Three Types of People – One Born with God’s Seed, One Born with Satan’s Seed, and Nonbeliever

Main reference: Rv 21:8 (Gn 6:1-3)

Who are the three types of people, and among these where do you belong?

There are so many different religions in the world; there are nonbelievers as well. God created the heavens and the earth and controls life, death, blessings, and curses: all religions have same thoughts about this.

However, their scriptures and actions are different. Thus, each scripture has different contents for the blessings after death and the blessings before death. This means they all may have different kinds of god. Then, which religion can we consider as the most complete one? To know this, we should compare all the scriptures from each religion. Furthermore, no one within these religions has yet to master his or her own scriptures. They teach the commandments of men from the world according to their own decisions and arbitrary thoughts. According to the genealogy and the flow of each scripture, how much percent of it did the founder record what he saw and heard from God?

The Christian Bible explains who recorded the books, which era they lived in, whose sons they are, and when and how long they recorded what they had seen and heard. There appear many prophets who saw and heard from God. God allowed them to know parts of what will happen in the future. If we put together all the things they recorded, we can understand when, where, by whom, and after what event the prophesied entities will appear. However, these contents (prophecies) are only part of the Bible.

After I read many different scriptures besides the Christian Bible (the Old and New Testaments) I could see that they were no words regarding the prophecy and its fulfillment, and even the conclusion. It was just general words. There must be the fulfillment of the prophecies, so that people may believe.

In the scriptures of Islam, Hindu, and Buddhism,the word of prophecy and its fulfillment make up only a small part; so does the testimony regarding Adam, Noah, Abraham, and Jesus who appear in the Christian Bible. When it comes to the Book of Revelation, it seems enough to say that these scriptures have few testimonies. The conclusion of religion comes out of the Book of Revelation. If there is no prophecy and fulfillment, how can we believe the scripture and what can we desire for?

To be good and to do good deeds is only the basic for the life of faith, it cannot be prophecies nor fulfillments. Only if there is a promise saying such things will happen so when you see it happening you may believe (Jn 14:29), you will be able to believe it and have the life of faith. But without any promises or prophecies, what should we believe?

If it is possible to truly know God through the scripture and if a revelation from the heaven exists, then Buddhism would have had to end 2,000 years ago and Catholicism, the first heaven of Christianity, would have to end at this era, in which the revelation of the New Testament is being fulfilled. This is something that cannot be avoided by men, because it is the will of God that they come to an end. Avoiding its end 2000 years ago like Buddhism, does not earn the acceptance of heaven.

Every religion has taught that believers can go to the heaven or paradise by practicing good deeds, offering much monetary offerings, and doing much volunteer work. Where are the heaven and the paradise? The word is the path to the heaven. In addition, many religions hardly answer the question about the place the Creator God is at. They also rarely mention where a refuge we should find during the tribulation period is. In this situation, it is absurd to say all people need to be devoted and do much volunteer work to go to heaven or paradise. Do you think a man who fails to find the heaven before death can succeed in finding it after death? Betraying believers under the name of their religion and satisfying personal interests and desires are the same as volunteering to go to the hell.

The Christian Scriptures specifically explain where God and the heaven are, where a refuge is, and where the dead spirits go. Furthermore, it is clearly recorded that who will come to this world, what he will do, and when and where the one who guides to the heaven will come.

We should compare the scriptures of our religion with ones of other religions to determine whether the religion and its scriptures we believe and examine are truly reliable. A foolish person who blindly believes and follows what other people say will end up in the hell. The term “religion” does not apply to all religions, all pastors are not true pastors, and not every scripture contains original purpose of a scripture. How can an ignorant and unenlightened man guide to the heaven when he is clueless as to it?

There are two types of religions and religious people (believers): the true one and the false. It is because there are two types of god. That is, religions can be divided as the one under the true God and the other under the devil. Thus, religious people can be divided as believers of the religion under the true God (those born with God’s seed) and believers of the religion under the devil (those born with the seed of Satan). Meanwhile, people who do not have any faith, the nonbelievers, also exist. They cannot enter the heaven, but they are considered better than false believers. It is because they have never made money by teaching falsehood. These are the three types of people.

The reason why the two denominations fight is because they have different god and words from different religions. It can be considered as a war between God and the devil. However, the religious people do not fight against with nonbelievers. It is because the nonbelievers do not have any god on their mind.

Only those who thoroughly perceive and believe the will of the true God and follow it can enter the heaven. It is in vain to superficially believe without knowing God’s will. True believers are persecuted by devil-like believers in all ages. With this, we can distinguish true believers from false believers. At the time of judgment those who are persecuted go into the heaven, and those who persecute fall into the hell (refer to Rv 21:8). This is the judgment according to their deeds as written in the books (Rv 20:12)

Those who are born again with God’s seed and the Holy Spirit will enter the heaven.