The Prophecies of the New Testament Revelation and Other Events

Main reference: Entire book of Revelation

The physical entities that appeared as prophesied in Malachi of the Old Testament (Mal 3:1) were John the Baptist and Jesus. The physical entities prophesied in Revelation of the New Testament are the seven stars (messengers) and the promised pastor.

Regardless of which era it was, God always made known in advance through prophecies, and at the appointed time He fulfilled those promises without adding or taking anything away (Old Testament fulfillment Jn 19:30; New Testament fulfillment Rv 21:6). What believers have to examine in the Bible and believe are the prophecies and their fulfillment. There are physical entities that appeared as fulfillment of the prophecies of New Testament’s Revelation. What are the other side events?

Many other events occurred on the side as well, such as the events within one’s family, events in one’s personal life, and activities during the development of an organization. Jesus and John the Baptist both had parents, cousins, and a genealogy. The seven stars who prepared the way and the promised pastor of the New Testament both have families, cousins, and a story of their upbringing.

The seven stars who prepared the way in the New Testament were the lamp that shined temporarily like John the Baptist. These messengers cut their arteries in front of God to establish a covenant with Him using that very blood. They went up to the mountain to receive training from God for 100 days, then came back down from the mountain. When they went out to evangelize, they had to evangelize to at least one person. If they were unable to do so, they were not able to return home and had to sleep on the ground at the market places. The messengers even cut their arteries to carry out their life of faith. They worked with the heart of faith by continuously placing their lives on the line. In no time, they were able to establish 80 branch churches throughout the Republic of Korea.

These seven stars were also referred to as “angels.” Among them was a messenger who went by the name “Immanuel.” There was also another man, though not one of the seven stars, who was called “elder Moses.” The region they all lived in was called Cheon-Sa-Chon (Angels’ Town). The congregation members were absolutely obedient to them. They were not called a “church” but “Tabernacle Temple,” a name given through a revelation from God (Rv 13:6 heaven, also a tabernacle). The seven angels gave out to the congregation certificates of duty with a cross drawn in blood so all, not only the seven messengers, made a covenant with God in blood. They also received from Jesus a promised time frame of three and a half years. After the three and a half years, there would be a war and everyone will receive destruction, except those who are obedient to the word—they will receive salvation. With this kind of faith, they put in their utmost effort to carry out a proper life of faith. How should one analyze the three and a half years time frame and war that was to take place? Was it supposed to be a spiritual war or a physical war?

The messengers carried out the duties of a lampstand that shined temporarily like John the Baptist at the First Coming. Then, what kind of war was it? We must recall the words of Jesus when he said, “You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God.” The duty that they received as messengers to prepare the way was temporary (three and a half years). The war that was promised about was a spiritual war. That is why it is correct to say that there will be a war and this war will bring destruction.

The organization of the beast invaded the tabernacle of heaven of Revelation 13. They fought and overcame the congregation members. The congregation received the mark of the beast on their foreheads and right hand, and this took place after three and a half years. The Tabernacle Temple that prepared the way became the possession of the enemy and by this war, it came to an end. Only those who kept the word survived and found refuge at this time. Read what it says in 2 Corinthians 6:14-18. The event of one era coming to an end due to its corruption in Revelation 13 was the end of the tabernacle that prepared the way. However, they themselves did not know that they were the physical entities of (one of Revelation’s three mysteries) the seven stars (Rv 1:20).

At the time of the First Coming, the destroyers brought the temple of John the Baptist to an end. The work of the messengers who prepare the way must come to an end for the promised pastor to appear and begin his appointed work (refer to Mt 4:12-17). At the First Coming of Jesus, the end of age for Israel occurred until the time of John the Baptist (Mt 11:12-13, Lk 16:16). At the time of the New Testament, the end of age for Spiritual Israel occurred until the time of the seven stars of the tabernacle of the seven golden lampstands that prepared the way.

Jesus chose the promised pastor. Then there was a battle between the promised pastor and Satan’s pastors, the Nicolaitans, who consumed the seven stars and the tabernacle of the seven golden lampstands that sinned. The promised pastor sent a letter to the seven stars urging for their repentance before all these events of destruction took place. The content of the letter sent to the seven stars was a plea to repent for their sins of receiving the food sacrificed to idols from Satan’s pastors, receiving the teachings from the Nicolaitans, and committing adultery with Satan. These things are mentioned in Revelation 1, 2, and 3, and had to happen for the prophecies to fulfill. This is why things were written in advance so that when it does happen people can believe (Jn 14:29).

The seven stars appear first to begin this work of fulfillment, and then Satan’s Nicolaitans appear. After this, the promised pastor who sent the letter for repentance appears. The seven stars and Satan’s Nicolaitans are not the same entities, and the promised pastor who sent the letters for repentance is also different from them.

The work of the seven stars must first happen as the start of the events. Then Satan’s Nicolaitans and the promised pastor who sent the letter for repentance have to appear. These three entities are the three mysteries of Revelation. The three fight, and the one who overcomes establishes the new kingdom. God, Jesus, and heaven come down to reign in this kingdom (refer to Rv 3:12). This is the Bible, the promise, and this new kingdom is the new heaven that God had prophesied and fulfilled.

This is the word that God and Jesus desire believers to believe in, and this is the hope that believers have been waiting for as they read the Bible. If there are no promises, prophecies, fulfillment, and hope, then why would anyone attend church and what would they be hopefully praying about? When God’s promised will is fulfilled, that is when the hope we have been longing for is also fulfilled. Therefore, believers must know the promises of God correctly and act according to His will so that their faith and hope may fulfill.

People who are unable to perceive even when the promised kingdom of God in the New Testament appears in front of them are those who are ignorant of the Bible and the will of God. They say that they believe, but those are lies, and they are unable to discern the heavens and the earth. Let us correctly know the promises of God, believe in it, and enter into our hope.

As we have seen throughout the 6,000 years of God’s work in the Bible, one era passed as one era began. When Adam’s era came to an end, Noah’s era began. When Noah’s era came to an end, Physical Israel’s era began. When Physical Israel’s era came to an end, Spiritual Israel’s era began. When Spiritual Israel’s era came to an end, the promised era of New Spiritual Israel began. This is how the city of millennium opens. The era of heaven where there is no more death, mourning, crying, or pain has come. This is the favorable season of ringing out the old year and ringing in the new. This is the favorable era of the new heaven that all creation have been eagerly longing for, when people no longer grow old or die, but will remain young in their youth. This is the era when people can receive the most joyful teaching since the creation.

Let us become the children of the true God and live in the eternal kingdom of heaven without departing ever again.