End of the Churches, End of the Age, Harvest, and Peace

Main reference: Mt 13 (Is 52:7, Lk 2:14, Lk 19:38-44)

What do the end of the churches, the end of the age, the harvest, and peace each mean?

God promised peace in the Old Testament, and at the First Coming He came to Jesus and made known the work of peace (Is 52:7, Lk 2:14, Lk 19:42), but the pastors of physical Israel did not accept it and persecuted him more. In response, Jesus told them that not one stone of their house, the church, would be left on another; every one would be thrown down and the people would be held captive and be destroyed (at the Second Coming).

This reality is recorded in detail in Matthew 24, Revelation 13, and Revelation 18. At this time those born of God’s seed will be harvested and sealed, and God makes known in Revelation 19 that He will reign. This time will be like the days of Noah (Mt 24:37-39; Lk 17:26-30). When the chosen people of the world of Adam became extremely corrupt, God chose Noah and wiped out Adam’s world (Gn 7). Likewise, at the time of Jesus’ Second Coming, spiritual Israel drink the wine of the serpent, the maddening wine of adultery, which is also the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, and become extremely corrupt. It is recorded in Revelation 13, Revelation 17, and Revelation 18 that all nations fall and marry Satan. They become rich from selling the maddening wine of adultery which is the venom of the serpent. Thus, the prophecy in Luke 19 that speaks of the punishment for those who do not accept the work of peace has fulfilled today.

Jesus promised to complete the world of peace mentioned in the prophecy of Isaiah 52:7 at the Second Coming, for it did not fulfill at the First Coming. When he returns, he first judges the previous world, harvests the wheat from the field where he had been sowing the seed since the First Coming, and lets God reign over the created nation (Rv 6, 7, 14, Rv 19:6). Who can stand against this work? As the Lord promised, he found and raised an advocate of peace to speak on His behalf to the churches (Rv 22:16). The Christian Council of Korea declared war again, but the messenger of the Lord who speaks on His behalf is doing the will of the Lord by proclaiming peace all across the world. This work is the work of peace that Jesus spoke of in Jerusalem (refer to Lk 19:38-44).

Today the churches meet their ends, because they have become corrupt like those in the days of Noah. Hence, searching for the seed of God and sealing them is the same as searching for God’s people of heaven, His new nation, and sealing them. As seen in the Bible, believers carry a life of faith to go to heaven and receive eternal life. The purpose for carrying a life a faith is to go to God, but it is written that not a single person, dead or alive, went to heaven and God. In fact, it is written that God will bring with Him those who have died in the Lord (1 Thes 4:14). As for those who are alive and are born of His seed, God will harvest and bring them to Him. Whether dead or alive, one does not come by his own will, but he is brought by the Lord. False pastors’ assurances like, “You will go to heaven, I’ve been to heaven,” are their own words. These are lies and the deceiving words of the devil. The Scripture cannot be broken (Jn 10:35). Where is God and heaven? Where do the dead and those who are alive go? They go to the place that fulfilled according to Revelation 3:12.

The Second Coming of Jesus promised in the New Testament occurs after the world of the former heaven betrays and gets destroyed the same way the world of Adam ended in the days of Noah and like the world of the Physical Israelites in the days of Jesus’ First Coming. The pastors are deceiving their congregation members into thinking that the time of the end comes upon the people of the secular world. However, the Bible states that the time of the end is regarding the end of the churches. The world of Adam did not believe in God’s Word but in the serpent’s words. As a result of their betrayal, the world that God created became the world of the serpent, and the devil has ruled over this world for the past 6,000 years. However, the time of Revelation, the time of the Second Coming of Jesus, has come today. Satan is captured, bound, and thrown into the abyss (Rv 20:1-3), and from this point on, the world where God the Creator reigns finally comes.

Today those who do not come to the Shincheonji, the world of peace, will continue to live in suffering and meet their ends without tasting the sweetness of peace. Like Adam, they have believed in their false pastors’ words and will follow their false pastors into the abyss as a result. This place is hell. Those who believe in God’s Word of promise will come to heaven, the promised new nation of Shincheonji. If the Holy Spirit is with the pastor and the congregation members, they will have mastered the deepest things of heaven (1 Cor 2:10). Those who do not know these things must realize that they became mere flesh because the Holy Spirit had left them. Thus, they must repent on their own and search for the Holy Spirit again.

What do the people without the Holy Spirit know? Other than swearing, cursing, and persecuting, what else do they know how to do? Why can’t they see themselves? They should look at their reflection in the Bible, then they will see. They have not been born again by the seed of God, they have not been harvested and sealed, they have added and taken things away from the book of Revelation, they are not part of the promised nation of the 12 tribes, and they are not recorded in the book of life. Then how can they possibly go to heaven? To receive salvation, one must cross over from the destruction of the churches (death) and from the wine of adultery (fruit of the knowledge of good and evil) to life which is the Tree of Life. This is the place where the resurrection of life takes place.