The Result of the Alpha and the Omega of the New Testament and the Promised Pastor


Main reference: Rv 22:13 (Rv 1:8, 21:6, 2:8)

What is the meaning of the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, found in the Bible? It is referring to the prophecy and its fulfillment. For example, the prophecy that God had promised to Abraham all fulfilled at the time of Moses (Ex 12:37-42), and what God had promised through the Old Testament prophets all fulfilled at the time of Jesus’ first coming (Jn 19:30). Likewise, God also fulfills the prophecies of the New Testament just as He promised (Rv 21:6). This is the Alpha and the Omega of the New Testament (Rv 22:13, 21:6, 1:8).

As written in the Bible (Is 14:24), God had planned in advance what He will fulfill in the future. He first prophesied through the prophets (Hos 12:10), and after making the prophecies known to the whole world, He fulfilled these prophecies through the pastor He had previously promised to send. God has been showing believable evidence throughout the past 6,000 years. In the same manner, the things Jesus promised to fulfill are prophecies, the New Testament.

The period of 2,000 years after Jesus’ first coming was the time when the work of the New Testament (the Gospel) was proclaimed as a testimony to the whole world. Because this work has been preached to the ends of the earth, it is now the time to fulfill the New Testament. In fact, it is fulfilling now. However, if one neither believes in the New Testament nor knows what it means, he will not recognize the fulfillment when it happens. Like those at the First Coming, he will oppose the work of fulfillment. As Jesus had told us, what we have to believe in are the promises of the New Testament (Jn 14:29). One cannot receive salvation if he does not know the prophecies and the fulfillment of the New Testament. Those who claim that they have already attained salvation before the New Testament even started to fulfill are people who do not know the will of the Bible and who speak words of deception.

The betrayers, the destroyers, and the saviors appear at the end of age as mentioned in the New Testament. These three entities (pastors) are people who will appear at the end of age. One cannot receive salvation if he cannot distinguish between these three entities that had been prophesied about in advance.

One will know who the betrayers are at the end of age based on their actions described in the Bible. One will also know who the destroyers are by their actions, for they will do the work of destruction. Likewise, one will know who the savior is, because he will do the work of salvation.

According to Revelation 6, 18, and 13, which describe the events of the end of age, all nations have fallen from drinking the maddening wine of adultery from Satan’s pastors. They also married the spirit of Satan. Are these not all actions of betrayal? Like the serpent at the time of Adam, the false gentile pastors have made the people of God drink the maddening wine of adultery, that is, the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. If these false pastors are not the destroyers, then who are they? One would be considered dead if he does not perceive even after seeing all these things.

The pastor sent by God does the work of calling and leading out the congregation members who had been captured by the destroyers. He then fights against those who destroyed the believers and overcomes. This is the work written about in Revelation 15:2, 17:14, 18:4. This is the end of age the New Testament speaks of and the events that take place at the end of age. At that time, there is salvation for the one who certainly knows the entities of the betrayal, destruction, and salvation.

As written in Revelation 13, even the dragon gave his authority and throne to his pastor so that he can work. In the same way, Jesus gives his messenger the right to sit with him on the throne (Rv 3:21). After showing him all the events of Revelation, Jesus sends his messenger to the churches to testify regarding these events, which are the work of betrayal, destruction, and salvation (Rv 22:16).

It is written in 1John 2 that Jesus was the advocate of God, the Counselor (1Jn 2:1 ‘Advocate’). He then promised in John 14, 15, and 16 that he will send another counselor, the Spirit of truth, who will come in the name of Jesus. He also promised in Revelation 22:16 that he will send his messenger. Thus, the person whom the believers at the end of age are waiting and hoping for is the promised pastor sent by Jesus. The pastor whom the believers at the time of the Old Testament waited and hoped for was Jesus, but the pastor whom the believers at the time of the New Testament are waiting and hoping for is the counselor, the messenger sent by Jesus (the Advocate), the promised pastor who fights against the enemies and is victorious.

When God was one with Jesus, Jesus said that seeing him was like seeing God. Then, seeing the pastor whom the Spirit of truth is one with is seeing the spirit of the counselor. “Counselor” means “a teacher who protects with truth.”

Both God and the devil work with their respective pastors. That is why the Nicolaitans are called the synagogue of Satan and Jesus was known to be one with God. After all, the spirits work through flesh.

What we need in this era is the messenger that the Lord has promised. We need a promised pastor, like Moses and Jesus, but the promised pastor of the New Testament. This pastor will testify to the fulfillment of Revelation at the time of the Second Coming.

There are three kinds of plagues and three kinds of mysteries in the book of Revelation. Out the entire world, there is only one person who knows them. Someone must know these things for the work of salvation to take place. The people at the end of age do not know that their own denomination has gone corrupt and has fallen, and they think that they can receive salvation through their pastors. However, at the end of age, their savior is not their pastor, but their saviors are Jesus who is returning and the promised pastor.

At the end of age, the believers trust and believe in their own denominations, their own churches, and their own pastors. They are bound by their pastors’ evil schemes (enticed and deceived by lies). Who is going to set them free? As written in Revelation 12, the promised pastor fights and overcomes the pastors of Satan who have captured the people of God and saves them from the place of captivity. The evidence for being victorious and for being defeated is stated well in Deuteronomy 28. Those who are defeated flee in 7 directions while the one who overcomes becomes Israel and establishes the promised new nation of God, the 12 tribes of New Spiritual Israel. This work is also called the work of “harvesting, sealing, and establishing the 12 tribes.”

The events that happen at the end of age are the events of Revelation. They fulfill exactly, without adding or taking away, according to what is written in the book so that anyone can confirm‍ these words with the physical fulfillment. However, those who are captured by the spirit of Satan do not attempt to know these things. One must be harvested, sealed, and be part of the 12 tribes to become the people of heaven, the people of the work of re-creation promised in the Bible.

The wicked will continue to do wicked as much as they please before going to the fires of hell, but we believers will enter the world of paradise, heaven, and live forever with God.