God’s World of Peace

Main Reference: Isa 52:7 (Lk 2:14; Lk 19:38-42; Rv 19:6)

What is the difference between the world of peace that God created in the beginning, the world after Adam’s transgression, and the world of the New Testament at the Second Coming that God purposed to recreate?

The world that God created was heaven, a world of peace and paradise. Through the light of heaven (sun), rain (healing), and air (breath of life), the creation of the heavens and earth blossomed with laughter. It was a world abundant with grace and songs of praise. All things in the universe were beautiful and splendid, and the entire earth was a nation of love and peace.

There was someone among the creation that God had made who, one day, betrayed God out of his greed to become God. Such event is explained well in Ezekiel 28. This being deceived Eve and Adam and caused them to betray, thereby making all creation his possession. As a result, all creation in heaven and earth was cursed—heaven changed into a world of wickedness. The world that we know of today is that same world of wickedness since the time of Adam. As a matter of fact, this world has been reigned not by God, but by Satan, the cherub that betrayed.

God lost everything. He left the world and remained afar (Gn 6). He sent messengers in every generation to make Himself known, the true God, and to reveal Satan’s identity, but to prevent this from happening, Satan killed every messenger whom God sent. Such wickedness took place repeatedly in this world the past 6,000 years. Heaven, the world of peace, turned into a world of tribulation, suffering, and death; the earth and all creation changed for the worse. Instead of the rightful Owner, Satan has been ruling over all as the king.

Therefore, this world must be restored. It must be restored to its original form. It must be restored to a world of paradise with no grief, suffering, groaning, or death—a world of peace and a world of love. “For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice […] in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God.” If the world of 6,000 years of evil ends, and our Father God who created us finally reigns, and if we are found within His love, then what more can we ask for? Because there is now victory in both heaven and earth, Satan lost his place. He is captured and will be locked up in the fires of hell, and with him will be his false prophets and pastors. This takes place in the era of the New Testament fulfillment.

It is written in Isaiah 29:9-13 that the pastors taught only men’s commandments, because they did not understand the word of God of the Old Testament that was sealed. Likewise, it is also written that no one in heaven or on earth or under it can understand the sealed scroll of the New Testament. Thus, the pastors of the world today have added and taken away from God’s word (Rv 22:18-19).

Like the time of Jesus’ First Coming, when those who were ignorant of the Bible called Jesus a heretic, those who are ignorant of the Bible today in the era of the New Testament ruled out Shincheonji as a heretic and declared a war. Just as one can recognize a tree by its fruit, one can recognize the army of Satan by its actions. However, Shincheonji is not affected in the slightest. We are circumnavigating the world many times declaring world peace and the cessation of war.

There is love and peace when Satan, the one had been controlling the hearts of men the past 6,000 years, finally leaves and God the Creator comes into their hearts and cleanses from all filth. There is love and peace when He plants His own heart and rules over their hearts. People are like buildings and fields. When Satan leaves, God plants His seed which grows into a tree for His spirit to come and perch like a bird, singing songs of peace and songs of love.

Regardless how much the previous era stubbornly resists, it comes to an end, and the new era dawns as promised in the New Testament. This is the era of Shincheonji. Calling Shincheonji a heretic is calling Jesus a heretic. The reason people insist on the old and obsolete era is that Satan’s spirit is in them. It is recorded that God and heaven will come to Shincheonji, and when such era comes, the previous era will pass away (Rv 21). This is why the pastors of the previous era are showing signs of jealousy and envy, for they received the spirits of the devil. Their actions of hatred and curses prove that the evil spirit is in them.

Because God of peace comes and reigns this world as He promised, this world becomes the world of peace. This is the restoration of God’s kingdom to its original form, as it was at the time of Creation. It is the new kingdom of heaven that God comes to for the first time in 6,000 years (Rv 3:12). This is the promise and the coming of heaven that had been prophesied for all to believe. The new kingdom that fulfilled according to this prophecy bears 12 crops of fruit and the leaves are for the healing of the nations (Rv 22:1-2). The birds come and sing.