Born Again into People of Heaven

Jesus freed us from our sins by his blood and made us to be a kingdom and priests (Rv 1:5-6, Rv 5:9-10). Jesus, the son whom God is with said, “No one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit” (Jn 3:5). Why can no one enter heaven which is God’s kingdom, without being born of water and the Spirit?

What does it mean to be born of water and the Spirit?

The sons of God in Genesis 6, like Adam and Eve from Genesis 3, were children of God who became living beings through God’s breath of life. The Word of God in the beginning is God and God’s breath. Therefore, those to whom the Word of God came are referred to as “god” (Jn 10:35). Satan (serpent) fed men the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which is the venom of serpents and the deadly poison of cobras. Thus man (God’s children) returned to dust, to what they originally were (death: Dt 32:33). The tree of life which bore 12 crops of fruit every month were God and Jesus (Jn 15:1-5), and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil where the poison of death comes from was the snake, the dragon and Satan’s pastor of Babylon (Dn 4).

If Adam who was the son of God had not eaten the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, he would not have returned to dust. After Adam sinned, men on earth were born of his poisoned genes. Consequently, they all returned to dust like Adam (refer to Gn 3:17-19). All the creations of heaven and earth returned to dust in the end because of Adam. The reason for life and death which Buddha and Byung Chul Lee wanted to know was this. The only cure that can free us from death and the pain of sin is the blood of Jesus. Therefore what Buddha had heard and understood was that the savior is Jesus, and this is why he had stated that his teachings would be like a lamp without oil when Jesus comes 500 years later.

Jesus shed His blood 2,000 years ago, but the suffering and death of humanity has not ceased. Why isn’t the blood taking into effect? The gospel of Jesus who shed His blood as told by his disciples, promised that the effectiveness of the blood will take place at the time of the Second Coming. This is recorded in the book of Revelation and in the Four Gospels. However, these have been sealed until today. It was promised that all this will be told by the Spirit of Truth, through the advocate (Jn 16:25). In the promised day of Revelation, as it is written in Revelation (refer to Rv 6, Rv 13), even a Catholic prophet prophesied during the 12th century which he lived in, that a “new era will unfold” and that “the Catholic gospel of the old will end with the 112th Pope.” Catholoicism must not be extended like Buddhism was (*1: refer to note at end of article), but rather the congregation members must receive blessings by keeping the Word of Revelation from heaven. Also, there is salvation for the Pope himself, if he acknowledges the present time and strives to become a citizen of heaven by being born again. To say the truth, the true Pope is God and Jesus. Moreover, the clergymen in the Catholic Church are called “father,” but the true Father is God.

Let us understand the role of genes in behavior by observing chicks. Chicks that are hatched resemble the appearance of the rooster and hen which produced them. Their behavior also resembles that of their parents even within the three days they are hatched. They mimic their mother’s behavior, from how they drink water to how they dig the ground with their feet to find food. They even fight the same way, because they are born with their mother’s genes.

Likewise, people who are born of the snake and Adam and Eve who are sinners, have the same appearance and same behavior as them. It is because of that inherited blood that people sin. Would someone who is born of betrayal and evildoing act according to God’s will just by saying so with their lips? The 6,000 years of history of sin proves it. Therefore we must be born again. We must be born again of God’s seed and God’s spirit. Flesh gives birth to flesh but the spirit gives birth to spirit (Jn 3:1-6). Even if Satan’s spirit had controlled someone’s flesh, he or she can enter heaven and become citizens of heaven and God’s family if they are born again with God’s seed and spirit. It is written in Mt 7:15-20 that we will know the tree, the pastor, by the actions (fruit). We will know who are born with God’s seed and spirit and who are born of Satan’s seed based on their actions (fruit). If this pastor is a tree, then we should know which tree’s fruit we are. We are able to know through the promised Word of the New Testament.

Since we are born of sin’s seed and sin’s spirit, we can enter heaven after being born again by God’s seed and spirit. Those who are born with God’s seed and spirit know the meaning of God’s Word. Those who are children of darkness, who are born of Satan’s seed, do not know God’s will or promise, and neither do they believe it.

As we can see plainly, we are promising and accomplishing God’s reign and peace, while the those who oppose us are declaring war and are continuously doing evil. Are we going to leave war and trouble as an inheritance for the future generations? Or are we going to put all wars to an end and leave peace as an inheritance? We Shincheonji who are opening the new era thank our God the Father for reigning over the world of peace which He created according to His will. We wish that people of all nations would be born again like us to be with God’s will and His kingdom.

(*1: The Buddhist scripture states that “when Jesus comes, the Buddhist religion of Sakyamuni will be useless like a lamp without oil.” However 2,000 years have passed and Buddhism still exists today.)