The Walk in Faith of the World that Does Not Believe

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Main reference: Dn 7 (Rv 13, Rv 17-18)

What is the walk in faith of the world that does not believe?

The sea we saw in Daniel 7 is the world (refer to Dn 7:3, 17), and the beast that came out of the sea in Revelation 13 and 17 is a false pastor in whom the spirit of Satan entered. In Matthew 24, this false pastor is also called a destroyer. Who does he destroy? He destroys the chosen people of Jerusalem in God’s temple. This takes place because the chosen people became corrupt and betrayed like Adam.

A walk in faith, in other words, religion is from heaven. It is something that God in heaven has given to man. A believer, a person who carries a walk in faith, belongs to heaven just as the sun, moon, and stars belong to heaven (refer to Gn 37:9-11). When a person who once belonged to heaven and had received the things of heaven falls, he becomes the earth. The earth is the world. Jesus said that the world persecuted him and his disciples because they did not belong to the earth, the world (Jn 17:14-19).

The saying that a believer no longer belongs to heaven but to the world means that he has become a nonbeliever, a person of the world. If one belongs to heaven he shines like the sun, moon, and stars, but if one falls and belongs to the world, he is a night with no light. This night is the spirit that has no word.

God is light and the word. Because one betrays and leaves God, he becomes a night that has no light. As it is written in John 1:1-5 God who created the heavens and the earth with the word is the word, the light, and the life. The person who has no word is a deep night that has no light, no life, and no God. Because he has fallen from heaven, he is a night and not the light.

The Christian Council of Korea (CCK) abandoned God and belongs to the world. They are oppressing the believers with their worldly authority. And though they are receiving plague after plague and separating and dividing amongst themselves, they are not aware of it. Are they not dead? CCK loves money more than God’s word and authority more than truth. Who can handle them? They love the world more than heaven, the dragon in the sea more than God (Is 27:1). The authority they have is the authority from the dragon, and the place they live in is the sea, the world.

The word of God is offensive to them (Jer 6:10). They exercise their authority and consider their books of commentaries they have made as their bible. They block their congregation members from being harvested to Shincheonji. They condemn Shincheonji as a cult while giving the excuse that they are the victims facing the loss from the harvest. They say, “Because our congregation members are going to Shincheonji for the revealed word, let us also teach Revelation.” So they have made their own commentary books on Revelation, but these have become books of lies filled with absurdly incorrect explanations.

The world, the earth is the place for the church that has become corrupt and has fallen and banished from heaven. Who will be with them? According to Matthew 12:43-45, a person becomes 7 times more wicked than before as seven evil spirits enter him. Isn’t this the reality?

If one is a true believer he must ask the Bible, “Who am I according to the Bible?” Because creation takes place with the word (Jn 1:1-3), I must reflect myself with the mirror of the Bible and check whether I am created according the promised words. If I am not created according to the Bible, will I not be an outsider, a sinner, and an enemy of God? Am I born with God’s seed according the promise in the Bible? Have I been harvested to Mt.Zion, God’s barn? Have I been sealed with the word of God? Am I a part of the 12 tribes of God’s promised kingdom? Am I the kingdom and priest of God purchased by Jesus’ blood at the time of the fulfillment of Revelation? Am I the great multitude that has washed my sins with the blood of Jesus? Did I not add to or subtract from Revelation? Is my name written in the Book of Life? Am I the firstfruit on the tree of life that bears 12 crops of fruit every month? Am I a new creation born again by the word of truth? (refer to Jn 3:1-5, 1 Pt 1:23, 2 Cor 5:17). When one is a creation of God created in this way, he can be considered as a person who believes in the New Testament and receives salvation. If one is not related at all to this Bible, how can he be regarded as a believer who believes in God?

We, Shincheonji, have been created in the ways mentioned above. The difference between the person created in such ways and a person who is not created in such ways is heaven and hell. The value behind the walk in faith that a congregation member carries is based on going to heaven.

A congregation member learns from his pastor about God and His promises, but he also hears the words of the world. However, if that congregation member does not believe in the words of promise and about God which he had learned from his pastor, but believes only in the words of the world, this is not the proper walk in faith toward God.

At the time of judgment each person will be judged for what they have done according to the words in the Bible and will either go to heaven or hell (Rv 20:12).

Every congregation member must not add to or subtract from the Bible and must believe in the words of promise and keep them.