The Work I Must Do, My Duty, and Promise


I am making this known to our congregation members who may have misunderstandings about me, for they do not know me well nor do they know the work that I am doing.

First, let us believe in the words of promise. As for me, there are not enough hours in the day that, if possible, I wish I can put even the dead to work. Jesus also spoke about bringing people standing in the marketplace doing nothing to put them to work (Mt 20:1-7). Those who do not have work daydream a lot. And because they themselves do not have work to do, they speak about the flaws of what others are doing and meddle with their work.

As stated in the Bible, I came with the food of eternal life, the white stone of judgment, and the iron scepter to rule over the nations (Rv 2, 3). This is how I am ruling over the nations now. Do you still not perceive even after seeing all the videos? Those who have seen yet still do not believe are dead and cursed. They will be those who receive the spirit of the devil and persecute. If they have seen and heard but still do not understand, how can I let them know?

I am ruling over not just one denomination or one country, but the entire world. This is what it means for the one who has received the iron scepter to rule over the nations to fulfill the duty. This is why I am so busy, and the busiest. I have to write letters and email them to many people around the world. Each letter is translated into the language of the corresponding country before it is sent. I also receive and read letters emailed by numerous people from each country after they are translated. Exchanging emails with former and current presidents, chief justices, women’s organizations, youth organizations, university chancellors and students, peace organizations, and religious leaders around the world; sending letters and DVDs to each country; setting up the Alliance of Religions’ Peace Office and working to unify all religions and scriptures; running Centers for teaching the Word to people around the world; and ruling over our churches both in Korea and abroad—this is ruling over the nations.

How busy am I, how much work do I have to do, and how much pain am I in? Wherever I go and whatever I do, the thoughts in my head move like lightning. They sound like thunder that rumbles in my mind, and in my heart, I am travelling the world again and again. Computers are running every single day to receive, send, record, and translate. Why am I so busy? I do not even have time to blink. While traveling around the world, I have built houses of people’s hearts and established training institutes to teach the people all over the world. I have also farmed and grown fruit trees. Those who do not understand my heart in the midst of this busy schedule and only misunderstand me—what an easy life they have! Why am I so busy? I work day and night. But despite my busy schedule, I have written as many as seven books. For whom have I done so? It is for the knowledge of our congregation members. Those who have read my books but still do not know my heart and misunderstand are harsh, too harsh.

If one is [not a brute but] a man, he should know. How about working the way I do for your duty? Try running for it. Can you do it? Do you know what kind of work I am doing? Do you know how long I sleep and how long I work? Thieves know nothing but how to steal, persecutors know nothing but how to persecute, and idlers know nothing but to be idle and play around. Those who do not have work engage in frivolous talks and only cause trouble. Even if I wanted to give punishment or award, I do not have time to do so. Those who do not work have plenty of time that they use it to insult those who are working, to misunderstand, and to cause trouble. They do not evangelize. It is written in Deuteronomy 32 that the LORD nourished people with the most precious food, but they became fat and heavy, and they served other gods. Likewise, I have nourished [our congregation members] with the highest truth in human history—the Way that people rejoice in for the first time. Those who have eaten it and still make trouble like Adam and Eve are no better than brutes. We have seen that even the brutes were saved at the time of Noah. But those who are lazy, mouthy, and foolish cannot receive salvation. If you know that you must not become corrupt, then work. Even the spirits of the dead are working now.

While visiting many places around the world again and again, sometimes I ate ramen and scorched rice. I wrote articles and worked even on the plane, at an altitude of 38,000 feet (approx. 11,500m). I am now 85 years old. Regardless if I am alive or dead, if I am in the ground or above the ground, or flying in the sky, going around the clouds, being caught in a storm or drizzling rain, I struggle only to create a world where God comes to reign. I do not have a house or a body of my own. I gave all of them to the people of the world and only for the work of God.

For once, think about the work that I do 24 hours a day. Have you thought about it? What good is one’s work and struggle if he has made physical friends and has physically loved but forsakes his hope and loses faith in God’s Word? If there is still anyone who is stained with the thoughts of the world and of the flesh and continue to judge me, they should reflect upon themselves first. Jesus and Mary Magdalene were not lovers; actually, they worked together—and so am I. If there is someone who misunderstands and causes trouble so as to hinder this work, that person is not a believer.

Today, the prophecies in the Book of Revelation have become flesh and appeared. If one sees this and still does not believe, it is better for him to leave. All of the work described in the 66 books of the Bible and the content that is to be fulfilled for the people to believe in all took place for the fulfillment of Revelation. I have dedicated myself for this work, and I am working for it without any rest. The one who lacks faith and commits to an act of betrayal will be seen again on the Judgment day, before God.

The first love of Shincheonji, built on lives sacrificed
Lives dappled across the Bible
Love that is thicker than blood that betrayers wouldn’t understand.
But I will still love them as I hold back my tears

Pleading with blood, struggling with all our bodies,
But will the one who left ever return?
My bleeding heart, betrayers would never know
I will still pray for them as I console my heart

Under the glowing light of the lamp, people gather to Center
The sound of the congregations studying is heard
We are walking into the Bible with our hands clasped together with the Lord
But the face of a person I met in Center, I will never forget.
Ah~~~ A new day is dawning

Last night, I dreamed of the holy spirit
Dear congregation, be joyful, shout out praises
On the day of our glorious return with our names in heaven,
What will we offer God?
Ah~~~ The kingdom of peace