era need to do God’s will and keep the Word as written in Matthew 7:21-27 in order to enter heaven. We must take this to heart. What is the value of faith if it does not lead to heaven and eternal life?

Our purpose and hope are heaven and eternal life. Those who believe will enter into their hope.