The False Faith and the Actions of the Evil Ones

Main reference: Jn 16:1-4 (Mt 7:15-20, Mt 23, Is 65:5-6, 5:20-23)

What is false faith, and what are the actions of the evil ones?

The evil are the chosen ones who became obsolete and corrupt. Just like the time of Jesus’ First Coming, they betrayed God yet call themselves “the only orthodox and righteous ones.” They persecute and curse all those who are not a part of their organization. Like Calvin, they attempt to bury the reputation of others by labeling them as heretics. They also love power and money, and habitually lie though they do not have any knowledge of the Bible. The faith of these evil ones is the false faith.

Those who were once within God but turned their backs on Him are like the ones who abandoned their homes and positions of authority; they eat the things of old again. This is just like a dog that returns to its vomit – the things of old – and like the sow that returns to the mud after having been washed (refer to Jude 1:6, 2 Pt 2:20-22). They return to being evil, and become one with the devil once again.

The betrayers end up committing actions that are seven times more evil than before, because when the devil returns to them after having left, it finds the house unoccupied, swept clean and put in order. The devil then takes with it seven other evil spirits to live within the betrayers (Mt 12:43-45).

Jesus said, “All this I have told you so that you will not go astray. They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, a time is coming when anyone who kills you will think he is offering a service to God. They will do such things because they have not known the Father or me” (Jn 16:1-3).

Even within Shincheonji, there are those who have been thrown out of their churches, and those who were beaten to death by the evil ones.

The Republic of Korea is known to be “the country of courteous people in the East,” and “the people in white.” I (writer) am a descendant of the royal family of this country. God and heaven are holy, and it is through God’s Word that men can become holy and reborn (Jn 17:17). What Jesus told us to believe is the words of God’s promise. But if the evil spirit enters into a person who does not know and has not yet learned the righteousness of the world or of God, won’t the person’s condition and actions become even more absurd?

How can anyone say that the words and actions of the Christian Council of Korea are righteous? How can anyone actually read what is written in the anti-Shincheonji blogs, without closing his eyes in contempt? Not only are the blogs filled with ignorant materials, but they are constantly condemning and cursing others. The actions of those who write on these blogs, which are harmful to the whole nation, are taught and ordered by their pastors. From these actions, isn’t it apparent what kind of teachings and doctrines are given from their pastors in their denominations? Aren’t those who belong to the Christian Council of Korea being even more evil than the non-believers of the world, or the people of other religions? They are not concerned about respecting anyone older in age, or about how to treat those who are younger. More than any persecutor who appears in the 66 books of the Bible, the persecutors of Korea today are the most vicious.

Jesus testified, “By their fruit you will recognize the tree” (Mt 7:15-20). That fruit refers to one’s actions, and the tree refers to a pastor. Just like Calvin, they call themselves “the righteous and orthodox,” although they lie and act in evil. One cannot help but to conclude their actions to be the actions of the devil. It is because the devil is inside of them that they act in evil. This evil is their “truth and orthodoxy,” and their “belief (ideology) and doctrine.” Such actions of evil pastors, through their false claims of orthodoxy and doctrine, also labeled the Old Testament prophets, Jesus, and Jesus’ disciples as heretics in the past. These evil ones have been killing and burying the truth and the true pastors, worrying that their lies, evil, and their false teaching will be exposed. Aren’t these people of religion truly evil?

Is there a good and true shepherd on this earth today who knows the truth? Isn’t today exactly like the time of the First Coming of Jesus? Actually, isn’t it even worse? Who will go against the truth before the Bible? Take a look at their actions. They prefer money to the truth. They love to lie more than to speak the truth. They love ecclesiastical authority more than heaven; the evil more than love; and curses more than forgiveness. They love to condemn others more than to have conversations with them, and to kill more than to save lives. They love those who are evil more than those who are righteous. They call what is heretic “orthodox,” label what is orthodox “heretic,” find joy in cursing, persecuting, and killing others, and consider such actions as a service to God.

They made up 14 lies and reported them to MBC PD Note, wanting to bury the reputation of Shincheonji. Although the police, the prosecution, and the judge exposed their lies and determined them not to be true, the evil ones still curse and speak abusively about someone who is older than their grandfathers. How can these actions be seen as what have been given through God’s lips, judgment, and action?

Based on the contents posted in these Internet blogs, the thoughts and the characters of the youth who are posting on the blogs can only be determined as evil and of the devil. They say to each other that they are saddened by the fact that they could not kill the head of Shincheonji. They scheme plans to murder him, and go around looking to kill him. If they find others, not Chairman Lee, they claim that he has bodyguards and post pictures online. The evil speaks what is evil, and the good speaks what is good. How are they any different from what Jesus said in John 16 (vv. 1-3)? Though their actions are from the devil inside of them, aren’t they still human? I am worried for the future of the children growing up on this land, that they may take after the evil words and deeds poured out to the elders. This is the reason why I asked to be judged before the public many times before, regarding who is the true heretic, who is the true orthodox, who is the truth, and who is false. Years have passed by, but there is no answer to request.

Do those who are held captive by evil know the words, “the Second Coming is like the time of Noah,” and that Adam’s generation received destruction through the flood as a result of evil? Isn’t ignorance evil and sin? Are their doctrines and claims of orthodoxy made up of lies, curses, and condemnation? Before calling them heretics, I believe even the devil itself is better than them, based on their actions. They are hooligans, and are ignorant.

Pastors of the Christian Council of Korea, listen. Is it God’s Word or Calvin’s commentary? With whose teaching do you kill and curse people? Answer.

God, Jesus, and the Word are the truth, love and peace. If you are born from God, you will love others and preach peace just as God does (1 Jn 4). Thus, if you do not believe in love or peace, and are not acting upon love and peace, isn’t it because you have been born from a different spirit? You can find out the answer in Mt 13.

However, Shincheonji still prays for all of you. There is a reason why the congregation members of the Christian Council of Korea come gather to Shincheonji. Just like the content of 2 Corinthians 6:14 and following, they came out from that place to come to Shincheonji, New Heaven and New Earth, where the truth, love, and peace are. They have been crossed over from death to life. Why do you shut the kingdom of heaven in men’s faces, like the Pharisees the snakes, as you yourselves not enter nor let those enter who are trying to? (Mt 23:13)

We, Shincheonji, pray that the believers will cross over from the place of the devil and death, to the place of light and life where God and Jesus are (Rv 3:12).