About Adding and Taking Away from Revelation

Main reference: Rv 22:18-19

Revelation is the summary of the promise God made in the New Testament. God made this promise so that when it does happen we will believe (Jn 14:29). Just as Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament at the First Coming (Jn 19:30), he also fulfills the New Testament at the Second Coming (Rv 21:6). The people at the First Coming (the Jews) persecuted and killed Jesus, whom God was with, because they did not know that all of the Old Testament was fulfilling at that time. Likewise, if one does not know that the New Testament is fulfilling at the Second Coming, they will also persecute in the same way Jesus was persecuted at the First Coming.

God said that no one in heaven or on earth can open or even look inside the book sealed with seven seals, the book of Revelation (Rv 5). This has been a mystery that God (and Jesus) will fulfill. If one does not recognize when the fulfillment takes place, how can he believe in it? Jesus fulfilled this work and made it known to the churches through the messenger (the One Who Overcomes) who saw and heard these things (Rv 22:16). Just as God fulfilled the Old Testament and preached the fulfillment through Jesus at the First Coming, Jesus fulfills the New Testament at the Second Coming and preaches the fulfillment through the One Who Overcomes as he promised in Revelation 2 and Revelation 3. Therefore, all the congregation members and pastors in the entire world must meet and listen to the messenger sent by Jesus to know about the fulfillment. If they defy the promised messenger, they will not know about the fulfillment of Revelation, nor believe in it. As a result, they will not receive salvation in the same way physical Israel didn’t receive salvation at the time of the First Coming.

The work of the betrayer, the work of the destroyer, and the work of the savior are recorded in Revelation. These three types of people appear and carry out their work as recorded. How can one receive salvation if they do not see or know about these people? Church members say that they have faith in their pastors, but their pastors do not know Revelation.

Furthermore, the end of the age, the time of Revelation, is the time when all the earthly pastors are corrupt. Anyone who knows the New Testament of the Bible will admit to this. It is recorded in Revelation 6 and Revelation 21 that Spiritual Israel ends in the era of Jesus’ Second Coming which is the time of Revelation, just as Adam’s generation ended at Noah’s time, Noah’s generation at Moses’ time, and Moses’s generation of physical Israel at the time of Jesus’ First Coming.

Even though the corrupt Spiritual Israel of today are turning the churches into the pastors’ own business enterprises, pastors deceive their congregation into thinking that the pastors have received salvation, and that they are leading the congregation to salvation. Despite their lack of knowledge of the Word of God in the New Testament, the pastors today are guiding their church members by their own thoughts and own knowledge.

Because the church members regard their pastors’ words above God’s Word, God is now fulfilling the prophecy—he is ending the corrupt world of religion and starting a new era.

The believers of today are not even acknowledging the words in Lk 17:26-30 that Jesus’ Second Coming will be like the days of Noah and Lot. Even though it is recorded that one will receive curses (plagues) if he adds or takes away from Revelation (Rv 22:18-29), they do not take it to heart.

Both pastors and church members alike have added and taken away from Revelation, and they are not taking these words to heart. It is written that one must be harvested to receive salvation, but they are fearful of being harvested and fearful of being sealed by the Word of revelation. How can they not be Satan’s army? They are also afraid of becoming a part of the twelve tribes of the promised nation. Therefore, they are not believers of God, but people who oppose God. They are unlawful children and enemies who refute and stand against God. They are no different from the pastors and the church members at the First Coming.

In this era, those who believe in God and do not add or take away from Revelation are those born of God’s seed, the promised people of God, and the eternal children of God. They open a new era and become the people of heaven who live eternally with their Father God in heaven.