Comparison of Lives of Faith in the Republic of Korea and in Other Countries of the World

Main reference: Acts 7:51~53

How do the lives of faith of the pastors in Korea compare to that of pastors in other countries of the world? Their knowledge of the Bible may be the same, but it seems that their actions are drastically different from each other.

Pastors in other countries of the world are kind and gentle, and are humble in how they dress and how they act. I have not seen them act proud, and they were cooperative. They desired to receive blessings, and uplifted others more than themselves; they were friendly.

How about the pastors in Korea? They are excessively prideful, and try to lift up only themselves. They consider only themselves to be the best. They pretend to be holy and self-proclaim that they are the orthodoxy who are saved. They are authoritative and they love money. They look down upon others, and they love to curse others instead of loving them. It seems that they consider the persecution and cursing of others as their lives of faith.

Services in other countries consist mostly of praise and worship. They are services that testify to Jesus, and are services of blessings. However, most pastors in Korea tell worldly stories during their sermons, and are known to carry on inconsistent lives of faith. They also interpret the revealed word of the Bible according to their own opinions. They put commentaries above the Bible, and usually give sermons based on commentaries.

Pastors of other countries of the world have alliances, like how they do in Korea. However, they have many denominations that are independently operated with freedom in how they carry on their lives of faith, while still communicating with one another. They did not blame other denominations, but have amicable relationships with them. It is an entirely different story with denominations in Korea. They consider other denominations that do not belong to themselves as gentiles or heretics, and strangely curse other religions (Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam) as the devil, and post negative comments about them on the Internet.

For example, though the pastors in other countries do make comments as if they were non-believers, it seems that they at least offer up Sunday services in praises and blessings. But particularly in Korea, they are extremely divided between denominations, carry on inconsistent lives of faith, and rely on the commentaries to interpret the Bible. They tend to bring up extreme assertions regarding the time of the end during their services. Commentaries are people’s own interpretations of the Bible according to their own thinking; pastors in Korea educate and lead services with such commentaries.

It seems that churches in other countries of the world are safe, quiet, and peaceful. But the churches in Korea are constantly at war between different denominations. They even declare wars on other denominations that have different doctrines than theirs. Religious newspapers and broadcasting networks are using lies to give falsifying and biased reports as soon as the day begins, and this seems like an act of inducing war.

What are the reasons for this?

This era is the era that the Spirit of truth comes, as named in the Bible. On the other hand, the churches of the whole world are in the era of the time of the end, meaning, the era when the sun, moon, and stars fall.

According to what has been taking place within the 6,000 years of God’s work, whenever God’s messengers (the prophets) appeared, there were disputes and persecutions, and the prophets who were sent were killed. This was the same for Jesus and his disciples. Who killed them? The leaders of the same religion killed them. The answer can be found by examining the time of the First Coming.

If–like the time of Jesus’ First Coming–God, Jesus, the Spirit of truth, and heaven came to the nation of Korea, would the devil just sit and watch? The devil would attempt to kill just as it did in the past (Mt 23:30-37; Acts 7:51-53). This is “war” and “distress” as described in the Bible.

The Bible made known such an era to us and told us to overcome, and it is written that one can overcome by the blood of Jesus and by the word of testimony (Rv 12). Such events must take place, and this cannot be avoided. There is no greater blessing than to have God and heaven come. Those who accept God and heaven become the new chosen people, the new Israel, the new Jerusalem, and the new heaven and the new earth; the new kingdom of heaven is fulfilled.

Wherever God and His work appear, the devil also works there; a spiritual war takes place. Today in this war, the devil is defeated and God is victorious. Peace comes as the devil is captured and locked away in hell; it is “the favorable season of ringing out the old and ringing in the new, the destiny of the new heaven,” which God reigns for the first time in 6,000 years (Rv 19:6).

This is what God has been working for without any rest for the past 6,000 years. Let us find the answers to who committed the acts of the devil, who committed the acts of betrayal, and who do the work of salvation from the Bible, meaning, the Book of Revelation. Those who committed the acts of the devil and betrayed will end up in hell, but those who do the work of salvation will go to heaven.

Do you know the fulfilled entities in Revelation chapters 13, 16, 14-15, 6 and 7, 17-18, 2-3, and 12? I have seen them; this is how I know who they are.

Just like the First Coming, Jesus sent me to make this known to the churches. This is like what is recorded in Ezekiel chapter 3, and Revelation 22:16.

The religions of this current world came to their ends like how Physical Israel came to its end at the First Coming of Jesus. We are greeting a new era, just like: Adam’s world → Noah’s world → Moses’ world → the world of Jesus’ First Coming → the world of Jesus’ Second Coming.

God, heaven, Jesus and the angels have now come (like the First Coming), and His will is fulfilled on earth. This is the greatest blessing of all humanity, and the kingdom of heaven and eternal life is created. Now, you must accept this. Where are the believers looking, while this is a fact?

The one who seeks after heaven, God, and Jesus must come to the place of fulfillment as recorded in Rv 3:12 in order to see, and to come to such a place is to come to heaven. This is where Mount Zion is, and where the Twelve Gates and the Twelve Tribes are. This is where the One Who Overcomes is. Come! This is where heaven is. God, Jesus, and the angels are here. The tree of life that produces twelve crops of fruit is here, and the crystal-like water of life is flowing down the middle of the great street of the city. This place is heaven.