The Faith and Knowledge of Shincheonji and of the Protestant Church

Main references : 1 Cor 13:9-12, Hos 4:6
Between Shincheonji Church of Jesus and the traditional Protestant church, whose faith and knowledge is greater? Which side will God favor?
Shincheonji Church of Jesus is a religious organization that was established in March 14, 1984. Protestantism, on the other hand, is a religious organization that separated from the Catholic Church under the guidance of Martin Luther.
In addition, the Protestant Church today is further separated into hundreds of denominations, and each claims that it is the orthodox, or truth. On the other hand, Shincheonji Church of Jesus did not come from any existing religious organization, and I (the Promised of Pastor of Shincheonji: Messenger of Jesus) was not evangelized by anyone to start a life of faith. By the guidance of a star, I met a man of Heaven (천인: Cheon-in) and began my life of faith at the Temple of the Tabernacle where the seven stars were at. After the Temple of the Tabernacle was overtaken by a gentile church, the second place I was led to by the Spirit of Jesus was the very Temple of the Tabernacle that I had previously left. At that time, when the Temple of the Tabernacle had been overtaken and was eating the doctrine of the gentile church, I was commanded by Jesus to send the letters asking for repentance, which marked the beginning of a war against them. The Temple of the Tabernacle betrayed like Adam and had become one with the destroyers (gentile church). The war was an argument against the betrayers and the destroyers who had become one.
Like John the Baptist at the time of Jesus’ First Coming, the Temple of the Tabernacle was in the position of preparing the way for the Lord, and the seven stars (messengers) were a lamp that burned and gave light for a time. Just as Jesus said that these seven stars were a mystery, no one knows who they are—no one except the messenger of Jesus who sent the letters to the messengers (seven stars) of the seven churches. Furthermore, because he also saw the mystery of the dragon’s beast with seven heads and ten horns, the mystery of the last trumpet, and the fulfillment of all the events of Revelation, there is no testimony greater than this. Also, because he has received and ate from the angel the opened book from which the Lord had taken off the seven seals, can there be a faith and knowledge that surpass this? Because Jesus chose this person (the writer) as his advocate, a messenger to speak on his behalf, and sent him to the churches to testify to what he has seen and heard (Rv 22:16), there would not be a testimony more certain than this. Who has the knowledge to know these things and who has seen and heard these events that he can testify about them? There are both a spirit and a flesh who give the testimony of Jesus. The angel that testifies is the spirit of advocacy, and the one who has seen and heard the fulfillment is the pastor, the advocate. These two are the same in a sense that they are both advocates.
In Shincheonji Church of Jesus, there is first, the work of harvesting, and secondly, the work of sealing those who have been harvested. Those who pass the individual studies (or “study rooms”) register for the Mission Center. After the work of sealing throughout the beginning, intermediate, and Revelation lessons in Mission Centers, they must pass the 300 question test with a score of over 90% to graduate. After graduation, they receive one month of new comers training, and they are placed in a group. If there are no problems with their life of faith and church attendance for about 3 months, they are registered to the church. Finally, they are registered to the headquarter if they maintain a good life of faith for about a year and bear a fruit.
These take place so that one can become the word in flesh like God and Jesus. This is the faith and knowledge of Shincheonji Church of Jesus.
Now let us look at the faith and knowledge of the Protestant Church.
According to the Bible, it says that the Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God (1 Cor 2:10). The Protestant seminaries have seminary professors, and many seminary students take seminary courses to become pastors. However, the students do not learn the Word, but simply how to run a ministry.
The content of the Bible is divided by four parts: history, moral teachings, prophecy, and fulfillment. Of these, the prophecies and fulfillment are contents that the believers who are to receive salvation must know. Why have the seminary professors been unable to teach these? There has not been anyone who knew these contents, because most of the prophecies and fulfillment are recorded in parables, and it has not been the time yet for Jesus’ messenger to come, the one whom the Spirit of truth is with. The congregation members do not have the Word, because the pastors do not have the word. The pastors do not have the Word, because they did not learn it from their respective seminary schools. And the seminary schools do not have the Word, because the Spirit, who is the entity of the Word, is not there.
The churches at the end times have deteriorated and are corrupt, just like how the sun and the moon have darkened and the stars have fallen. They began in the spirit, but turned into dust like Adam. Therefore, what the pastors and the congregations members teach and learn are simply rules of men, and the Holy Bible has become like a sealed book (Is 29:11-13).
The Protestant Church, which does not have the revelation of the heaven nor the Word, interprets with their own thoughts to make commentaries; they are caught in their own thoughts, proposing their own findings and understandings. As a result, God’s book the Holy Bible has become almost useless to them. This is the evidence for the end of the church that has no Word. Because the sun, moon, and the stars fell from heaven (Mt 24:29; Rv 6) and lost their light, the Word, they darkened (1 Thes 5). They boast with their mouths, but when they are invited to take a test to show their Biblical understanding, not one of them appear. This is the faith and knowledge of the Protestant Church.
The promised nation, Shincheonji Church of Jesus Christ, harvested those who are born by the seed of the Word. Those who are harvested are sealed by the words of the revelation of the open book (Rv 10) on their minds and hearts as if a seal has been stamped. They are the ones who have been born again by the Word and those who are sealed. In other words, Shincheonji is the Word and the sons of God. The Protestant churches, including the seminary schools, the pastors, and the congregation members, are not born of the Word, are not harvested as wheat, nor are they sealed by the Word at their seminary schools. Then would there be any Word of light in them? Because they are full of men’s teachings instead of the Word, they regard God’s word as a blasphemy (refer to Jer 6:10) and label it as a cult, like the Pharisees and the teachers of the Law at the time of the First Coming.
Those born of the seed of God’s word are the sons of God; those who are born of the seed of men’s word are the sons of man. It is written in Genesis 6 that the sons of God became mortal for marrying the daughters of men.
The difference between the faith and knowledge of Shincheonji and that of the Protestant Church is like the difference between heaven and earth. For what has straw to do with grain (refer to Jer 23:28)? Therefore, the Protestant Church must know that it must be born again with God’s seed. I pray that they may come to learn and be born again.