The New Heaven and the New Earth that Are Newly-Created, and the First Heaven and the First Earth that Passed Away

Main reference: Rv 21:1 (Gn 37:9-11)

What are the first heaven and the first earth that pass away, and what are the newly created new heaven and the new earth?

Christians consider that the “last days” mentioned in the Bible apply to the world of the non-believers, but this is a wrong judgment. The last days (the end of the age) spoken in the Bible refer to the end of Christianity.

This is what can be understood by seeing 6,000 years of the history of God’s work: the corrupted world of Adam passed away, and then the new kingdom of Noah was established. After the corrupted world of Noah passed away, Physical Israel was created from Noah. After the corrupted Physical Israel passed away, Jesus’ Spiritual Israel was created. But after 2,000 years, Jesus’ Spiritual Israel also became corrupt in today’s era, and Spiritual Israel, which is the first heaven and the first earth, passed away; then the New Spiritual Israel was created–this is the new heaven and the new earth that appears in today’s main reference.

In Genesis 37:9-11, Jacob’s family was referred to as the sun, moon, and stars. Thus, where they are is heaven (the heavens), and the flesh (the bodies) that were made with the dust are the earth. They do not refer to the heavens and the earth of the natural world, the earth. The first heaven and the first earth (the former heaven, Spiritual Israel) became corrupt; this is why God, once again, created the new heaven and the new earth. This process is referring to the fact that God tore down the pastors and the church of the former heaven due to their corruption, and once again created the new pastor and the church of the latter heaven.

It says in Rv 21 that the first heaven and the first earth pass away, and that the new heaven and the new earth are created. The first heaven and the first earth that Jesus prophesied 2,000 years ago to Apostle John were referring to the former heaven, which is Spiritual Israel. The creation of the new heaven and the new earth was referring to the creation of today’s Shincheonji, Church of Jesus, which Apostle John saw, heard, and prophesied ahead of its fulfillment.

The new heaven and the new earth are, as according to Rv 7, the sealed 12 tribes of 144,000 (the priests) and the multitude in white (the people). They are the wheat-like believers who are harvested from the field where the seed was sown, as Jesus prophesied. They are not heretics, but the physical reality of the fulfillment of Jesus’ prophecy. They are the kingdom and priests who are purchased with Jesus’ blood, the saints whose sins are washed away with the blood of Jesus. Jesus’ bearing of the cross at the First Coming, his blood on the cross, the sowing the seed of the gospel for the past 2,000 years, the events of betrayal and destruction, and the work of salvation today were all for the creation of God’s kingdom, the 12 tribes. Those who call this work a heresy do not belong to God; they are the weeds, the sons of the devil who have not been harvested.

If one truly believes in Jesus and his words, why won’t he believe in what is fulfilled according to the promise? As Satan’s pastors also sowed their seeds in the field (church) that Jesus sowed his seed, the two types of seeds grew together in Jesus’ field up until the last days of the world. Because only the wheat, meaning those who were born with God’s seed, were harvested at the time of harvest, only the seeds of the devil, the weeds, remain in the church (Mt 13:24-30). The weeds are referred to as the sons of the devil (Mt 13:38-39), who are the pastors and the congregation members who belong to them; they are not harvested, and they are the only ones remaining as the weeds (the sons of the devil born from the seeds of the devil). Just because such people call the harvested wheat “heretics,” do they really become heretics? True heretics are the weeds, the sons of the devil.

At the time of Noah Lot, and Jesus’ First Coming, which was the time of the fulfillment of the prophecy in Isaiah 1 regarding Judah and Jerusalem, only a few seeds remained to continue onto the future generation. Just like that, the few who are harvested today make up the future generation (refer to Rv 3:4, 6:6). The reason why Physical Israel did not believe in Jesus was because they did not believe in the Old Testament prophecies, and that they did not believe those prophecies when they were fulfilled. In today’s era of the Second Coming too, because Spiritual Israel does not believe in the prophecies regarding the new heaven and the new earth, it does not believe in the physical entities of the new heaven and the new earth, which is the New Spiritual Israel.

As we take a look at the reasons for not believing in the fulfillment of the New Testament, one reason is that people have not perceived the New Testament (the prophecies of the new covenant) that they do not believe. Another reason is that they are the sons of the devil who are born with the seeds of Satan’s (the devil’s) pastors and the weeds of their seeds, which are the seeds of the devil, so they do not perceive nor believe.

Regarding the two types of seeds, there is a time of sowing the two types of seeds, a time that the two types of seeds grow, and a time of harvest. It is explained in Rv 14 and Mt 13 that at the time of harvest, the wheat are gathered and taken to God, while the weeds are gathered to be judged. This work began in the Old Testament (Jer 31), and is completed in Revelation. The time of harvest is the end of the world (the end of the churches), and there are those who belong to God and those who belong to the devil. There is also a war between God and the devil. At that time, the chosen people of the former heaven are struck; there is an event of betrayal when they betray from heaven and return to the earth, meaning returning to the flesh. There is also a destroyer who destroys the chosen people. These are the events of Revelation that one must go into the words of the Bible and learn in detail, the events of betrayal, destruction, and the work of the savior in order to be saved in such a time.

If one knows these things, he will not drink the wine of adulteries, meaning the fruit of good and evil, but he will eat from the fruit of the tree of life. There are twelve branches in the tree of life, the twelve crops of fruit that are yielded every month, and the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations (Eze 47:12; Rv 22:2). It is written that if one eats the fruit of the tree of life, he will have eternal life.

The tree of life is the true vine, and the new wine that comes from the true vine is the drink that gives eternal life. The wine of adulteries that made all nations fall in Rv 17 and 18 is the venom of serpents, the deadly poison of cobras (Dt 32:33). Adam, Eve, and all of today’s nations all drank this wine of adulteries, crumbled, and died.

The two types of trees are God and the devil, God’s pastor and Satan’s pastor. The two types of drinks (wines) are God’s words of revelation and Satan’s lies. One who is born of God’s will like God’s new wine, which are the words of revelation, and one who is born with the devil’s seed will like the wine of adulteries, which are the devil’s lies. The above are parables that figuratively compare the true pastor and the false pastor to vines, the truth and the false truth to wines. At the time of Adam and today’s era, life and death come from the fruits and the wines from the two types of trees.

Do you believe that the Stewardship Education Center and the commentaries of the CCK of today’s era are the true wine? If something is mixed with lies, like wine mixed with water (refer to Is 1:22), can it be the true wine? If such an act is not a correct one, which tree will this be?

Just as Adam’s era came to its end through the fruit of good and evil, resulting in Noah’s world being created, the Physical Israel came to its end by worshipping the gentiles gods like Adam (Hos 6:7) then Jesus’ world was established. Just like that, today’s churches of the former heaven became corrupt and drank the gentile wine of adulteries; they worshipped the gentile gods, and then went from heaven to the earth, beginning with the holy spirit, but returning to flesh. Such an era is cleansed, and the promised kingdom of the new era is created according to the promises of Revelation. This kingdom is “Shincheonji, the Church of Jesus.” Why won’t you believe this when it is certain that it has fulfilled according to the Bible? What else are you waiting for from the Bible? The New Testament, meaning Revelation, is what promised the events to be fulfilled in the future. Even the words that say ‘if one adds to or subtracts from this, he will not go to heaven but will receive plagues’ (Rv 22:18-19), mean that one must believe without adding or subtracting.

At the time of the fulfillment, one can say, “It is done,” as recorded in Rv 21:6. This is when all of the 22 chapters of Revelation are fulfilled. We, Shincheonji, are the witnesses who saw and touched the location of fulfillment. The reason why CCK’s Calvinists are cursing Shincheonji is because they do not believe in God, Jesus, and Shincheonji, and because their lies will be revealed as an incorrect testimony through Shincheonji’s true testimony.

What else should be said as God brought an end of the former heaven and created the latter heaven, the new heaven and earth? If one does not believe in this, he will end up in the fire of hell, but if one believes in this, he will go to heaven, the eternal kingdom. We, the new heaven and earth, eternally give thanks again and again to God, Jesus, and the prophets and the apostles.