The Nuclear Power of the World’s Science and the Nuclear Power of Religion

Main Reference: 1 Corinthians 15

What is the nuclear power of science, and the nuclear power of religion?

The nuclear power of science at its best is a weapon that kills people; and the “nuclear power” of religion is the power to save people who were only to die. The current world regards the nuclear power that kills people the best of science, as well as the greatest weapon. However, this nuclear power has only become a threat to humanity.

Stronger countries are in possession of more of these nuclear weapons than others. Weaker countries are target of political pressure from the countries with nuclear power—even being forced to pay for the defense cost of those countries. At an event of a nuclear warfare in this world of humanity, no one can guarantee its safety. However, no country is willing to dispose its nuclear power on its own.

On the other hand, the stronger countries deter the weaker countries from making nuclear weapons—but still, some of these countries put under pressure are secretly in the process of making them.

With such reality in mind, what then is the nuclear power of religion?

There are two types of religious nuclear power: one is what saves people who were only to die, and another is what has the power to destroy (judge) the corrupt world of humanity. Thus, the nuclear power of religion can allow a person who is supposed to die to live forever, and can also bring judgment upon even the strongest country in possession of the nuclear power of science to end it like stubble.

As can be seen, the knowledge of the world and science are weak and limited. God’s philosophy created the heavens, the earth, and all of creation, but human beings cannot even create a single blade of grass through the power of science.

The way for the whole world to live in safety without worries of wars and nuclear weapons is to get rid of nuclear and other weapons of war, even a day quicker. We must give all of ourselves up to God.

There is an old tale which describes a person who studied and researched for something all night long, but the next morning he realized what he researched for was a way for himself to be beaten to death. For the world to become a better place to live in, we must be committed to study and research that will save people, instead of studying and researching to kill. A leader who trusts in his own authority and looks down upon God and His Word will end up being ridiculed.

God’s power was shown at the time of Adam, and it was also seen in Sodom at the time of Lot, and in Egypt at the time of Moses. Although God’s power is this great, Jesus had to take up the cross for the salvation of mankind can only come through it. Jesus had the power to judge the world when he took up the cross, through heaven’s army greater than twelve legions of angels in heaven. People of worldly authority and scientists may consider religion lightly, but the strength and power of religion is as high and vast as the heavens.

God has persevered for six thousand years in order to save the mankind from sin and take back the world that had been lost. When God’s will is completed, judgment will come. Blessed is the one who has the highest knowledge, perception, and power in this world—such a person is the one who truly knows God, His Will, and who acts according to it. Matters of life, death, curses and blessings are with God, as well as all the blessings, heaven, and eternal life. One who understands this and acts accordingly will find the joy of gaining the heavens and the earth.

All of these things are with God the Creator. Let us, therefore, believe according to His Will and become those who receive salvation.